Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Think Don Draper with Tears. We’ll Never Hear the End of Boehner’s Weeping from the Liberal Media…Com’on this Rahm Stuff is a Pro-Emanuel Put-On, Isn’t It?

                                              Cry Baby.
      Yes, there is definitely something wrong with a guy who cries that easily as does John Boehner--aka Don Draper with tears.  Okay if you’re interviewed on TV about your child who has just died that’s one thing.  A guy who weeps convulsively about the tough days of his childhood…as Boehner did earlier…well, it’s acceptable but still should cause your eyebrows to lift. But a future Speaker of the House weeping on 60 Minutes over non-personal issues portrays embarrassingly for the new GOP House majority the close-up of an obviously emotionally brittle and very troubled individual whose recourse to tears betrays considerable inner turmoil.  Either that or guilt for something only he knows. 
         Still, he’s easier to take than Newt who met his third wife while cheating on his second. Boehner reminds me strongly of the character
“Don Draper” as played  by actor Jon Hamm on the TV sit-com Mad Men, the story of Madison Avenue ad account executives in the 1960s. The script writers patterned him on Draper Daniels, creative director of Leo Burnett (he “invented” the Marlboro Man cigarette image) whom I remember from my days at Quaker…an immaculately tailored, tanned  bon vivant…actually a farm boy from upstate New York…who would sail in for conferencing on our cereals with a twinkle in his eyes that be-told future late night action.
                                       The Rahm “Residency” Promo.
          Rahm Emanuel has been on television for weeks and ranks high-up in national news stories—all with positive flavor. It’s hard to imagine that a slick greaser like Emanuel, participant in multi-dozens of Washington deals…can be presented as an innocent resident facing the prospect of being denied the right to run for mayor when in fact he was a city Congressman.   Talk about Draper Daniels: he could have easily staged this scenario for a client.
        A cynic will say that without this breathtaking series of whether he will…or will not…be able to prove his residency (which to the average man’s mind is undeniable) Emanuel would just be another candidate—and probably a tarnished one at that basis the debacle of the Obama administration. Now his complicity as the Mover of the Louisiana Purchase and the Corn Husker Purchase for the unpopular ObamaCare will never be discussed because as result of Odelson’s  bamboozle he looks inevitable, maybe even without a runoff.
       Knowing Rahm from the old days when we were both on WBEZ 30 years ago--his  political job was then to round up Jewish money as he described it for campaigns…I can’t be blamed for imagining he cut a deal with Burt Odelson to bring the suit, the cameras showing Emanuel cool-cool-cool during the tempest as an ideal mayor should be.
        If I’m wrong and Odelson entered this fracas on his own, he should never be regarded as anything more than a supreme blunderer of Chicago politics.  His lawsuit will be regarded as a masterpiece of faulty reasoning…on par with that of Mayor Jane Byrne when she worked behind the scenes to get Harold Washington into the primary between her and States Attorney Rich Daley—the strategy being that Washington would draw black votes from Daley and with the “fractioning” of the black vote, grease the skids for her reelection.

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