Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: With Sneed, Irish Dem Spells Catholicism: it’s Sad….Then We Get to Capitol Fax.

   Feast of Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian*   
                                         Sneedless to Say…
       It’s a symbol of how little her Catholic teaching means to Michael Sneed that she reports with Campfire Girl enthusiasm that White House national security council chief of staff Denis McDonough could well become the next White House chief of staff to succeed the purportedly retiring Rahm Emanuel.  Lord how Sneed raves on about (1) Obama and McDonough’s being  this/close to each other and (2) how good a Catholic McDonough is (two of his brothers are priests).   
       Sneed…a two-times married Irish Catholic…has an exasperating way of confusing Irishness with Catholicity.  She’s touched rhat “good Catholic McDonough” is adoringly close to his boss not withstanding that Obama as an Illinois senate Judiciary chairman was  the most hideous exemplar of abortion in the country, having voted to kill “Born Alive” which would provide nutrition and comfort to babies born from botched abortions.  When the U.S. Senate voted for it before Obama arrived, such pro-aborts as Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer supported “Born Alive.”  Not our  mystery president about whom the protective media have enveloped a cloak of secrecy—anyone seeking to penetrate is accused of “racism.” 
           To use her own expression, she’s as dumb as a box of rocks…dismissing Obama’s bloody record or forgetting it.  In fairness, she MIGHT WELL have forgotten it. Some years ago she offered happy birthday to former Gov. Dick Ogilvie who died five years earlier. Forgetting whether a memorable past governor is alive or dead was easily shrugged off by Sneed whose explanation was “my fingers were flying too fast.”  
          For her, Democratic Irishness spells Catholicism and she’s in denial about the reality.   The canon of absolutes taught the Church Fathers, refined by Ambrose, Augustine and Aquinas which validation from by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and neglected in the debauch of Greece…absolutes that solidified with Christ and formed the West…are for her non-existent. Truth is relative; it is what works.  In today’s culture in the U. S., morals a lawless egalitarianism has descended with all slaves to their appetites…carnality, homosexuality, abortion…it’s whatever the market will bear. The Church was supposed to be the buffer zone but not so here institutionally.  
        With this pussy-footing archdiocese whose chancery is on best terms with The Squid, it is easy for Catholic lawmaker  pro-aborts…many Dems but don’t forget Tugboat Annie Topinka… to march up to the communion rail and receive the Eucharist despite the fact that as supporters of abortion rights the Church postulates they are in mortal sin which bans reception of the Body and Blood of Christ. That includes Daley, Quinn, Durbin, Lisa Madigan and almost all the  Catholic members of The Squid including aldermen, members of the legislature, congressmen, almost all seekers of the mayoralty et al.   Because the Church here is so silent about absolutes, it’s understandable that Sneed forgets this on occasion when her fingers are flying too fast.  
        It’s a good bet that Sneed never gives a thought about the Dem pro-aborts’ regular performance of sacrilege as she prepares her daily concoction of gossip which contains phrases like “the upshot”…the “backshot”…the “overshot”…the “buckshot.”  She’s 66.  Someday she’ll wonder why she ever thought this was worth it.  
        The is comprehensive and not to be missed…but it is also true that it is an indentured foot-soldier of liberalism and apologist of abortion, gay lifestyle and all it involves.  It has superb political connections with the Left and sits at the table with the lefty secular Big Foot journalists including Apassionata van Leftward the everlasting Girl Scout college girl `60s relic, Carol Marin, the one woman oligarchy.  You’d imagine a town as big as Chicago would be able to different commentators—even if they have to echo the same liberal gruel. Not here.  Marin is with The Chicago Sun-Times, NBC Channel 5 and WTTW-TV the public TV station. 
       .  There is only one sizable independent voice among all of Chicago writers on public affairs print, radio and TV and that is John Kass of the Tribune.  For the past few issues, The Capitol Fax has been laying into Kass—highly unprofessional because it accuses him of “making things up.”  This of course it does not document. When it says that Kass makes up stuff and has no proof it crosses the line from journalistic competition to a hate-rag reflecting the sources with which it breathes in unison, the Madigans and the Daleys.  Its continuing campaign against Kass is a scurrilous hit-and-run job.   How did the legend grow that CFB knows more about politics here than anyone else? What stories did it break? None I know of. It’s written in a semi ungrammatical style about which it is impossible to ascertain whether it’s just sloppyness or done purposely for effect.  
          Capitol Fax is a to-the-death opponent of conservative social issues and so reporting on State Sen. James Meeks it says that if he runs for mayor he will be wounded by adversarial negative research…pointing out that—gasp—he is pro-life and anti-gay rights: two central teachings of Judeo Christian traditional theology…not that Capitol Fax knows or cares about these tenets, it’s main preoccupation being its substitute for absolutes: the well-being of liberalism and the Democratic party. It’s fallen behind in its research however. This country is on the cusp of revolutionary change at the ballot box and CPB continues on the supposition that there will be no change from the vise-like control of its Dem drinking buddies.  
*: Saints Cornelius & Cyprian [circa 253].  The Church had no pope for 14 months after the martyrdom of St. Fabian in the bloodiest persecution it has seen to-date. During that time it was governed by a small conclave of priests.  Finally, Cyprian said that Cornelius was elected Pope.  His biggest problem was that of the sacrament of penance and the readmission of Catholics who in weakness under persecution had denied their Church. The two who were once friends took opposite stands on the issue. 
         Cyprian, the primate of Africa, said that the sinners could only be welcomed back by the respective bishops.  Cornelius believed that the apostates could be welcomed back with the usual sacrament of confession and repentance. Then there arose a challenger to Cornelius, the first of the so-called “anti-Popes” who got himself consecrated as bishop of Rome—a priest named Novatian who maintained that the Church did not have the power to reconcile apostates but also those guilty of murder, fornication, adultery and second marriage. The statement was ridiculous and Cornelius won most of the bishops and triumphed.  He died soon after. A census showed that Catholicism was composed of 46 priests, seven deacons, seven subdeacons and 50,000 congregants. Cornelius died of hardships after two years in the papacy. 
          Cyprian was a scholar, a great preacher and in the midst of another controversy this one involving a usurper of his bishropic named Novatus, died a martyr. 


  1. Sadly Tom, even in the Ireland of today, being Irish does not equate to being Catholic for much of the population...

  2. Sneed was so weird about the McDonough's Catholic-ness yesterday. It was eerie the way she went through his Irish Catholic bona fides. We're all beginning to recognize CINO's from Authenticists, so if I'm hearing how this/close his is to Obama, I'm beginning to think McD can be denied Communion.

  3. Tom, thank you for your outstanding commentary. My blood pressure goes up way too fast when I read Sneed and CFB.