Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Political Shootout Next Sunday: Rod McCullough and Jeff Berkowitz.

They’re going to talk about state and local political news when they pair up on WLS-AM 890 at 8 p.m. Sunday, Mother’s Day…but Rod McCullough was a top campaign adviser to Al Salvi when he ran for secretary of state the year George Ryan ran for governor. He’s bound to tell us how that Joe Birkett indictment turned out—or has it? Remember Salvi’s program for reform of the office which drew Ryan’s ire? Salvi was prescient, no? Jeff Berkowitz is probably the most astute and toughest questioner on politics in the state, who scored a home-run with a news story featured in Bob Novak’s column. Give us a listen.


  1. Lovie's LeatherMay 10, 2006 at 11:05 AM

    Sorry to be so critical of you sometimes, Tom. This sunday is going to be the best show in a long time. I really like Berkowitz... this'll be better than when you had Oberweis on....

  2. Next show sounds great but Tom Really had a winner 2 weeks ago with Greg Goldner, this guy is in the middle of of all this Daley stuff going down. I never really thought He would show up on Tom's show. It reminds me of the old "Inside Politics" days.

  3. I agree with Gurn's and Lovie's comments. Two weeks ago you had a very good show and it will be fun to play some clips of Goldner tap dancing around (and sometimes giving outright false statements IMHO) the issues at hand regarding his involvement during his time working under Daley.

    The first 1/2 hour last week was OK. I liked how Tom and others nailed Joe Moore on the lack of morality and the outright hypocrisy of defending the life of a goose over the life of a child. This policy is just another paved block (using two miles of gravel - Chicago Style) on The Road to Serfdom.

    Al Salvi was an enthusiastic choice of mine for Senate in 1996 but sadly my candidate lost as usual in my congressional district / city / state.

  4. If only all that honking about geese was a round-a-bout way for Joe Moore and the City Council to address the force feeding of hunger striking Guantanamo Bay "detainees".