Wednesday, April 13, 2011


        Q.  No, Limbaugh is displeased; thinks Boehner blew it.
       A.  Rush is a great asset to conservatives but when he gets on a all-or-nothing crusade like this someone ought to remind him he has the nature of a big fat blowhard who’s only experience with negotiating has been to take calls from his agent to hear what multi-million-dollar fresh contract has been arranged. Honestly, this guy who is set up as the oracle for all conservative thought has never…ever…had to sit across a conference table with anybody. 
         Q. You have?
         A.  You betcha…in two states and D.C.: In Minnesota as a prime negotiator for a Republican governor facing a two-House Democratic legislature. In Illinois as a negotiator with Jesse Jackson staving off a boycott against Quaker Oats…in D.C. as an assistant Commerce secretary dealing for my program with a two-House Democratic majority in 1969…as number three in the Peace Corps—running it when the director and deputy were out of the country—and negotiating its appropriations with a two-House Democratic majority in 1970-71.   I think Limbaugh’s valuable but seeing him sitting there pontificating like a fat Buddha in his studio, engulfed in cigar smoke rattling his cheeks about things he never had experience with is sickening.
         Q.  What about the august Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox?
        A.  The “for Freedom!” guy?   One of those crazed libertarians ala Ron Paul who wants to suborn the CIA and defeat the Patriot Act all  the while terrorists are conspiring—defended by our freedoms—to do away with all of us?     Napolitano is another egomaniac who hopes to benefit from Glenn Beck’s departure. 
         Q.  What about Beck?
        A.   You know—for the first several years he’s been on I rather liked him because in this historically illiterate age he taught history the way I learned it….the devastation liberals have made of this country.   I must say I haven’t caught him recently when he started losing his audience—although his ratings are still something Chris Matthews would covet.  Did George Soros, a Jew, make a deal as a kid with those who perpetrated the Holocaust in Hungary to save his hide?   Search me.  But I know Soros is a bad customer.  
        Q.   Changing the subject…
        A.  Yes.
        Q.  It wounds Fr. Pfleger to say this but if the Archdiocese kicks him out of St.Sabina’s he’ll leave the Church.
       A.  Those  cookie pushers are living miracles…born without brains, backbone or guts.   All they can do is parse-parse-parse because they’ve been told they’re the smartest guys in the room.  God save the church from these accommodationists.   as  bob novak said “The church is really divine since it has endured for 2000 years with a coterie of jerk bishops like today’s running it.”


  1. Frankly, the more we know about "the Deal", the less it looks like a good one.

    Nonetheless--does it occur to you that Limbaugh (and others) are pounding the drums on this AT THE REQUEST of Conservatives--so that Boehner can say that he's under fire from the Right?

  2. "Fat Buddha"? And where would Tom the experienced negotiator draw the line? Kick the debt limit can down the road too? Limbaugh, Levin, Palin, and the Tea Party people just do not have that Republican-cave-in negotiating experience. They will oppose raising the debt ceiling. And you?

    "There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil." -- Ayn Rand

  3. And it turns out that the 38 billion has shrunk amazingly to a few hundred million? That the deal was smoke and mirrors? That perhaps Levin and Rush smoked it out from the start?

    Hugh Hewitt has been on the House Leadership from the start because, like Levin, he believes Boehner foolishly threw away his leverage during the lame-duck session, announcing that he'd never let the government "shut down." Hewitt has offered concrete, practical suggestions for months on how to win the media wars. Instead, Boehner and pals seem to think that they simply cannot under any circumstances win the media wars. If that's true, they are simply incapable of turning the tide.

    Why can't they listen to and learn from experienced communicators like Levin, Hewitt, Rush???? Is it that hard?

  4. Fr. Pfleger’s tantrum is just that: a childish tantrum reminiscent of the kid who will take his ball and go home when he doesn’t get his way.

    I’m always uncomfortable with priests who become ‘famous’ or ‘media stars’. Invariably, it ends badly – both for the priest and his devoted followers.