Monday, December 13, 2010


         They Want 2% of All Taxpayers Punished for Success…They Look Anti-Patriotic, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christian, Pro-Muslim.
       Whom Have They Not Alienated: Vegans? Nudists? Gypsies? Buddhists?
        In the space of one day…last Thursday…the Democratic majority in the House rejected a proposal by voice vote in caucus might well have  jumpstarted  the economy, hiked employment and with $400 billion in tax cuts provided more stimulus than federal misspending and conceivably have reelected Obama.  But it didn’t do so because it was determined to punish the 2% who have scored economic success and who are paying 87% of the taxes…while a prominent Dem lawmaker used the “f” word to describe Obama….all this done in the morning…
      …while in the afternoon the heavily Dem-controlled Senate nixed the “Dream Act” because the small GOP minority rebelled and also failed to repeal don’t-ask-don’t-tell proving to be a party suffering such a serious nervous breakdown that it cannot muster adequate support even for its liberal fantasies...due to constituent disapproval.  Public support is running out on the Dems’ plug-ugly favorite issues.
        Last Friday for three hours the Senate was tied up with a semi-filibuster against the compromise tax package by Bernie Sanders the free-wheeling old-line Socialist….yes that’s right Socialist: he’s rejected the label Democrat but caucuses with them.  Sanders, 70, a Flatbush radical whose wispy hair stands on  end—resembling actor Christopher Lloyd playing “Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown,” the pop-eyed scientist in the 1985 film Back to the Future.  Sanders, the son of a Poland Jewish émigré practiced Marxist politics at the University of Chicago and bummed his way to Vermont as a hippie.  He ran and lost many times as a Socialist until he was finally elected mayor of Burlington…and as Vermont filled up with refugees from New York city finally won enough votes to go to Congress as congressman-at-large and now is a senator.  He’s so far Left he’s almost ready to tip off the edge of the planet.   His rumpled slept-in-looking suits and frizzy uncombed white hair which gives off the frenetic  look of derangement, is fast becoming the modern look of the Democratic party.
        But last Friday was the denouement.  While liberals fumed, Barack Obama ill-advisedly turned his news conference over to former president Bill Clinton while the 44th president  stood by looking like the rookie he is….before he finally excused himself saying—believe it or not—he was expected by his wife so they both could go to a White House Christmas party!  Glad to have the podium of power back at long last in the Briefing Room, Bill Clinton stayed on answering press questions for 20 minutes, using neo-conservative writer Charles Krauthammer’s newspaper column as reason for the Dems to support the compromise, calling Krauthammer “brilliant.”!
       If you can believe this….and as one who watched Democratic presidents swagger for two generations…this is the chaotic jumble that party showed the world.   I’d be overcome with schadenfreud except that our foreign enemies watching this debacle would have every right to decided that now is the time to attack America given such a shaky, amateur performance put on by the mystery man president.
       All the while the Democratic party’s continuing under a heavy cloud, the Dems are viewed properly as the party that has freed terrorists from Gitmo of which an estimated 20% have returned to terror…that was bamboozled into freeing the Lockerbie bomber under the ruse he was dying…put a Private 1st class emotionally damaged kid in charge of all incoming and outgoing confidential cables which he promptly  turned over to WikiLeaks…bobbled a
sure-thing-appearing trade agreement with South Korea by not wrapping up the details until Obama’s arrival when the deal torpedoed…engineering the new START treaty which limits our right to protect ourselves from nuclear attack…allowed Mid-East negotiations to flounder because of a spat with Israel over Jewish settlements in of all places Jerusalem… supports Muslims building a Mosque near the 9/11 holocaust of 3,000 as an upraised middle-finger to America…that pits America against the only democracy in the Middle East in favor of Muslims who hate our guts…and that pushes anti-family legislation strongly contrary to the Christian ethic.  
      One more time: Whether you regret killing the tax compromise, cheer the demise of “Dream” and laud the DADT ban as I, rue the anti-U. S. stance on the Mosque, despise our punishment of Israel and are appalled at the single-minded liberal drive for abortion and homosexual “rights”… one thing is clear.  The Democratic party is veering off the rails and on a suicidal cumregicidal bent—and is thus unable to govern. 
      When Joe McCarthy said in the 1950s it was a party that did not have the best interests of the United States in mind, he was justifiably rebuked by my own boss, the ranking Republican on House Foreign Affairs… because he was lumping State Department lefties with millions of voters who elected Harry Truman with his Point 4 program, aid to Greece and Turkey, NATO and the Marshall Plan. 
        Could he be rebuked today if he made the same charge against not just a few unearthed State Department pinkos but governance of the national Democratic party?   I don’t see how when majority Democrats in power positions seem to be willfully opposing  the best interests of the United States—economically, militarily, internationally and socially--and then when their president effects a workable tax compromise assails him.
         It’s pursuing regicide and suicide.  Their bible is The New York Times whose publisher Arthur [Pinch] Sulzberger, Jr. in a fight with his patriotic father Arthur [Punch] Sulzberger, Sr.,  said he supports the killing of American troops when they are engaged in war on somebody else’s turf.   Today that paper has careened leftward from the glory days when Abe Rosenthal ran it as executive editor. 
           Frankly  I have never seen the Democratic party in worse shape than it is today.  Years ago there were the Henry Jacksons, the Paul Douglases, the Hubert Humphreys, the Walter Georges, the Sam Nunns, the Daniel Patrick Moynihans.  Where are people of this patriotic stripe today?  They are in the lower echelons but not the leadership of the Democratic party.
            Should I cheer this situation because I am a Republican? Not really.  The demise of the nation’s oldest political party is a tragedy—brought on by its own excesses.  I long for return of the era when both parties were animated by patriotism—but the ultra-liberal godless ideology of secular relativism controlling the Democratic party blocks this.
        What we should hope for is a split within that party by the Left, allowing conservative Dems to reorganize and the radicals to pursue whatever course they wish….maybe following the aged Ralph Nader who yesterday attacked Obama or the duplicitous billionaire Mike Bloomberg.  I think that without a doubt a split….starting with a divisive presidential primary and ultimate cell reproduction eventuating into a much weaker assemblage—not a party--is likely.     


  1. I could not believe that Obama brought Clinton into the press briefing. What kind of message did that send? “I can’t rally my own people. You do it, Bill.” It displayed weakness. “I can’t do this. Help me” Nice message to send to the world!

    Could you see Sir Anthony Eden calling on Winston Churchill to speak for him in 1956 during the Suez crisis? But Eden was a statesman. Obama is…what? In over his head? Risen above the level of his competence? Or just incompetent from the beginning?

  2. "the Dems are viewed properly as the party …that was bamboozled into freeing the Lockerbie bomber under the ruse he was dying"

    One more time. Obama didn't do that. The U.S. did not consent to the release of Megrahi. The U.S. opposed his release on any terms. The U.S. said that if Megrahi got "compassionate release" because he was dying, it would better if he stayed in Britain.

    This was not saying that such a proceeding was acceptable, only that it was not as bad as sending him to Libya.

    The decision to release Megrahi was made by British PM Gordon Brown, in connivance with the Scottish regional government; the payoff was a pot of Libyan oil contracts.

    This was like Pope Benedict's comment about the use of a condom by an HIV-infected male prostitute: not approved, just not as bad.