Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For Viewers Like Us: Some Information, Please

carol marin
Since Carol Marin will shortly join as a contributor to WTTW (as well as continuing to urge Joey the Clown Lombardo to give himself up in a purported “political” column for the Sun-Times) it would seem propitious that, as the highest ranking moralist in Chicago journalism, she encourage the station to provide transparency in salaries for its prestigious news persons. Or if it refuses, give us her own salary in the interest of transparency. They are, after all, paid partially by hefty grants from state and federal governments which means the taxpayers should have a right to learn about the size of its salaries. We have heard for many years about the righteousness of Ms.Marin’s views—now we should be able to learn what the station pays her and Phil Ponce without going to the bother of instigating a Freedom of Information Act probe on the station that exists because of taxpayer sufferance. Perhaps she feels it’s none of our business: oh, but it is since we taxpayers pay her. And Phil. And the departing Bob Sirott who’s been earning $500,000—commercial TV rates for so-called public television.

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  1. I wish she'd back off from all the nicknames and references to "Joey". Reporters invented most of these nicknames anyways. The mobsters are thugs. MSM makes you think they're celebrieties.

    I wonder how $500k a year stacks up to Lombardo's take.