Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Asides: Boehner Gets Caught in a Trap but It’s Not Fatal…The New York Jets Should Sue Ines Sainz for Sexual Harassment.

  Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.*
                     What is it About Nice Guys Finishing…?
       House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) fell into a Democratic trap Sunday by agreeing as a last resort to a compromise on the Bush-era tax cut…saying he would vote to maintain lower tax rates for families earning under $250,000 if that was all he could get if President Obama and the Dems insist on ending the cuts for wealthier Americans.  
      It was not by happenstance that Boehner was led to make this mistake in an interview with an articulate decoy operated by the Obama administration in the guise of a journalist—Bob Schieffer of CBS.  DIGRESSION: Years ago, Schieffer   should have been fired for journalistic malpractice when he refused for an unconscionably long time to report on the extra-marital affair and illegitimate baby patronage of one of his closest friends, former Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards.  He said pompously  “Every politician has to face charges like this that aren’t true.I don’t listen to that trash.” You bet he would if it were about a conservative Republican.  END OF DIGRESSION.   
         In making that statement, Boehner left his congressional colleagues hanging out to dry. The argument should be: No tax hikes whatsoever.  His shilly-shallying about possible compromise before even legislation was introduced was the mark of uncertainty.  Boehner obviously wanted to protect the GOP from Obama rhetoric that the party would be willing to hold the middle class hostage in order to serve the wealthy.  But he should not have worried about that happening because Obama will do it anyhow.  And anyway, the fact that the president uses a lawmaker whom very few have heard of nationally to make his point further certifies that the Obama-Dem argument is impotent. 
        What Boehner should do is to announce that no matter what happens, if the Obama plan passes it should be without his support…and that once a Republican House is elected Boehner will introduce legislation to return to the original Bush tax cuts, indispensable as a tool to fight the recession.  Yesterday Boehner’s Senate leadership colleague, Mitch McConnell tried to close the gap by introducing legislation to return the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  Boehner ought to stop worrying about the old-as-dirt class warfare argument Obama has resurrected from the `30s  which doesn’t work anymore.  Fretting about class warfare is a RINO compulsion and if Boehner got this advice from a staffer, he ought to fire him/her immediately.    
       One legit question that was asked last weekend to Boehner was about his tan.   Yes the question is legit.  A guy who makes the bar rounds, sits under a sun lamp for a tan and smokes incessantly—as Washington understands he does- is…apart from intellectual qualifications (which I don’t think last weekend elevated them)…a walking comparison with Dean Martin.   
                                       Sexual Harassment Goes 2 Ways.
        Purposely seductive personality Ines Sanz, representing Mexico’s TV Azteca, alleges she was humiliated by uncouth New York Jets football players when she invaded their dressing room to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Women shouldn’t be allowed in all male dressing rooms anyway especially those who look and act like strippers.  How is it that women are allowed to expose maximum cleavage and wear revealing clothes in all male gatherings and then, when they protest that they are “humiliated” by whoops and slurs, threaten to sue on charges of sexual harassment? Of course it was just a bid for fame  
       Sexual harassment should go two ways. Jets should sue her on two grounds: sexual harassment and invasion of privacy.  Can any lawyers in this blog readership tell me…and others…if such a suit would be warranted?  
      *:The Exaltation of the Holy Cross. When Empress Helena the mother of Constantine went to Jerusalem in search of the cross on which Christ died, she had workers raze the Temple of Aphrodite which tradition said was built on the site of His crucifixion.  During the excavation workers found three crosses and legend maintains that to ascertain which one was right, Helena touched the one she believed was Christ’s to a dying woman who was healed.  She had the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher built on the spot and the date on which it was completed has been named as this feast.

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  1. I have never understood why reporters are allowed in locker rooms, period. But female reporters in men’s locker rooms…? Do they allow male reporters in women’s locker rooms?

    Ms. Sanz’s attire is at minimum provocative, but it is in line with the media’s and NFL teams’ penchant for having female on-field ‘reporters’ who are merely window-dressing. But I expect it’s an extension of the ‘cheerleader’ phenomenon…