Thursday, March 2, 2006

Governor (Ahem) Meeks, Meet Senator Meeks, Reverend Meeks and the Political Hustle

I’ve known types like him ever since 1969 when I headed up the federal minority business program. And believe me, this guy Meeks is not as smooth as others—just lucky he’s got a compliant media to cover him. You heard it here first: one of these days he’s going to melt away like a snow-cone in July. But for now, he’s the only racial game in town, politically.

How much do you want to bet that the latest indignant minister-pol-on-the-make is bluffing? Reverend James Meeks threatens to run for governor as an independent as soon as an election lawyer researches the law and tells him he can do it. That’s supposed to make Gov. Blagojevich tremble? To spur Blagojevich to announce that he’ll raise taxes promptly—yessir—so that the arrogant senator will be pleased? If the governor does that, he really ought to have his head examined. I personally hope Meeks does it, of course, which will elect a Republican governor. And if the governor capsizes to call for a tax hike, it will elect a Republican governor. (Now I’m beginning to think Meeks is working for the Republicans).

Meeks sees only one way to improve education—more tax dollars and a tax hike. Where has he been on vouchers which can really help the black community? Meeks is miffed that there is criticism of Claudette Marie Muhammad’s appointment by the governor to a state panel because she works for Farrakhan who is a hate monger. His rationale: one who works for a hate-monger shouldn’t be penalized? Why not? The ultra-patronizing turn the media is taking on this case is clear evidence that they are paralyzed out of fear of antagonizing the worst element of a pressure segment. Like politicians, fearful to disturb a spoiled child grown bloated by super-coverage, media cower and play it soft in order to pacify an arrogant pretender.

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  1. Meeks for governor is the best idea in Illinois politics in the last 100 years. I just hope he runs. His quest for governor will bring a lot of Illinois mess to light.