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      Establishment Media Either Spikes Negatives Including Personal History or Responds with “Racism” Whenever Danger Looms.
      An enlarged, updated article which appeared last week in The Wanderer, America’s oldest national Catholic weekly.                                            
                                                Size 44 Weird.
            Many  presidents have, on occasion, done weird things—only one president of the 44   is Weird.
        Our current 44th.
      On the night before his abdication  Nixon (the 37th) went from public room to public room in the downstairs White House saying goodbye to the portraits on the wall (“Bye-bye James Madison...John Quincy Adams!”)...He had weird episodes but was not ipso facto Weird with a capital W.  In fact he was the cockeyed genius who split in twain the dread Sino-Soviet twin-headed bloc…for which in liberal-written history books he has been given insufficient credit…
       … Jimmy Carter (the 39th) claimed that while canoeing near his Plains, Ga.  summer White House he was attacked by a vicious rabbit which tried to climb in his boat while he beat it back with a paddle (Secret Service said it did not observe this scuffle). Despite bouts of weirdness, he was successful in the Camp David Accords in alleviating for a time a Middle East war. 
       … Ronald Reagan (the 40th) faithfully obeyed Nancy Reagan’s astrologer about the most propitious time for him to schedule things while important matters were put on hold waiting for the Beverly Hllls lady seer’s answer.  This was an example of weirdness but he was not Weird.  Far from it.   He broke the back of the USSR with negotiations in Geneva and  Iceland when he convinced Gorbachev we had the stuff to produce STAR-WARS and they didn’t.   Brilliant.
       And presidents have often overcome familial difficulties to do important things.
        Take Bill Clinton (the 42nd), always a scarred veteran of a broken family which showed —original name: William Jefferson Blythe IV whose 4-times married mother, a practical nurse, was a regular blowing her hard-earned bucks at the $2 window at Hot Springs’ Oaklawn race track.  As a child Billy Blythe stood between her and an abusive male boyfriend who threatened to beat her to death.  She left nursing after a probe opened up about the sudden deaths of two elderly patients in her care at a nursing home, ending in her acquittal by the Arkansas medical examiner. Clinton was not unfamiliar with weirdness ala Monica Lewinsky but wisely adopted a GOP congress’s welfare reform and budget strategy which aided an economic boom.
       Verdict: He could be weird but was not Weird.
              And then we get to 44.
              The difference: He is—and embodies--Weird.    
         Previous presidents had no trouble spelling out their belief in God.
        Not so Number 44.
           No previous presidents bowed to foreign potentates.
         Not so Number 44 who bowed deferentially to the King of Saudi Arabia….then after being criticized, bowed waist-down to Japan’s emperor and empress—both rulers of color.
       All presidents since Roe v. Wade were either totally against killing babies in the womb or ambiguously compliant urging abortions “safe [sic]… and rare.” Like Clinton.
        Except Number 44.
        This year in a celebratory statement for Roe he declared it protects women “from governmental intrusion.”
            Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a raving pro-abort, ex-ACLUer says catapulting the issue to the Supremes was an act of legal folly, short-circuiting the process by which she hoped legislatures one after another would legalize the procedure so as not to precipitate the national crisis of division we have endured since.  By the Court interfering, it preempted the people. Not governmental intrusion?
            Ginsburg’s as liberal as one can get.
         But she can’t touch Old 44 who’s got a hold on Weird.
       As Illinois state senate judiciary chair he killed the Born Alive bill that would have mandated nutrition, medicines and humane comfort be accorded to babies born live from botched abortions.  Call him the walking embodiment of King Herod with a light touch.
        The fact he’s so remorseless shows he’s unconcerned not unaware of the magnanimity of his deed.
         Like a gerbil sans conscience, he had his two daughters show Chinese President Hu Jintao their command of Chinese—their genially smiling father unconcerned that the Chinese government has forced women to have abortions under the “one-child policy” forcing urban dwellers to abort, punishing second pregnancies with forced sterilization with particular disdain to female infants through abortion, purposeful neglect, willful abandonment and infanticide known to be imparted to girl babies.
           Later, displaying baleful unconcern he praised Hu: “While it’s easy to focus on our difference of culture, let us never forget the values that our people share: a reverence for family…and, most of all, the desire to give our children a better life.”[Italics mine].
           That’s what Weird is, folks.
                       Weird Attracts Weird at Tucson.
         And he draws weirdos -- as iron filings grovel to a magnet.
         Just before Obama was to read his ghost-written Tucson speech on the teleprompter… the university-designated representative Invoker marched to the podium.  Not a priest, rabbi or Protestant minister—but an Obama-clone iron filing Weird from the U of Arizona, with a glint in his eyes, holding aloft an eagle feather.   
         Yep.  While an iron-filing Weird …he was pushed forward by those filings on the Arizona faculty drawn to the Obama event like other odd ones, scurrying to the central magnet.
       After the professor moved from platitudinous self-indulgence of his own biography, he got around to delivering a “prayer” he described it as of ancient Indian origin. His invocation was a true fit-- Perfect Weird—a capstone illustrative for the Obama  presidency. It didn’t mention God, didn’t ask for God’s blessing of comfort on the assemblage.   It called for honoring the “Seven Directions”—including Father Sky, Mother Earth but he didn’t get around to the other five.
          I hereby give excerpts.  
     “O Creator, may the two energies, the masculine energy and the feminine energy, come together in our center where the Creator exists. For each of us have a piece of the Creator...”
     At least he could manage to say the word “Creator.” Our president ex-University of Chicago lecturer on “constitutional law” couldn’t get himself to do that on three separate occasions …alleging that we were endowed with certain inalienable rights but by Whom stuck in his throat.  
          “Let us not forget our fellow creatures,” the U of Arizona professor intoned.  “those that crawl on the earth, those that slither on the earth…”     We’ve acknowledged those which crawl and slither—which presumably includes those which wriggle, creep and slink.  He finally gets to those which skulk around under the earth.
         Finally the professor gets to something like us:  “those that stand” but there’s no reference to humans.  “Those that stand” on two legs can also refer to ostriches and birds.  This description covers  macropods, kangaroo mice, springhare and hominem apes.   The ancestors of crocodiles were once bipedal.  In fact I’m told they still….rarely it is true… rear up on their hind legs to fight or copulate…to reach food, look out for enemies, threaten a competitor and try to seduce females in courtship.
