Thursday, April 14, 2011


        That’s Chicago Journalism Folks. All the Honesty of Pravda.
       It is so much fun to see how Chicago Tonight “analyzed” the Obama deficit speech last night with Carol Marin as moderator plus Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times and Jim Warren, formerly of the Tribune and now of the Chicago News Cooperative, funded partly by WTTW which runs pallid pastel features in The New York Times.   Of course given that WTTW is up to its neck in the bag to Obama and the Democrats…the Sun-Times a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Squid and the reputation of The New York Times it was no analysis at all but three committed lefties masquerading in journalistic garb gabbing about the exciting days to come in the 2012 campaign.  
      Rather than do it as the late John Callaway would have—journalistically--with two experts debate the pros and cons of contrasting the Obama second-take version and the Paul Ryan initiative …WTTW’s ultra-liberal co-conspirators Mary Field and Carol Marin decided to feature only one side—Obama’s—with ecstatic, glistening-eyed liberal Sweet gussied  up in finery to breathlessly cover the big social gala known as the Obama fund-raiser toeing the party line that Obama wasn’t going to raise a billion dollars, and the Cooperative’s limp-wimp Jimmy Warren telling us what his buddy David Axelrod had already told everybody who attended the City Club luncheon the other day.  
    All this while `TTW president Dan Schmidt was worrying he might lose his $450,000 job fortified with taxpayer money—which he has been busily lobbying for using `TTW resources funded partially by taxpayer money.
          Not a word was said on the panel as to the probable cause why Vice President Joe Biden,  sitting in the audience,  was shown on TV sound asleep.  Can’t blame him.  He’d seen the movie before.
          It was in fact the second go-round on the budget for his boss who flubbed his first with a gauzy pastiche of non-specifics.   It was so in-substantive in content after Ryan’s presentation that the Commander-in-Chief had to hurry back to the rostrum.  It didn’t occur to Marin to toss tough questions at Sweet on why Obama didn’t get to his own supposed alternative until the second half of the speech, after he covered his soak the rich demagoguery.
        Nothing prompted Marin to ask the two to contrast the two proposals—Obama’s which involves tax-hikes and Ryan’s which doesn’t.   Not a word was said about Obama’s tossing out numbers with no credibility behind them, that the issue was not what Obama alleged (for the 2012 campaign)—extension of the Bush tax cuts—and that Obama’s  speech was 98% an attack on Ryan’s proposal.
              Excitedly propagandizing for Obama as Sweet is used to doing in her paper, she was asked this super-tough hardball question by Marin: Does it matter whether or not the Obama campaign is run from Washington or not?  
        It gave Sweet the chance to gush the notion that Obama wants to sever from the Beltway and add an answer suited to the inside-Dem campaign logistician she is…pointing out it’s better to dispatch party luminaries to Iowa from here than from Washington.
          Oh yes, indeedy, said the deferential Warren.  In fact Axelrod told us [at the City Club] that he regards working in Washington as something like being encased in a submarine!
             The dazzled Marin…ingrained with three decades of liberal talk with no conservative alternatives… took careful note of this response—all the while the differences between the two fiscal plans remained untouched. 
              Then the heavily rouged Sweet…having dolled herself up for the   fund-raising gala…told us all how there can be absolutely no difference of opinion between Axelrod and his successor, David Plouffe. After all, they have worked together for years as partners in David’s firm.   At the fund-raiser, she confided, Plouffe will introduce Mayor-Elect Emanuel and Emanuel will introduce the president.
                  God—that’s exciting as hell to know!
                    Jimmy the Limp Wimp made occasional mention of a tough time Obama may have in states which he carried in 2008…the only time he discussed the campaign in realistic terms… about which Sweet had nothing to say…and which Marin didn’t care enough to follow up.  
                   Then it ended mercifully and the camera returned to the real heavyweight of the show, Phil Ponce.

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