Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ask Me Your Questions…

        Q.  So?
        A. I hinted erroneously yesterday that Callista Gingrich may have been married before she married Newt.  But I was wrong. Lo and behold, Gingrich Communications contacted me and asked if I would please post this fact.  I said yes and here it is.  It means that Callista’s Catholicism is valid….she did not divorce an earlier husband to marry Newt. And Newt’s is okay too since he became a convert to the Church.
         Q.  So now you’re for him?
         A.   I would not be for him if a battalion of angels swept him up and deposited him in the Apse of St. Matthew’s in Washington.  I tend to believe the Republicans should match up a merger of a vital young governor who has faced the churning waves of state insolvency and has dealt with a hostile Democratic legislature—has a strong social issues posture, no kids dancing in thigh-high net stockings, no one-time pro-abort, one-time cap and trade, no one worrying about Natalie Portman’s premarital pregnancy, no one whose wife left him and their three kids, got divorced, remarried,  then changed her mind and returned to husband and three kids—too complicated--no U. S. senators…but the nominee teamed with a young congressman-budget expert with the solid social credentials.  No Romney, no Newt, no Huckabee, no Palin, no Paul, no Mitch, no kidding.
         Q.  You’ve seen that the vice president of fundraising at NPR was canned for saying that he thinks public funding of the network is more disadvantageous to it than not?
         A.  Yes.  Shows what happens over there when you speak truth to power.  He added that is it just as unreasonable to expect there be no feminist voices over there or Islamist voices. Plenty of both.       

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