       He never included humans as a classification. 
       It’ll likely not surprise you that the weird invoker was just another flaky super- liberal Catholic, Tucson variety.   He is Dr. Carlos Gonzales, an associate professor of medicine (God help us), who, it just struck the University of Arizona president drawn personally to Obama to be the perfect guy for the invocation for Obama’s address.
     “I was asked  by the University to give a traditional Native American blessing,” Gonzales said.  “This is the type of blessing that we give at memorial services to open up a ceremony.  A medicine man will do a variation of it to open up a pow-wow—and how each direction has a certain characteristic that when you pray to that direction, you ask for the inspiration that comes from that direction.” You see, an Indian view has no heaven, no hell.”
       He added, “my prayer is whatever your particular denomination deems to be the important entity.”
       You can just bet this nihilism was not lost on Old 44, he understanding he must sublimate his weirdness for the time being as Billy Daley works to get him reelected but at least one bona fide Weird got the message through at Tucson that day.
         The chemistry that tips the emotional lefty pool tables so the balls roll toward Obama caused Rahm Emanuel to get himself kicked out of the lunatic 3rd World insane asylum in the White House after he used 4-letter words to tell the incumbent to change his ways from the concept there is no patriotism but global--and rush to the relatively bucolic order of Chicago Squid politics to keep his sanity. Emanuel’s not Weird just a Squid pragmatist weasel born without a moral core.
    Last week he passed muster on his Chicago residency with the Illinois State Supreme Court. After all, its majority is Democrat and The Squid still has the “paid for” receipt—but still the vote was unanimous.  
           Recycling the Birth Certificate After It’s Been Forgotten..
               Understand that most writers, even some conservatives, have been cowed by the politically correct supine media under direction of the White House to  never touch the radio-active Hawaii birth certificate issue since to do so is to question the eligibility of 44 and be labeled racist.  This was ordained by David Axelrod who unlike Emanuel is 14-carat Obama devotee whose mother was an early reporter for the newspaper PM, known in the `40s as the Uptown edition of The Communist Daily Worker.
         Then foiling Axelrod’s plan, two weeks ago, another Obama-attracted iron-filing Weird…an ex-university professor who left the House with an 89% ADA record after 10 terms to become Democratic governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie…announced that as governor he—Abercrombie—had the authority to find the whereabouts of the missing hard-copy Obama birth certificate and rid the issue of presidential eligibility once and for all. 
       After all, said Abercrombie, he knew Obama and his mama Stanley Dunham (yes, her first name was Stanley, her mother placating her husband by that name who was so disappointed he didn’t father a boy he insisted she take his name) equipping her as fitting progenitor of Size 44 Weird). But, wait—Abercrombie wasn’t there when Obama was born.   But then Abercrombie like Obama is a fellow Weird.  And weird is as weird does.
              Abercrombie said he will expose the “fraudulent” story by producing the hard-copy birth certificate. The long accepted answer given out to the media is that under the Hawaii privacy act no one could get hands on the hard-copy from the state of Hawaii except an official state source (no official comment on why Obama hadn’t demanded to see it to clear things up).   Now Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie would reopen the search and produce it for the world to see justifying the “natural born” status of No. 44 to keep the reactionaries from slurring No. 44 in 2012. As an  issue it is moot and Axelrod shuddered,  but then as I said earlier, Abercrombie is also Weird. 
             “It was actually written,” Abercrombie told the press.  “This is what our investigation is showing.  It actually exists in the archives, written down…What I can do and all I have ever said is that I am going to see to it as governor that I can verify it to anyone who is honest about it that this is the case.”
       Well he didn’t fix anything at all—he worsened it. Nobody can find it.  One lady civil servant said she thinks she saw it somewhere but it’s vanished.   The supine national media determined to give protection for this fraud to Obama which it would not supply for anyone else, still eschews the issue—blasting its use as “racism.” Not a line about this in any establishment paper or on any establishment network. 
    My conclusion which will surely label me a birther, racist or worse:
     The suspicion is growing in my mind that the state of Hawaii can’t produce a hard-copy birth certificate for Weird 44 for the same reason it can’t produce one for me.     
     Because I was born in St. Francis Hospital, Evanston.

Friday, January 28, 2011


  Palin’s “W-T-F” Demeans Politics.  She Just Doesn’t See Her Gross Indelicacy….Obama’s SOTU a Pastiche of Plagiarism.
                         Eddie Tagged Out at Home.
        Eddie Burke’s Last Hurrah was a desperate gamble to return city government to the era of the Gray Wolves….a weak mayor, strong council government…where Burke—surveying his own greatness—would be foremost.  It was a power-play attempt to keep Rahm Emanuel off the ballot which almost worked….but in the end the Illinois Supreme Court, composed of some powerful Democrats owing their careers to Burke shot him down unanimously.   Voting with the them was his wife, Justice Anne Marie Burke
          In essence, it was a slam-dunk for Emanuel and against the chalk-white council Lion. Five Supremes ruled the appellate court was in error by declaring Emanuel had failed to reach the residency standard.    Two other Justices including Anne Burke agreed he should be on the ballot but feared the majority’s strongly-written opinion puts in jeopardy laws maintaining police and firefighters have to live in the city and school residency plans.
          Emanuel is significantly ahead in the polling.   Whether if elected it would presage another spate of Council Wars between a Mayor Emanuel and Burke remains to be seen.  Probably not.
                                      W-T-F Indeed!  
       Before this thing continues any longer and she further disappoints those  who have defended her in the past, Sarah Palin should announce she’s definitely not running for president. Her inexcusable play on the State of the Union address’s title…Winning the Future…linked it with the unutterably gross and obscene workingman’s rebuke of the same acronym—WTF.
        Suggestive it was—very highly.
         Cute it was not.
       Moreover…way-`way-`way out of line.
        In case we namby-pambys didn’t get it, she played on the theme frequently last night on Fox.   “[Obama’s] theme last night was w-i-f, winning the future,” she said.  “I thought, okay, that acronym—spot on.  There were a lot of w-t-f moments throughout that speech.”
