Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Politically Incorrect Views Meted Out Here to Sacred Liberal Topics.

      News story:  Michael Steele to run again for GOP chairman.
           So what? This guy’s a con.  The only reason he was elected is because he’s black and Obama’s black and the stupid RNC thought this would somehow equate.  For his part, Steele figured he could parlay fame to a berth on the national ticket in 2012 believing that his commodity would be his power to woo black voters. Nonsense.  Blacks are  indentured to a party that has given them substandard schools, unemployment and inadequate housing, the Democratic party. Indentured because they believe the liberal line.  The idea that the GOP should “outreach” is bogus.  “Outreach” to what?  Try to out-promise the Dems?  Ridiculous. Nor is  Steele a model.  He misspent the party into penury and when he faces his challengers he’ll play the race card. Mark my words before it’s over he’ll blast the GOP for “racism.”   Defeat him resoundingly, overwhelmingly.  His blasting his party won’t hurt because blacks are never going to go two-party since they’re indentured—only slightly less than they were under slavery.   But then they knew they were slaves.  Not now. They’re political slaves but don’t know it.
                       News story:  Richard Holbrook Dies.
      Great loss? Yeah, somewhat. He was highly skilled in negotiations and if there were any justice he should have been Obama’s secretary of state.  And if Hillary Clinton were as astute as she is billed she should have turned Obama down and let him name Holbrook.   As senator she would be in a beautiful position to run for president in 2012.   Now she’ll be just an asterisk.   Quick:  who was Hoover’s secretary of state?  Answer: Henry L. Stimson who later was FDR’s secretary of war—but who cares?   Same with Hillary who has been unimaginably bad.
                 News story: Palin Here, Palin There, Palin Everywhere!
          She’ll run but won’t make it.  You betcha.  But she’s invaluable for grass-roots energy.  Actually for a party on the cusp of winning heavily in 2012 not just the presidency but keeping the House and gaining the  Senate, its prospective presidential candidates are not impressive.   Usually the GOP follows the rule of “now it’s his turn”—which means Romney.   Will somebody muss up his hair, please? Scuff up his shoes?  They’re shined so brilliantly you can see your reflection in them.  How will he explain RomneyCare?  The best ones seem to be those who relate to the blue-collars…Huckabee and Pawlenty.  I’m always switching my favor.  Pawlenty may be the guy: I’m hugely impressed with how he unhorsed the public employee unions in Minnesota as detailed in yesterday’s WSJ.  The more Mitch Daniels writhes trying to get out of his gaffe that social issues should be shelved,  the worse it gets.  Now he says he likes social issues to be pursued “if they don’t get in the way.” Chris Christie is too new on the scene but I have a strong interest in a fat man for president.  He’d be the first since William Howard Taft.  Before him, Teddy who was a tubby; before him Cleveland.
               News Story: Carol Moseley Braun and Her $$ Angel.
       The gelatinous-spine of the news media has hardened somewhat now that the Sun-Times reported (yesterday) that Carol Mosley Braun is up to her old tricks…wallowing in personal debt of $250,000 secured through one of four mortgages on her5-bedroom Hyde Park house—the debt owed to a guy who is charged with harassing an employee which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld last month…Moseley Braun’s financial affairs in chaos, her inexplicable organic coffee and tea business in disarray. It took Coleman Young twenty years to turn Detroit into a desolate moonscape.   Moseley Braun can easily do it in one term with her masterly ineptitude for administration.  The only two I have any faith in are Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico…but Chico is malleable and can easily be rolled by the Gray Wolves of the Council.  Rahm is so duplicitous and mean I think he’ll perceive it’s in his own interest not to let Chicago go the way of Detroit.

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  1. Well, Herman Cain's close to announcing a run for the (R) nomination, too.

    THAT should be interesting. He has the + and - of NOT having political background.