Wednesday, March 2, 2011



                          Gingrich Readying Announcement.
     Q.  We know your views about Gingrich for President but--.
     A.  Well they haven’t changed.  Henry Hyde’s original statement made to me that he is 50% genius and 50% nuts and our job is to determine which idea is still holds.  That same assessment was made to me about Winston Churchill when I was at St. John’s College, Oxford as a visiting fellow thirty years ago by an aged man who shared High Table with me who had a member of Churchill’s war cabinet.  “He would come in often with the most frightening proposals—which could have easily lost the war,” he said. “Then out of the blue would come an inspiration!” The trouble with a half-nutty president—and we’ve had some—is that seldom are there counselors brave or powerful enough to shoot them down.
     Q.  Now a vacuum seems to be filling with Mitch Daniels.
     A.  Liberals will anything and everything to romance a  liberal Republican presidential candidacy…starting with Wendell Willkie in 1940….through the two Tom Dewey runs.  They won with Eisenhower but did not get in him the New Dealer they wanted.  They tried again with Rockefeller who could well have been nominated in 1960, tried again in 1964 but Rocky’s  divorce and remarriage got in the way; they tried and botched it with Scranton later that  year…tried to derail Nixon with Lodge in 1968 but that didn’t work.  The next serious attempt came in 1980 with a bevy of mushy moderates none of whom were equal to Reagan.  They thought they had a prize with GHW Bush but they found out differently with the nomination of Clarence Thomas.  They put up a prize waffler Bob Dole against Clinton recognizing that Dole would sell his grandmother’s gold fillings for cash.  They thought they had a clod in “W” but he was more an Evangelical than anything else.  Now it’s Mitch.   I tell you—don’t go near him.  He’s poison.
        Q.  Why?
        A.  He’s resolutely country-club…secular…anathema to the Evangelical base of the party without which no victories can be achieved.  I’m not talking about Catholics because my Church is already in deep schism and we must tough it out…lucky we have a good Pope where we didn’t at some points.  Earlier we had a few insouciant popes but saints in the convents and monasteries. Now we have vipers as modern theologians who have permeated the seminaries.  Ah but I digress—a habit of us octogenarian.
         Q.  Back to Mitch.
         A.  Disregard his social issues pedigree…he’s a pro-lifer etc.—that’s just for cover. Luckily he flubbed and showed his true bearings by saying social issues ought to be shelved because the economic stability comes first.  Show me how it’s possible to shelve social issues.  Judicial appointments like to the Supreme Court come up.  Does this mean you name pro-aborts so as not to initiate a ruckus? Or you invalidate Hyde as to please The New York Times and Pinch Sulzberger? Of course for Our Man Mitch!  Take a look at who’s for him—David Brooks!   Now that’s a real coup.  David Brooks who fell in love with Obama because Obama told him he read Niebuhr.   Do you think David Brooks will eschew Obama for Our Man Mitch?  But he’s gaining traction: favorable feature press with the Wall Street Journal.  That’s the worry, ladies and gentlemen. Keeps me awake for at least fifteen minutes after I say my obligatory Act of Contrition. Speaking of which it’s 11:10 pm and time to trundle off now.

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