          She should concentrate on revving up the grassroots where she can make a tremendous difference in changing the political landscape in 2012.  She makes a fortune in speaking fees;  she is a contributor-commentator on Fox; she’s written two books; the family made a “realistic” TV program, Sarah Palin’s Alaska; she is a pinwheel of color for personal publicity—but not necessarily the clarification of issues. This Hollywood-style bandwagon campaign is highly inappropriate for presidential candidacy, putting her credibility in question and subjects her use of social conservatism to reasonable skepticism as to whether it is being put to exploitation for aggrandizing personal publicity.
         What also bothers me is the commerciality that has been utilized in putting her 20-year-old daughter, Bristol, on view.   The images coming through are mixed, discordant and indistinct….streaming nationally with variants of “Desperate Housewives” marketing.   Added to Bristol’s illegitimate pregnancy and her giving birth as an unwed mother, came the startling advice conveyed by Bristol via Fox that “abstinence is not realistic” for a teen….this being essentially contradicted by a later Bristol interview….and the question of contraception remaining open and unanswered. 
        Then there was her breakup with her fiancĂ© coupled with unsavory personal malingering accusations by him concerning the Palin family….with him concluding that his insults were made up.
          Following which there was the “Dancing with the Stars” competition featuring Bristol twisting and turning lasciviously attired in black net stockings…  and the fact that Bristol is going on the road in speaking engagements at $15,000 a pop, including an engagement to speak at “Sex Week” at George Washington University.
        This has all the earmarks of a contrived campaign to keep the Palins in the gossip-news field with super-spreads in The National Enquirer, and to use family members to haul down as many speaking fees as they can.  Her salty expressions such as “W-T-F” only show that where others use four-letter vulgarities….as by our vice president….Mrs. Palin has shown she can use three-letter-vulgarities and gain more media yardage.
                                 SOTU Speech:   A Pastiche of Plagiarism.
         The obvious Obama attempt to mimic Reagan-JFK-FDR wordsmiths from past orations has been popped like a toy balloon. From start to finish it’s a slick paste-up.   First, its title “Winning the Future” is lifted from the title of a bestseller by Newt Gingrich—“Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America” [2005].  Alvin Felzenberg has noted other similarities in his U.S. News & World Report article yesterday including these:
        Obama proclaims that America must be “the light to the world.”  That reminds Felzenberg of an oration of that same title by Woodrow Wilson….and harkens back to me of Matthew 5:14 “you are like unto a light of the world” which leads to the imagery “city on a Hill” used so often by President Reagan.
        Not to forget “Light of the World” is the title of a new book by Peter Seewald where he interviews Benedict XVI.
        Obama’s supposed hit line,  “Sputnik moment” was first used by Mitt Romney in a 2005.  When Obama got his longest sustained applause of the night—“I know there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on earth”—it reminded Felzenberg of JFK’s “I do not believe that any one of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation.”   And, of course, Margaret Thatcher’s salute to us that we are the first nation that sprang from an idea was less artfully parsed by Obama in twice as many words.
         Finally somebody unearthed an old FDR letter where he pointed out that some grizzly bears come under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior and others under the National Park Service—leading Obama to wonder the same thing about salmon when  swimming in fresh water or in salt.   

Thursday, January 27, 2011


                                       Anne Won’t Recuse.
      And why should she?
     The famed Illinois  Supreme Court Justice said yesterday she worked for Republican Jim Edgar which wasn’t to Eddie’s liking.     I salute her.  It’s the same Anne Burke who refused to be rolled by a onetime head of the Catholic bishops, the suave, polished bureaucratic Bishop Wilton Gregory, then of Belleville…then (as now) and advocate of finesse through p. r. —now archbishop of Atlanta.
        She was then interim head of the Board of National Review,  the oversight committee that was set up to probe clerical abuse and bishopric laxity in supervision of children who were victimized by pedophilia.   At a certain stage when she had determined  she was not getting sufficient cooperation from the USCCB she….along with Washington attorney Bob Bennett…got on a plane and headed for Rome to privately confer with Vatican leaders including then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger,  then Prefect of the Congregation for the Sacred Doctrine of the Faith.   When she got back she got a snotty call from Gregory asking why she didn’t check with him before going to Rome.
           She told him something like this: Get this right, Excellency: in this job I don’t report to you. And when I don’t get cooperation here I will always go to where I will find it.
            In retaliation she didn’t get a full-time appointment as head of the National Review Board, but she showed the guts to get the job done.  When she did that, I wrote in The Wanderer, the oldest national Catholic weekly in the United States:  God bless you, Anne!
           I don’t know how she’ll vote on the Rahm Emanuel issue but rest assured whether she agrees with me or not,  she’ll apply her best judgment without intimidation….fear or favor…from any source.
           So once again, I say: Go get `em, Anne!
                    Nation Pleased with Obama—Too Easily.
      Most Americans want Obama to succeed—even Brit Hume says that—but I think they’re not realizing nor caring what it is he would succeed with…his so-called principles often so antagonistic to what has always been the nation’s.  But so what?  Americans want him to succeed.
      Succeed--not because of what they faintly think he believes. Rigorous comparison of his stated principles finds a great disparity between the average person and his elitism,  as contained in his famous disparagement (when he didn’t  know he was being recorded) of Americans who cling….cling…to guns and religion as a refuge for their disappointed lives. Time after time he has disclaimed association with values appending to Americans: his refusal to pronounce America as an exceptional nation for example….the three times that the word “Creator” got stuck in his throat—saying Americans were “endowed….with certain inalienable rights--.”
        Yes, inside that growing American goofy marshmallow soul weakened by relativism that frighteningly too often overcomes the ethos of a once secure people, they want this living  over-privileged university drawing-room figure to succeed.   A man about whom they still—although fooling themselves—still know next to nothing….about whom they’re in denial—as the media are in denial… fleshing out in their imagination what they hope is contained in this tall 3rd World reared stranger in our midst.    Now even Neil Abercrombie has given up—having said that as governor of  Hawaii he’ll produce the answer.
           Well why bring that up?   To do so is racist, ain’t it?
        Oh well, an Enigma he may be…but we want him to succeed anyhow.
