Thursday, March 2, 2006

Another Bogus “Reform” Issue: the Oberweis Commercials

Consider: we have a television tape of Topinka at the Gay Pride parade surrounded by those committing antics which are unsuitable for children to view. Do we hear from the Old Media on this? Nary a peep. Now we have a really big scandal: Oberweis quoted the papers correctly but didn’t present the correctly-cited newspaper stories with the right headlines. They used fake headlines. Stories correct but fake headlines. To the Old Media it’s huge! One more: we have Topinka urging the state to give big GOP power player Cellini a pass on paying up for the Springfield Renaissance hotel. Big story? I would think so. Not to the Old Media which played it years ago and has scarcely returned. But Oberweis’ commercials are the issue. Which have more impact on Illinois’ future? Why are the media engrossed with Oberweis’ commercials that really involve the fine print?

Simple. The real issue is that Oberweis is a social conservative, Topinka is a social liberal and the news commentators are all liberal. Besides, why do we have an election on March 21? It’s all over. WTTW-TV pundit Carol Marin has said that her fellow feminist Topinka will win the primary.


  1. The point is that Obee used fake headlines. It loses him credibility no matter how true the substance of the ads are. He shouldn't have used them, shouldn't have even thought about it. His political ideology has nothing to do with his constantly making of stupid commercials.

  2. I know it was in 1998 and Peter Fitzgerald ran a spot showing Loletta Dedriksons supposed office she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars redecorating. The problem was it was not her office. The hue and cry went out from the papers and commentators and loletta went on to be the next US Senator... Oh yea the stupid attacks went away in a couple of days and Peter Fitz won the primary. Same will happen here the media darling will be beaten.

  3. Tom, it was a mistake trying to portray credibility with fake headlines or quotes.

    Even your linked article states "A review of the stories did not find the exact words as they were presented in the ads", so the headlines weren't even quotes from the articles.

    It appears sad but true that in the words of conservative stalwart Bruno Behrend "Oberweis la[id] an egg".

    Another wasted million, at such a crucial time.

  4. ...may not help him get elected, but shouldn't hurt dairy product sales.

    No growth hormones....great ice cream....pleasant stores, too.