Tuesday, March 29, 2011


       If you read Capitol Fax and its blog which I urge you all to do because as said here many times, it is indispensable for anyone interested in Illinois politics which it covers like a blanket, you have to realize you must pay your dues.
       Dues come in four parts.
      First understand that it is a wholly owned compliant lip-synch subsidiary of the Democratic Left and a handmaiden to the unions—particularly public ones.   Private companies are avaricious…profits, especially huge ones, are unjustified and rip-offs… but unions are the most beneficent gift that has come to man. Mike Madigan’s wisdom ranks with unknowable certainties of the universe. His Republican counterparts are retards, not conversant with the issues.  His daughter is untouchable like a Sistine chapel  Madonna and is not to be criticized only beheld with unrestrained awe. 
        Second, death.. which must come to all of us…is  devastating to the publication even occasionally when it hits some Republicans—but especially when it removes  cherished seedy Dem lawmakers and scruffily fragrant (from long times away from bathtubs, soap and hot water) Springfield rock singers and 3-string guitar strummers whose dead bellies still gurgle with beer bought by the gallon.  That’s when the publication yields its most timeless, ethereal and lachrymose philosophy. No absolutes, mind you—just rivers of relativism ending with a nihilistic rock song film clip questioning the meaning of it all. 
      Third, you have heard it said by Jefferson and Lincoln that all of us are equal.   Not so. All minorities are more than equal—as are these members of the downtrodden: gays, lesbians, transgenders—but not to be given any separate recognition are the unborn whose supporters come close to violating the sacred tradition of separation of  church and state and allowing the pollution of the secular world with religiosity in contradistinction to the founders’ wishes.
        Fourth, there are few things not obvious to the publication. It is prescient and healthily suspicious of political motivation—but when it comes to the obvious, it is often bafflingly obtuse.   Example: Caterpillar’s CEO wrote to Gov. Quinn saying that higher taxes might make it necessary to relocate.   The publication has frequently dismissed this contention….but the letter was leaked to the media—obviously by Cat.   When the media contacted the giant firm it said nothing is written in stone.  This statement seems to baffle one Barton Lorimer an intern who in the absence of its editor contrasted the definite sounding letter with the more evasive comment by a Cat flack—saying “you got me.”
       Evidently Lorimer means there’s a contradiction. But there is none.  The publication simply cannot fathom nuance in this case and ignores economic reality.  Like intern like editor.


  1. Heavy Dues, Don Tomas, to be sure.

    As the NYC wag opined -The Rent's Too Damn High!

  2. You are obviously a big fan of Bill O'Reilley, Beck, Hannity and the like.

  3. Hi, Tom.

    We’ve never met or spoken before, which seems especially odd to me given you’ve dedicated space on your blog to write about my professionalism and political views.

    Speaking of professionalism, I always considered contacting the person I was writing about a basic principle of journalism. You were apparently following Capitol Fax last week, so you know I posted my email address and a link to my Facebook profile twice. I check both regularly.

    Perhaps contacting me beforehand might have given your post some accuracy seeing as how you have taken my remark out of context and misspelled my name, which was prominently displayed at the top and bottom of every post I wrote last week and Monday.

    When I wrote, “You got me,” on CapFax, I was noting the contradicting statements between what executives at Caterpillar were saying about the leaked letter and how ABC 7, and several other media outlets for that matter, was covering it. They were polar opposites, as you’ll recall.

    Capitol Fax subscribers know more about what is going on with the letter, so like you I would encourage anyone interested in Illinois government and politics to sign-up.

    Because I was writing on a blog that does not belong to me I refrained from making political statements. Interpreting it that way would be inappropriate.

    Anyways, I just wanted to make sure you had your facts right since you weren't interested in doing so. Good luck with your future writings.

    Barton Lorimor
    barton.lorimor@gmail.com (In case you need it a third time ;)