        Still and all…
          Imagine the cold-hearted unrealism of him proudly standing by as his daughters prattled their Chinese for the approval of President Hu Jintao, his detached gerbil-like conscience unconcerned that the Chinese government has faced urban women to have abortions under the ”one child” policy, punishing second abortions, imparting forced sterilization with particular interest to rooting out possibility of more female infants through abortion, forcing Chinese families target females for extinction—and often when born abandoning them to purposeful neglect and infanticide.
         Oh dear do the marshmallow hearts here ever-ever-ever want him to succeed! And remember what he said as he toasted Hu Jintao? 
       “While it’s easy to focus on our difference of culture [sic] let us never forget the values that our people share: a reverence for family…and most of all the desire to give our children a better life!”
        A supposed “intellectual,” he seems to have been born without a trace of intellectualism’s conscientious reflection.  A so-called jurisprudential “expert” he is a braying incompetent when describing the Constitution.
       As he said while a state senator after he killed the Born Alive bill in the legislature….a bill that without his opposition would have enabled infants born live after botched abortions to survive with nourishment, medicines and human comfort….as he said then:
       “That determination…that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a child—a 9-month-old child that was delivered to term…that determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it would essentially bar abortions—because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute.  For that purpose I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.”
          He was talking about a baby born alive after a botched abortion, remember but made it sound like pre-birth.  Clever, no?  Duplicitous, no? Or invincibly ignorant?.  The compliant  media then—as they have ever since—granted him a pass.
         And grant him a pass now.  Aw, look, he seemed so tall, mannerly and straight saying these nice things to President Hu and having his two lovely daughters with him!
         Indeed, Americans want him to be successful—and if it means he’s reelected well, gosh, maybe on second thought even that would even be nice.
       “Lookie here.   His move to the center is getting higher marks, no? Give it to Billy Daley, huh? Down through last June we thought maybe…well—gosh—maybe he couldn’t hack it.  But beginning the week of December 20 to 26 look at how his Gallup ratings went up…from 47% to 48 to 49 and beyond.  For all Democrats the uptick is up 4, with liberals up from 69 to 75…for moderates up from 53 to 58.  And here comes the ABC/Washington Post with overall job approval at 54, highest since April.
         “That’s what comes from handlin’ them Republicans smart during Lame Duck.  Whatta he do?  He signed on to their tax cuts but lookie here, the media says he done good.   So he musta done good, huh?  Hey, Katie Couric thinks so!   So does…whazzhername…Carol Marin?  And whachacall  Mike Flannery is excited!   Chris Matthews!  Big Ed Schultz?  The New York Times?  The Sun-Times?  Neil Steinberg?  Mark Brown?  
         “Aw sure the unemployment rate is still at 9.4, is projected at 9.0 next year and 8.4 in the fourth quarter of 2012, election but seein’ him stand there so nice, skinny and tall, Harvard, Columbia, the U of C and all-- with the Chinese president with his lovely daughters all around and they all lookin’ so proud, caused me to say to the wife and kids it’s sure nice seein’ him succeed.”
        Even though the poor marshmallows don’t have a clue as to what it’ll mean for them and the country when and  if he really does succeed and gets his way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


        Sitting with Democrats to Simulate “Civility” is Sophomoric for Which the GOP Has to Partially Thank Starry-Eyed Establishmentarian Eric Cantor [R-Va.].   MORE.
                                    Udall, Cantor, Coburn, Kirk.  
       The new House Majority Leader has just made a roaring ass of himself by so drastically supporting the nonsensical seating-arrangement change in the House chamber last night for the State of the Union. True, Eric Cantor [R-Va.] didn’t think of it…U. S. Sen. Mark Udall [D-Colo.] did, old Morris’s son who as Arizona Congressman ran for president, narrowly losing the `76 Wisconsin primary to Jimmy Carter…Mark also being the nephew of old Stewart, also of Arizona, who became JFK’s interior secretary. But by whooshing along with the shallow Udall it and inviting Nancy Pelosi to be his seatmate, who tried to use the Tucson tragedy as a partisan tool (she rightly turned him down), Cantor looked like what he is, a puppy-dog junior chamber of commerce sprout.
        I fully expect Cantor’s next push for Alice in Wonderland publicity will  be to recommend a “No Name-Calling Week” followed by a “No Bullying Week.” The idea that a Congress so brim-full of weighty problems should sit with opponents is, of course, a great visual boon for Udall’s favorite, Barack Obama since it precludes the usual, very valuable photos, of one side rising in applause to presidential proposals and the other side sitting on its hands.  That doesn’t bother Cantor who has the mien and fighting heart of callow Freddy Eynford-Hill in My Fair Lady.  After being properly rebuffed by Pelosi, he had to settle for sitting with Democrat Bobby Scott of Newport News which makes it look so-so gooie phony nonpartisan.   But this first test that shows Cantor’s namby-pamby-ness for a majority leader is a great worry for the Republican future when the need will be steel for the party spine.
           Another disappointment regarding seating might seem a surprise but is not really.  Oklahoma’s Sen. Tom Coburn who has had the courage to often stand alone…against Lord Newt when Coburn was in the House…has many virtues but lacks one central indispensable one--understanding whom his friends are. Dr. Coburn who will not be running for reelection because of self-imposed term limits has a Sunday school teacher’s Puritanical abhorrence of incivility and has needlessly touted his closeness to Obama and Pelosi….even going so far as to warn his conservative colleagues against Fox News’ asperity against liberals.
          Alienating Fox News which is the GOP’s central ally in legislative fights shows that for all his good points, Dr. Coburn is strategically feebly impaired to succeed for his craft.  His criticism of Fox made him a sitting duck for exploitation by such wolf-pack liberals as Chuck Schumer with whom  Coburn….continuing in naivete…picked as seat-mate for the Obama speech—Schumer all the while enjoying it while privately conjuring how to cut Coburn’s heart out.
          Of no surprise whatever is Illinois’ cute button-nosed Mark Kirk who has picked Dick Durbin as his seatmate date.   I’m surprised Kirk didn’t sit on his lap.   Kirk is a famous incorrigible switch-hitter and,  believe me, my finger poised for at least a minute over the polling place voting screen before I made my mark—having rejected my original intention to give it a pass for the justifiable reason his opponent was banker for the mob.  
