Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Griffin: Bob Grogan Needs To Get Audited

Bob Grogan is running for Illinois Treasurer in the GOP primary against Tom Cross - the former House Republican Leader.  The winner of that primary is set to take on Democrat State Senator Mike Frerichs in the fall of 2014.

Joel Griffin takes Bob Grogan to task and points out how he was sitting 'behind the wheel' during most of the largest DuPage County scandals.

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan has served as county auditor through some of the most significant county-level financial scandals in Illinois history. Now he seeks a higher office—that of Illinois State Treasurer. If only his county auditor’s office had uncovered the scandals which burst forth into public view, this may have been a viable career option. However, as it turns out, outside entities- including the federal government—discovered the shenanigans while Auditor Grogan completed just over two dozenfar less substantive audits. In a stunning display of misplaced priorities, the county office issued a reprimand for two workers paid overtime in a manner “not recommended” by the office and uncovered some questionable weatherization projects; during the same five year stretch, the feds uncovered millions in misappropriated funds throughout other county agencies.