Thursday, March 31, 2011


                                        Shameless Schumer.
      Just as the oracular  Hudson Valley radio voice of Franklin Roosevelt came across in accents unduplicated… was it eastern, eastern with a veneer of Groton’s Headmaster Endicott Peabody…or just indiscriminate rich-patrician? After FDR’s death it was never to be heard from again and actors can’t resurrect it…Brooklyn’s Chuck Schumer’s is indelible:wise guy New Yawk not unlike Joe Pesci’s in My Cousin Vinny but harsher, more guttural, than Pesci’s, that of a smart guy street hustler, overpromising, drawing you to his lips one minute, winking at a anticipated deal the next, then upraised grating like a fingernail running down a blackboard—morally offensive to listen to, illustrative of one who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
      The Senate is well used to that carnival barker, self-assertive one minute but, turning his head to see if he’s overheard,ready like a street peddler to grab his portable table and merchandise and trot down the street before the cops come.  The other day he told his caucus members what to say…how to deceive…unaware that his words were being piped out to them.  Born without intellectual ballast he is a super-con and at last it has come out.
        Nothing that Chuck Schumer said to his equally-cynical caucus members shocked the media but it at least nullifies the validity of his “talking points.”   Republican cuts are always….always…”extreme.”  He has orchestrated a calculated effort to divide the GOP from the Tea Party.  It was obvious all along but Schumer explains it away by maintaining he has said this all the time. 
       That’s why the truth isn’t in him. 

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  1. Endicott Peabody... the governor who had three towns in Massachusetts named after him: Endicott, Peabody, and Marblehead. And some say a fourth town: Athol.