        Kirk’s political crossdressing is one thing, partly psychological—but the folly of Cantor and Coburn not understanding the point rejecting with justifiable rage the chaotic rule or ruin schema of the Democratic majority is sickening.  Coburn will go back to Oklahoma and resume delivering babies—but Cantor will be around the House as the wide-eyed idealist ready to be picked off by the next sharpie Dem to come around.  
                       State of the Union.  Score One for Un-Seriousness.
           One thing is clear: Obama was not serious and relied on getting good press rather than showing substance.  The presentation reflects the Bill Daley School of Pretended Centrism…starting with the retention of pinstriped big bank-big business lobbyist Daley himself as chief of staff…making faux gestures to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce…naming GE’s CEO as a jobs czar (the company having officially supported the stimulus, ObamaCare and which also runs NBC)…making a feeble 5-year spending freeze on spending which ignores social entitlements and national security leaving only 1/7th of the budget to “freeze”…referring incessantly to “investments” in lieu of spending—the ultimate irony of citing our “Sputnik” moment where government and business came together with the Russian space threat to win the race for the moon…
        …when forgetting the ultimate irony in the image: the citation coming from the president who has ended space travel for good as example of American chauvinism. 
          The mainstream media once again bought it hook, line and sinker heading that Obama wants “unity” and “an end to partisanship”—this from the same guy who only a few months ago growled his opponents will have to ride in the back of the bus.    
               …But a New Star Was Born Tonight in G0P Response.
           It wasn’t that Paul Ryan was specific—he wasn’t…but then he didn’t have to because earlier he had done the spadework on the Road Map.  I never had a doubt about his specifics.  If anything I feared his response would be a disaster as he would sound like an auditor come to analyze the books.
           I was stunned  that he performed so masterfully in his speech. The specifics….the substance…we know he’s got. The superb speaking style on television coupled with his undeniable command of government catapults him to the very top of the list in 2012 for the presidency—something I was not prepared to even consider before last night.
          The thing to remember is this: Obama is no longer on the ropes as he was for much of the time since his election.  He has gained eight points and will be no slouch to beat.  I cannot see him facing someone who is not in total command.   I think we have to reexamine the bench and Paul Ryan should well be considered for a major role on the ticket.
                          Interesting Under-Reported Development Yesterday.
         It was that Gov. Chris Christie sat down for dinner in New Jersey with Mitt Romney…the purpose being whether Christie who has almost irrevocably taken himself out of the running for the presidency might entertain running for veep with Romney.   Despite much pressure to the contrary, I am pragmatic enough not to dismiss Romney from consideration.  Remember, those who want outright repeal of ObamaCare are declining in number and quite quickly—obviating a repeat of the 2010 strategy of repeal.   
            Romney might well be able to recycle this to his advantage. Let’s not be so obtuse as to fight the next war with the last war’s battle-plan. I am more hospitable to a Romney-Christie ticket than I am to a Mitch Daniels being anywhere on a national ticket.   Reason?
            The very artfully hidden….until now….of the surprising Daniels marital record—nothing he did but which could be almost fatal.  Some years ago his wife left him and ran away to California to get a divorce and marry a physician-lover….abandoning him and their three young daughters.  A few years later she divorced the physician and came wending back home to rejoin Mitch and their kids.  Mitch was the innocent party, of course—but the image of a adulterous, child-abandoning potential first lady casts a pall and is almost irremediably fatal. 
            Beyond this, forgetting Mitch’s undeniable achievements in Indiana, a short, 5 foot 7 inch balding recreational cyclist going toe-to-toe with Obama is….barf-worthy. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


        “If the law says that,” roared Mr. Bumble in Dickens’ Oliver Twist, “the law is an ass!”
         In plain English the law that would deny Rahm Emanuel from running for mayor because in service of his country he purportedly lost his residence here is an ass and should be overridden ASAP.
         Ultimately because we are a nation founded on John Locke’s unique application of Natural Law which contrary to the original Thomistic concept, links Natural Law  to the will of the people—mature application of Locke will force the Supreme Court of either state or nation to override. 
          I would have preferred the Thomistic Natural Law approach which argued flatly for absolutes as  was Hamilton’s version—but the Founders chose Locke which also precipitated progress though it took much longer…the people raging at Dred Scott…raging at Plessy v. Ferguson.  (Under Thomism these evils would not have been legislated in the first place).  Now…denying Chicagoans the right to vote on a man who served his nation as presidential chief-of-staff on the specious pretext that  by doing so he has surrendered his local residence is so pretentiously absurd that it cannot or should not be allowed to stand—or be defied by the calendar.   It is contrary to Natural Law on Thomistic or Locke and is…indeed as Mr. Bumble has said…an ass.
        It is clear that forces reincarnating the rule-and-ruin of the suddenly reincarnated aldermanic Gray Wolves  system intend to steal the election by disqualifying the likely foregone winner by applying a misbegotten law—but it is as venal was as stealing elections the old fashioned way…means by which current Gray Wolves supporters are closely familiar.  
        Make no mistake the prime beneficiary of this device is the Honorable Edward Burke who with his taxpayer-paid police body guard and unmatched power to elect judges suavely surveys his own greatness.   The question is whether his wife, Supreme Court Justice Ann Marie will vote her husband’s way…recuse herself also her husband’s way—or choose the gutsy third way.  If she is the Anne Marie Burke I admire from the  days when she refused to be rolled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops she will vote for Emanuel to be on the ballot and let the devil—a description that fits the originator of this cynical device—take the hindmost.
       Do what’s right, Anne! Demand your Court accept the appeal. Then vote to declare that a law that denies voters the right to elect as mayor one who served his country in Washington because he has supposedly lost his residence here defies Aquinas’ and Locke’s criteria of Natural Law and is contrary to longstanding U. S. jurisprudential procedure.
       In these matters it is most instructive to read the stories filed by the brilliant journalist Carol Felsenthal in the Chicago Magazine blog.
        One legal authority has said the Illinois Supreme Court does not have to take this case.  To which I say if they want to know what heat is, let `em turn it down.  He adds recusal for Justice Burke need not be expected since Eddie is not an official “party to the challenge.” Another has told Felsenthal that if residence has one meaning for voting purposes and another for candidacy, it denies equal protection—adding “but that would be a stretch.” In the name of God, WHY?
