Thursday, March 3, 2011


                    Raving Lefty Radical Madness in the Air.
      The ancient Greek playwright Euripides [484-406 BC] had it right when he wrote “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” Comedy Central’s chief faux anchorman Jon Stewart and pretend “conservative spokesman” Stephen Colbert have been blowing on stone dead coals trying to catch a flame to roast Republicans--necessarily passing over Dems who are imploding before our very eyes with a madness which only turns calm to comprehend itself.   Take a look at the following news stories which have been sedulously avoided by the mainstream press and broadcast news…but which thanks to the Internet, talk radio and cable TV are slowly convincing many Americans that a screwball derangement has overtaken liberals who have captured America’s oldest political party.
         RANGEL.  The recently deposed Ways and Means Chairman (D-NY) who wept piteously on the House floor after having been found out as a tax cheat and trimmer has just thundered that striking public unionists in Wisconsin are treated like “slave laborers.” Nary a line in any major newspaper but any similarity between highly paid government monopolist workers who cannot be fired and who have the public by the throat to slave laborers working in the salt mines of Siberia pre-USSR overthrow must be mentally disordered.
       “STUPID M-F’ERS!” That’s what Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) called her staff as reports of shouting, cursing and near-physical violence trickles out of her office…including a tongue-lashing delivered to a staffer while her parents, on their first trip to Washington, sat by aghast.  The “M-F” words are used all the time, disgruntled staffers report.   Outbursts of temper led a staffer who was driving her to the airport to pull over to the side of the room, so upset was he with her verbal abuse—whereupon Jackson Lee screamed that she was being held prisoner and/or kidnapped. 
         REICH TO RICH—PONY UP!  Robert B. Reich, president Clinton’s secretary of labor and professor of politics and economics (yes—economics!) at the Goldman School, University of California-Berkeley has just advised “the rich” in the United States to prepare to share more of their wealth with the poor—or “the angry populace will take it from you.”  
       JEWS ARE PUSHING US TO WAR: FARRAKHAN.  Chicago’s  Minister Louis Farrakhan head of the Nation of Islam, who has toasted Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi as an excellent leader…despite Gadhafi’s tirades, fears of flying over water, insistence on staying only on the first floors of hotels—either that or pitching a tent on the hotel grounds—and who won’t travel unless accompanied by his buxom, blonde  Ukrainian “nurse” Galyua Kolautski…has just announced the insurrection in Libya against its ruler is a put-up job by U. S.  Jews who are pushing the U.S.  to launch a Middle East war. (Jon Stewart is himself Jewish but is nevertheless unmoved to put up a defense—as Farrakhan is buddy to Barack Obama’s ex-pastor and Obama himself). 
       MICHAEL MOORE :  BEWARE, RICH, YOUR MONEY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE!  Liberal film “documentarian” Michael Moore has just warned the wealthy of the U.S.  that they should not use their money as playthings—else the impoverished masses here will see that their dough is taken from them…because all wealth here should be regarded first as a “national resource” and not misused for personal privilege.
         MATTHEWS’ TAKE ON  GINGRICH. With Keith Olbermann fired by MSNBC and gone to the exceedingly tiny Al Gore TV channel (viewers: 14,000)…where he begins each commentary “good afternoon, Al”…news now comes from his former lead-in,  Chris Matthews, who yesterday greeted news that Newt Gingrich is contemplating formation of a presidential exploratory committee by saying Gingrich looks like “a car bomber who loves to torture.” For perceptive commentary like that…rivaling Broder, Krauthammer and Kristol… Matthews is paid by MSNBC $5 million a year.
         “YOU’RE A F-----G DEAD ONE!” is what Wisconsin Democratic State Assemblyman Gordon Hintz (Oshkosh) shouted across the House floor to Republican Assemblywoman Michelle Lijeans (Winnecomme) after she voted for the Scott Walker package of restraints placed on public union bargaining.  
    None of these explosions of liberal Democratic  madness were reported in ordinary, mainstream newspapers…including our rigidly politically correct Sun-Times, Tribune and Daily Herald or on broadcast news whose editors decided you need not be told of these outrages.   That of course leaves Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and “conservative” imitator Stephen Colbert with only a few Sarah Palin jibes to recycle.   


  1. Old Aristophanes wrote this in one his comedies - The Clouds, I think it was -'The ignorant serve cruel masters.'

  2. My instincts as a designated driver incline me to suspect that Matthews is particularly maddened by Bacchus. At very least, his outbursts on his show might be more tempered if his intake before his show were more temperate.