Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More Like the National Enquirer Every Day: II

Last Thursday’s Sun-Times blistered the TV industry by announcing that “sex blankets it”—below the front-page spread of one Sarah Silverman which the papers proclaims as the “Dirty Diva.” Not just the sexual content but revolting scatological details riddle the newspaper which reports such juicy tidbits as she is a “chronic bed-wetter.” Because Silverman is a secular Jew she thinks she can get away with such lines as “I love you more than Jews love money.” We’re all supposed to laugh at that stereotype, so brutally honest etc. The paper’s Mike Thomas quotes one Paul Provenza, “a comedian and director of `The Aristocrats’ a recent documentary about the world’s bluest joke in which Silverman appeared telling a coyly vile version…calls her `a very, very special and important talent.’” Well, sure, if you say so Provenza and, refresh us, just who are you? One page back from Thomas columnist on the show business pages which are most foul, Bill Zwecker’s column is headed in a two-column spread “Baby talk is premature at best for Berry who’s happily shacking up.” Edifying.

In today’s paper, a five-column spread introduces the latest Second City comedy which not content with slurring “JFK, Nixon and guys named Bush and Daley” the theatre has found that “no one’s a better butt of…humor over the last 46 years than the Lord God Almighty.” The entire Showcase page 47 is festooned with the headline, “Not even God is shielded from e.t.c.’s rapier wit.” The reporter, someone named Darel (with one “l”) Jevens, thinks it’s excruciatingly funny that the title of the irreverent review is “Immaculate Deception.” If you say so, Darel Jevens, now that you with a lascivious wink have hugely enjoyed insulting my religion, just who the hell are you? A dolt who is suffused with mirth at the exasperated chef in a fancy restaurant with an Italian accent: “that would be God.” But then what do you expect from a paper where the publisher’s wife writes editorials?

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