         Chicago has seen many outrages in election procedure from the days of weighing of ballots from the River Wards on—but we are living in a far more sensitive time….when the ultimate outrage would be “the ballots are ready to go to press and we must print them without Emanuel’s name on them—because not to do so would be omygawd a waste of taxpayers’ money!”
           If this Gray Wolves game produces a Gery Chico, it’s one thing. If it produces a Mayor Carol Moseley Braun…now running second in the polls…who demonstrably cannot run her own finances the ultimate blame will rest on the machine- elected Illinois court system of which the most powerful force is run by the 14th ward alderman, husband of Justice Burke. 
             It took the cavalier, charming Coleman Young twenty years to turn Detroit to a desolate moonscape through incompetence and old-time cynical manipulation while the council played lookout.
           It can be done here from top to bottom in one term.
          It’s just that simple.

Monday, January 24, 2011

SQUID SCAM: Bill Daley’s Herculean Efforts to Make Obama a Centrist For 2012.

         Additions and updating written earlier for The Wanderer, the oldest national Catholic weekly.                             
      The scenario thus far: :  With Bill Daley’s ascension to presidential chief-of-staff the Barack Obama 2012 reelection campaign is underway with headquarters—to no one’s surprise—here in Chicago, home of The Squid. To anyone who ever took Squid 101, the drill is to manufacture an entirely new Obama: Moderate-sounding, not radical, amenable to negotiations with Republicans, churchy, not secular, pro-nationalist patriotic not 3rd World.   Chicagoans now play an even greater part in the transformation of Obama than before.
        If you wonder where I got this stuff, purportedly because as a right-winger I’m not hooked up with sources who have access to the Left, remember—gently please—that I have a Rolodex full of Democrats who don’t agree with me, beginning as a lobbyist for Quaker here starting with the first Daley and for 40 years of bantering at the brass rail of  Washington’s Occidental Hotel, still located in rather high staff positions and serving as lobbyists with close access to the major domo of all lobbyists now that Charlie Walker is dead—Bronco Billy.
          The idea which the vitriolic Left buy…exclusive of aberrational Daily Kos which bites its tongue… is to get Obama reelected and then cut the strings allowing Obama to again become the old flaky “America is no more exceptional than the others” Obama…returning to the 3rd World faculty lounge visionary of old. Bill Daley is seen as a necessary expedient--which is why the Left is so passive to a big-time corporate lobbyist  taking over management of the White House for a short time.  
      The first cosmetics change was undertaken with the Tucson speech following the killing of six and critical wounding of Cong. Gabrielle Giffords by a deranged youth.   But there were some serious flaws.
                                      The (Bill) Daley Show.
         With no public ceremony at all, The Squid’s Bill Daley moved into Rahm Emanuel’s old office in the White House on Saturday, Jan. 8-- just as the nation was gasping in shock at the Tucson slayings by a 22-year-old madman-- and began calling signals.  Before his arrival there had been a kerfuffle about whether or not to keep a  white southern Alabama-born country boy retiring Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in the White House as counselor to the president.  Gibbs , a hard-line Obama liberal with the closest personal ties to the president whom Obama described as “keeping me in touch with southern thinking [sic].”   Daley’s private reaction: Oh really?  What southern thinking is it—the Southern Poverty Law Center?
       So Daley got Chicagoan David Plouffe, Obama’s senior adviser, the highly-regarded 2008 campaign manager who succeeded David Axelrod as Obama image curator (Axelrod moving back to Chicago to prepare for the reelection campaign) to influence Obama to nix the Gibbs request.
       Bill [Daley] shouldn’t have to fight Gibbs for access  to you,
the 32-year-old Plouffe told the president. We’re in the crucial second half of the game now and if we’re going to get the best out of Bill Daley he should have direct contact with you and not have his advice second-guessed.    Obama reluctantly agreed and Gibbs won’t get the White House slot he coveted. To Daley’s mind,   Gibbs had already weighed in with the wrong advice on how to handle the Tucson speech.
     The Tucson shooting demanded a major speech by the president.  If Obama had his druthers he would lip-synch what Gibbs felt about the shooting—that the 22-year-old assailant reflected wanton anger from both Left and Right--and both Right and Left should shut up but especially the Right with its AM radio talk shows spewing anger.
      Daley vetoed that approach. Gibbs (and Obama) wanted the Tucson speech to be scoped by the chief speechwriter 29-year-old Jon Favreau, an easterner, Holy Cross grad, who had worked for John Kerry in 2004, the elitist Massachusetts wind-surfer Senator (as had Gibbs).
         Daley objected.  Favreau always had Obama sounding like either a no-drama drone and queasy nihilistic, relativistic, agnostic Harvard philosopher.   So on advice of Pete Rouse, the interim staffer who filled in for Emanuel before Daley got there (incidentally the only Asian—of Japanese extraction--to hold the top staff position incidentally), Daley looked at a new kid in the speech-writing stable—30-year-old Cody Keenan who’s…you guessed it…an Irish Chicagoan and member of The Squid.
          Born in the Lakeview neighborhood, reared in Evanston and Wilmette and graduated from Northwestern, following up with a Harvard master’s in public policy at the JFK school of government, understanding from Daley that this should not be another nihilistic relativist U of C Divinity School speech,    Kennan got the job of crafting Tucson.
         Gibbs had always spun to the supine media the fiction that Obama writes his own speeches out in longhand and the so-called “speechwriters” are merely glorified stenographers. That’s a time-honored sales pitch made for all presidents which is seldom accepted by the press--but this media, in love with Obama the author, buy it.  Chicago’s most gullible TV political journalist Mike Flannery deserves the “Chris Matthews thrill running-down-my-leg” award, writing in of all things a flimsy an advertising piece distributed as a faux magazine with The New York Times.
      Like all other legends about Obama, the he-writes-his-own-stuff hoax has survived serious debunking.    A year or so ago unrepentant terrorist Billy Ayres  got off the reservation and was swaggering around saying he—Ayres—wrote Dreams From My Father and did a lot of ghosting on The Audacity of Hope. Sure enough, Ayres is a formidable writer, has written several books and his best, Fugitive Days: A Memoir has similar cadence, rhetoric and diction to Obama’s writing style.
