Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What’s With This Guy, Hastert, Anyhow?

In my very, very long memory I don’t recall a House Speaker of the same party as the president going public disagreeing with a major appointment, especially as good a one as Air Force General Michael Hayden. Hoekstra I can understand. He’s being fed by his former Intelligence committee buddy Porter Goss who’s understandably bummed because he was let go. It’s not a Pentagon takeover (Hayden has spat with Rumsfeld in the past as who hasn’t?) but even if it were, why are we worried that a spic-and-span 4-star general who ran the National Security Agency is taking over a diminished CIA? This is more of the same mollycoddling of Republicans frightened and running like antelopes because the liberal media don’t like what Hayden did at NSA—but in time of war, I say some civil liberties must be trimmed (a throw-back to my remembrance of FDR in WWII).

Incidentally, I got a snotty e-mail from some lady I don’t know who says I was rude, very rude to that little pipsqueak I debated on TV on “Beyond the Beltway.” Anyone else feel that way? The guy kept interrupting me so I rejoined with, “young man, young man, if you’ll let me finish!” That was being rude? Even my wife who is a very astute critic of mine doesn’t go that far!


  1. but rudeness should never be an accusation thrown your way.

  2. It would have been rude for you to have called him "pipsqueak" on the show, but you did not.

  3. You were assertive, stern. Maybe she was his mother?