Wednesday, March 30, 2011

THOUGHTS WHILE SHAVING: Hey, Let The Donald Run. He’ll Liven Up the Joint. More.

                                     The Donald.
        My feeling has always been that the Republican field of presidential possibilities should expand—hence it’s endemic that Donald Trump should be invited to speak all future cattle calls of for GOP candidates.
        I like the passion he puts forth in support of his ideas..and particularly the lack of equivocation he applies.  So far I like everything about his appearances—especially his uncompromising stance on The View where he lectured the heavily stacked (I mean this in  the ideological sense) largely Leftward female talk show.
  Everybody else seems to go tippy-toe over the birth certificate question.   I’ve always thought we allowed the Dems to intimidate us into silence on the question.  When Hawaii showboat Gov. Neil Abercombie stepped forth and was going to find the birth certificate but could not,  the issue moved from non-discussant to permissible.
       If Trump badgers Obama to release it, it will be a great service. But my guess is that he can’t and there’s really something there.
             The 3 Liberal Witches’ Brew.
      The other day I wrote about feminists’ contention that three women in the Obama administration were responsible for getting Obama to stop vacillating and intervene on “humanitarian grounds” in Libya….Samantha Power a 40-year-old Irish beauty who feels so-o-o-o strongly about international issues from her slot as a presidential assistant at the White House…Hillary Clinton…and Susan Rice, UN ambassador.
     If feminists were ready to savor this as a scenario of how the three women trounced three men for the president’s favor…the secretary of defense Robert Gates….the national security director Tom Donilon… and counter-terrorism chief John Brennan it was ruined yesterday by the red-tressed dynamo Samantha Power.    She went overboard patting her boss Obama for seizing the initiative….which statement was to gild the lily with him and get herself a little press by larding up the flattery.
       But she was rudely put in her place by Rice who said the credit should go to the Libyan insurgents.   Hillary was mum.
       I’m told Hillary called Rice about Power who is several notches down in the power grid and threatens to scale her way  up to gigantic media attention….her staff trying to get their boss on Sunday talk shows…and said: 
      “What the hell is this? We’ve got a showboat here!”
     Rice said she’d take care of it—and she did.  You’ll never hear much more from upstart Power again except an announcement in the next few months that she has decided to accept a new University berth at Harvard that is too good  to turn down.
                     Grading the Female  Cable Network Anchors.
       The other day I was lunching in Gene & Georgetti’s and amid the clatter of knives and forks,  I glanced at the TV screen where an unusually intense, hollow-cheeked woman was grilling some guy and saw it was CNN.  See, you don’t have to look at the network ID to know—the taut, overstressed-looking librarian like female could only be hired by CNN. Let’s say she resembled Ruth Buzzi on Laugh-In, the straight-stick type carrying a heavy purse who was always being assaulted…why, nobody knows…by Arte Johnson playing the old, overcoat-wearing pervert.
      That’s the female anchor type they continually put forward on CNN. Then there’s MSNBC who keeps playing…why in God’s name…the wife of Alan Greenspan—the old liberal warhorse Andrea Mitchell whose nose is so big they seem to have to go widescreen… who if she ever entertained a conservative idea she’d have a cerebral hemorrhage.  I have always wondered about Alan and his so-called economic tastes after seeing her with him.
        But you can always tell a Fox Newscast by its gorgeous, young, attractive female…all blonde… anchors—Megan Kelly…Martha McCallum….and especially my favorite Shannon Bream.  And they’re high octane intelligent as well.  


  1. I think, if the birth certificate ever emerges (which it won't) we won't find out that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii... We'll find one of two things.

    We'll either find out that his father isn't really his father... or, even more plausibly, we'll find out that his name is really just Barry, and that he changed it later to be more... exotic?

    I find it interesting, as well, that he has had his educational records sealed and hasn't released those either. You know, the media lambasted Bush and called him an idiot when it was well known that Bush screwed around and didn't get the best grades at Harvard.

    I wonder if the truth isn't similar with Obama... and it would tarnish the liberal intellectual savior (sic).

  2. Or, maybe his name remained Soetoro, his nationality was not of the U.S.A., and he was born in Kenya as his paternal grandmother professes. The one question that makes Barry Soetoro (?Obama) really look guilty is the $2 mil he has spent to hide the truth. No one needs to spend that kind of money hiding the truth if he is honest and has given us the whole story.

  3. Lawrence Auster presented the possibility that President Obama's parents may not have been married at the time of Barack's birth:

    This may be a better article:

    And if this is the real reason Obama refuses to release his information, I can actually understand, and even sympathize with his reluctance.

    As for the Obama's college papers, I suspect those would show that young Barry Obama held some extreme leftist ideas.

  4. BHO release your records or face impeachment. You are guilty of making false statements on your IL state bar application and your 2009 9ncome tax return, both provable!!