  As with everything else which can’t be disproved, Gibbs had one simple rejoinder  to this stuff: it’s absurd. Period.
      Thereafter to protect Obama and believing Ayres had gone round the bend and turned anti-Obama, the compliant liberal media obligingly dropped a cone of silence on the erratic 66-year-old unrepentant terrorist who hasn’t been heard from again. 
       Obama told the kid Cody Keenan what he wanted in the speech— full of elitist imponderables and  relativistic questionings.  But Keenan in consultation with Daley, junked them and wrote Tucson far differently—explaining how this version better fit the occasion. Daley told Obama he saw the Squid Kid’s Tucson address as ideally to be equivalent to Lincoln at Gettysburg (1863), Reagan after the Challenger disaster (1986) and George W. Bush’s National Cathedral speech after 9/11.  It wasn’t but still not bad.
       The Tucson text containing very little of Obama included turned out very well. It was to be no typical Obama relativist Harvard Divinity School speech —but a measured, steady beat flavored with a quotation from Psalm 46:4  that seemed suitable for citation by an Episcopal priest: There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God/the holy place where the Most High dwells.
     There were marvelous lines starkly unlike the cool, aloof Obama-- such as: “I have just come from the University Medical Center, just a mile from here,  where our friend Gabby courageously fights to recover even as we speak. And I can tell you this—she knows we’re here and she knows we love her…”   
      That was the most emotion from Obama since he bowed to the waist in front of the Japanese Emperor.
        Another pretty good line:
       And: “We recognize our own mortality and are reminded that in the fleeting time we have on this earth, what matters is not wealth or status or power or fame—but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in bettering the lives of others.”  
      Probably the most Christian ethos ever expressed from the lips of Our Third World influenced savant.
       Finally the best of them all: Nine-year-old slain Christina Taylor Green “was given to us Sept. 11, 2001…On either side of her photo in [her class yearbook] were simple wishes for a child’s life--`I hope you help those in need,’ read one. `I hope you know all the words to the National Anthem and sing it with your hand over your heart. I hope you jump in rain puddles.’ If there are rain puddles in heaven, Christine is jumping in them today.”
       Worthy of the Gipper at his best. Daley read it and said perfect.  He had Obama practice it and both—Obama too—repeated: “perfect!”
       Satisfied a new speech-writer had been found and a new image hammered out, Daley turned to other things unconnected with Tucson as per “what tone will the new State of the Union take?”  That was where he made his first White House mistake.
       The slayings occurred Saturday, Jan. 8; Daley wanted Obama’s speech to be delivered there, in Tucson, the site of the tragedy—and ASAP.  Scheduling came back and said the giant University of Arizona basketball arena was reserved for Wednesday night the 12th …just four days hence…for the speech to be delivered at 8 p.m. Eastern time.  Arena capacity: 13,000 with another 13,000 overflow to be accommodated in the football stadium.
       Daley ordered the presidential advance staff and Secret Service out there immediately.
       The advance team had to be sure the arena and stadium was filled—and not by just anybody.  So this is where the error occurred.   Emails flashed out to the entire Obama rolodex in Arizona, managed by the Obama political apparatus: “Organizing for America.”
        While Daley worked getting acquainted with other details of his new job and took his eyes off the ball, “Organizing for America” which had been set up to build political rallies on a few days’ notice, did exactly what it was created to do—filling the arena and football stadium, with frenetic Obama screaming zealots wearing campaign-style T shirts.
      Result: while the speech which reached 32 million…not all that impressive a number compared to other Obama speeches…and it was brilliantly faux Reaganesque in content and delivery—its atmosphere was marred by the roaring partisanship of the crowd which gave eerie reminder of the televised slashingly bitter partisan “memorial” to the late Minnesota DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone in 2002 at Williams Arena of the University of Minnesota…which so poisoned the political atmosphere that a Republican went on to defeat former vice president Walter Mondale for Wellstone’s post.
        Daley angrily raised the roof to “Advance” …demanding to know why “Advance” didn’t halt the pep rally atmosphere in its tracks—on a dime.  “Advance’s” answer: did you ever try to stop on a dime a diesel locomotive going 100 mph?
        Nevertheless, finding the right speech-writer who could give a Reagan-like presidential tone to a speech was a great start, Daley consoled himself —even the gaffes by “Advance.” 
                            New York Big Bucks Alienated.
       One big job Bill Daley was hired for is to schmooze Wall Street and New York money people generally in behalf of Obama. The last money “take” for 2008 amounted to more than $700 million.  Daley calculates 2012 will go over $1 billion.
        But Obama’s best New York money-changers from 2008 are furious at passage of the financial “reform” package coupled with Obama’s vitriolic slams at big bankers which so pleased the Left.   Here Daley reminds Wall Street that he—Daley—lobbied to de-fang the package as well.  Well okay, they say, but few are convinced to-date. “Let the Left fund their buddy, then,” one told Daley sourly.
          The most bitter anti-Obama big money man is New York’s hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb who’s so fed up he wrote his flock that it’s easy to understand why people feel politics is dirty due to Obama’s savage attacks on bankers and their ilk when he so solicitously milked them for dough in 2008.
         Wall Streeters sticking with Obama, he wrote, resemble battered and abused wives remain with their violent husbands instead of getting out and away from them.  “I am sure, if we are really nice and stay quiet,” he wrote sacrastically, “everything will be all right and the President will become more centrist and that all his tough talk is just words. I mean when I am alone with him—at $30,000-a-plate fundraisers—he’s really nice and—hey!—once I even got invited to the White House!”
        Thus Loeb put his finger on the real reason Bill Daley is in the White House—to assuage…and once the election cycle is over and he departs, Obama will be the same-old, same-old neo-socialist making a mockery of all that had gone on before.
         Meanwhile, news from Pennsylvania gives Daley a migraine.  Big time money packagers there say that it is more important for them to match the Republicans’ money machine for Congress…and kick in to the “soft money” projects…than to worry about Obama right now.
      “The Bill Daley thing, pretending Obama is moving to the center, is a mockery,” one guy said.  “How many times have we heard Obama’s going centrist?  Big deal!”
