Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As This Octogenarian Prepares for Beddie-Bye, It’s Good News—So Far…A First-Hand Review of Likely Mayoral Candidates.

                                     O’Donnell in Delaware.
          The entire Tea Party episode has defied conventional wisdom and now it is no surprise that crepe-hangers are saying that Christine O’Donnell is sure to lose Joe Biden’s Delaware Senate seat.  Throughout this entire unconventional mid-term congressional season, the nay-sayers were consigning Tea Party’ers to the tomb.  That continues after her nomination but if she’s nuts, let me tell you it would be no change for the person who fills Biden’s shoes. He’s been regarded as a 14 carat eccentric for years…something the media have always been cautious about conceding. So if we get a nut with her, at least she’s our kind of nut…pro-life, anti-gay rights, heavily anti-spending, heavily pro-tax cuts.  
                            Good Mayoral Candidates and Lemons. 
       If you’re going to tell me that Rahm Emanuel is a shoo-in for the runoff, let me tell you… that what we’ve got through in Chicago…from the two Daleys, Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, the Council 21 vs. the 29 headed by Eddie Vrdolyak…has been a warm-up producing a light sweat preparatory for the real thing. Emanuel is a first-class sleaze, a cynical and duplicitous con  who will lead the city as did Jimmy Walker New York city in the mid-`20s, with verve but also as a first-class mayoral rogue.  I would expect that all of the old stories will be recycled—the city Water Department’s role in electing him to the House…the chicken head found in the bed covers of an enemy…the mysterious trip to Africa before Obama’s inauguration…the vote-buying in the Senate to pass ObamaCare.  No, tell me it can’t happen. 
         But mark my words, he is smart.  So the city will get a first-class manager but a guy with as much charm as…let’s see…Neil Steinberg. 
         The absolute worst pick is a tie—Carol Mosley Braun who was an incompetent but also a cold-hearted daughter who ignored her ailing mother when she was in the Senate…somebody who disappeared from view before her inauguration with a guy she called “my knight in shining armor.”  She’s tied with Little Looie the Weasel  a born demagogue who hit the pinnacle of his job performance skills when he was driving a cab. 
          About the best would be Tom Dart and Maria Pappas.  Both are superb administrators and dedicated public servants. Probably for requisite toughness…needed in the job now…would be Maria.   
           State Sen. and Rev. James Meeks might make the runoffs because he has a gazillion-member church.  He wouldn’t be bad if you put a time limit on his orations to the Council…Danny Davis would be wretched. For years he has been in love with the basso baritone of his own voice which negates substance…Jim Houlihan would be good but there’s something about him that emits a congenital weariness.  I don’t think he’ll do it…Bob Fioretti might be what the doctor ordered but it’s a great gamble…Ed Burke won’t do it. Too old…Terry Peterson, the head of the CTA would be better than most.  I don’t think the name will score well in the black community…Miguel del Valle would be a procrastinator and non-doer…Anita Alverez is very competent but won’t do it…Gerry Chico is overrated in almost all aspects…Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. would be severely handicapped by the Blago trial…his wife Sandi has not been an impressive alderman… 
           The best ones…better than this city has a right to expect…are Maria Pappas and Tom Dart.   The dead level worst would be Carol Mosley Braun and Little Looie.  
              It’s coming on to 10:30 p.m.  Nighty night. 

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