Tuesday, November 15, 2005

They Make Fun of Christians and Jews but Not Muslims: Why?

Because that’s sacred ground, brother. The current tack is to follow the line of the President of France and say that those disillusioned youth—or as he says “yout’”—are disillusioned and cut off, somehow from society. Disillusioned although trained to follow Qur’an 47:4: “Allah will grant victory to his people against foes that are superior in numbers and firepower so long as they remain faithful to his commands. Victories entitle Muslims to appropriate the possessions of the vanquished as booty. Bloody vengeance against one’s enemies belongs not solely to the Lord but also to those who submit t o him on earth. That is the meaning of the world Islam: submission. Prisoners taken in battle against the Muslims may be put to death at the discretion of Muslim leaders. Those who reject Islam are `the vilest of creatures’ [Qur’an 98:6] and thus deserve no mercy. Anyone who insults or even opposes Muhammad or his people deserve a humiliating death—by beheading, if possible, this in accordance with Allah’s command to `smite the necks’ of the `unbelievers’.” Or are these words just from the extremists? More soon.

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