      So Bill Daley’s got his hands full.  So far, Obama’s job performance numbers have picked up by 8 points. But odds are Obama’s earlier sins will make him a one-termer no matter what the youngest Daley does, but it’s fun to watch him try.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Old Benedictine Western Civ: 101. What Were the Highs and Low-Points? And Most Important—Why Did Rome Fall?

        Q.  What did those old Benedictines circa 1946-50 tell you about ancient Rome?
       A.  The good points: The Roman Senate was respected because it stood aloof from the people and it was properly aloof because its members were not elected but came from the aristocracy…The unwritten constitution was a tangle of aristocracy, monarchy and democratic…each year the curia a group of the city’s most patrician families elected two consuls each to govern—each having veto power over the other.  The consuls were to be extraordinary military men who didn’t have much to say or do in peacetime but as they were highly skilled officers, they were free to operate across the board in war.  Important to note—the Romans lost many battles but never until the very end, a war.  When the consuls’ terms were completed, they had to justify their actions and defend themselves against the Tribunes…who were elected by a convention of plebes—not elected by the individual plebes, understand, but by a group of  them, thus keeping power one step away from the mob.   And when a consul fouled up---.
       Q.  Yes-yes,  when one fouled up, what action did they take?
       A.  Take the case of one consul who was itching for a fight with
Rome’s archenemy Hannibal who utterly was outfoxed by Hannibal in the battle of Trasimene in the Second Punic War.  Hannibal led this guy into a narrow pass by feigning that he was in full retreat but once the Roman quarry was locked up there, the “retreating” Carthaginians hit them from all sides.   Both Roman consuls were killed side-by-side along with 15,000.  A disaster.
      Q.  What did the Tribunes, the  Roman Senate, do?
      A. They gave them huge praise and bestowed great military honors on their memories recognizing that they were brave men who happened to be rash.   Instead of getting angry, Rome chose other consuls who did not give a single thought to cutting and running but adopted different, more prudent strategies.  They kept the war going, biding their time, stalling long enough to catch the cocky Hannibal napping, destroying his armies in Spain, prompting an angry Hannibal to return to Africa where the Romans defeated him in 202BC—his only defeat.
     Q.  What did those old Benedictines tell you was the lesson learned?
      A.  That Rome won the war because it would not quit.
     Q.  Why did Rome fall?
     A.   Not because of Christianity which was Edward Gibbon’s theory…that the religion made the Romans into pussy-cats, effeminate and decadent.  Rather it was the “bread and circuses” mentality—free food and entertaining games provided by the state.  There was also a decline in population; Rome fell into recession.  At this point the Barbarians invaded because you try living on the Steppes of Russia when you could live in the sultry climes of Greece and Rome.  In essence the welfare state killed Rome—not debauchery of the flesh but weakening of the will, producing a yen to take more and more from the state.  But Rome gave us an admirable mixture of governance between aristocracy, meritocracy and a slight taste of democracy—very slight.
That the old monks taught us was the enduring lesson of Rome—and my professor said, “gentlemen, don’t knock it.”
          Q.   What’s next on this agency for Western Civ:101?
          A.   Israel.
          Q.   When?
         A. When I get around to it.  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Anomalous Life: Wilsonian “Ideals” Have Us Telling China to Improve Its Human Rights Record. Who Do We Think We Are?...And Gingrich Thinks Palin Should Be More Prudent! Gingrich That Is!

                     This is Your USA Captain Talking!
       There’s absolutely nothing in Natural Law or the respective theologies of Thomas Aquinas, Augustine…or all of
Christianity which brought the world an understanding of tolerance and charity…that requires this nation to be the scold of the world as we have become with China—lecturing its President Hu Jintao that he must free the incarcerated Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo and otherwise greatly improve his country’s human rights record.
         If the preceding sounds heartless, archaic and cruel to you…isolationist, self-centered, insensitive (as it does even to me on first re-reading)…it is the legacy all of us are carrying from the last idealistic statesman-wanna be professor in the White House—Woodrow Wilson.  Wilsonianism as reflected in our dealings with China today is the direct antithesis of the policy of the Good Neighbor.  The Good Neighbor goes about his business and does not stick his nose where it does not belong. If there’s wife-beating and child abuse going on next door he calls the cops….which in our international framework would be the very imperfect dilatory UN.  Beyond that, the Good Neighbor does nothing but pray for surcease.  To run in next door and intrude in the war is the last thing that should happen. I’m sorry but that is how the world is supposed to work.  
       The only time we should intrude is if the fighting next door threatens our own peace and freedom: that was the wise precept of Robert Taft whom I remind critics was   not an isolationist but the son of a president who excelled in international diplomacy, W. H. Taft pioneering legal studies concerning a world court—his son Robert as a young Yale law grad, accompanying accompanied Wilson to Versailles where he learned first-hand the folly of arrant damn-foolness: claptrap like “make the world safe for democracy” and “open covenants openly arrived at.”
      Not only does our busy-body interventionism often not have anything to do with safeguarding our personal peace and freedom—in the case of China it is recklessly imprudent. China holds $900 billion of our debt and Hong Kong, a part of China, another $100 billion worth. If China were to dump our debt we’d have to turn to ourselves to fund the debt….that and print more money which would be disaster.
      What does the policy of the Good Neighbor have to do with advocating human rights within other nations’ borders?   Easy.  When you see it violated within another country’s borders, do nothing.   If the United Nations has any worth at all…which I doubt…it is to serve as a buzzer—calling attention  to violations contra to humane standards.               
                   Palin Should “Think Through” Things!
      The World Cup for  chutzpah goes today to Newt Gingrich who admonishes Sarah Palin to be more prudent, to “think through what she’s saying.” This from the guy who botched his Speakership by proclaiming things not thought-through…like Clinton’s “disrespecting” him on an Air Force One flight by not bringing him into the private presidential quarters on the plane…and failing to “think through” the implications of becoming embroiled in adultery with another man’s wife, a House staffer, while at the same time excoriating Clinton for Monica Lewinsky… and having to step down mid-term—she becoming his Wife No. 3--after which Newtie became a Catholic and addressed for a fat fee the national conclave of Legatus, the organization of Catholic CEOs…which should have known better than to host this hypocrite-adventurer who will embrace anything, do everything, to get elected president.