Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Response to Your Questions and Comments.

Mike correctly points out a typing slip involving big bucks. Blagojevich is spending $800,000 a week not a month on TV. He asks how my conclusion that Topinka will lose stands up with my earlier prediction that she would lose by ideology…I don’t have to answer: Liam did it for me. Ideology will do her in but the big bucks Blagojevich has will cinch it...Jason, a Ron Paul-Pat Buchanan devotee writes a punchy 200 words defending his philosophy which soon will be run in the main format. Thanks, Jason…Bob in P.F. thinks Marin’s NBC coverage was used by the Sun-Times as a two-birds-with-one-stone strategy. Well, yes and no: the paper has a deal with NBC to jointly run some stories featuring Marin…

Also, the same Bob in P.F. believes Murtha was not as cynical in showing up with Jan Schakowsky as Bush was in using 9/11 to his political advantage…Jason says he was for Buchanan first, then Bush in 2000 which he wasn’t all that happy doing. It was tougher in 2004 to vote for Bush. He notes that both he and I voted for Poshard in 1998 and bets neither one of us will vote for Topinka. You got that right…Liam takes me to task for turning into a David Frum and wishes I’d pay more attention to my buddy Tom Fleming. Casey Stengel said, “Hey, can’t nobody play this here game?” I say, “Hey, is nobody who reads this thing a defender of George Bush? Or am I alone?” Freiderich March, as always the gentleman, regrets he didn’t have the answer to the Hollywood question. Never mind, Freiderich your knowing the answer would mean you had just as misspent youth as I

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  1. Now I have to rent All about Eve... and Olivier's Richard III (unless you know of a better version).