Monday, January 10, 2011

Whom Should You Thank for the 75% Income Tax Hike? Personal PAC ! More.

         Q.  Why Personal PAC?  That’s one of the state’s most potent PACs dedicated to “preserving women’s reproductive freedom”!
        A.  Because most political pundits agree that no-tax-hike advocate Bill Brady was on the way to being elected governor in late October…leading in most polls…when Personal PAC dumped a whole lot of dough into the race—targeting the luxuriant suburbs (Winnetka, Wilmette, Lake Forest et al)—maintaining that because Brady is pro-life, these matrons sipping coffee latte at Starbuck’s with their reading glasses perched atop their expensive coiffures would…gasp!...lose their right to abort!   These pundits generally agree (not I) that this bombshell mailing and flood of robo-calls elected Quinn.
        Q.  …Did they or didn’t they?
       A.  No one knows for sure.  But in the digestive follow-up of the election generally liberal pundits said “nyaa-nyaa-nyaa, that’ll teach Republicans to run an unvarnished pro-lifer!” and all the “smart people” urged Personal PAC to take the bows…which it assuredly did, justifying to their contributors that they met their pro-life enemies and vanquished them.    Since then it’s become an article of faith in establishment GOP circles that if  you run a pro-lifer for statewide office it’s curtains.   But then…on the record at least…George Ryan was elected as a pro-lifer.  Yet he was very-very quiet about it and later along with everything else, he ditched it.
          Q.  But governors can’t do anything about abortion!
         A.  Exactly.  That’s why I say this: If the elite pundits are right, especially Capital Fax, supposedly the self-acclaimed gold standard of political news here,   Personal PAC should get the credit for electing Quinn on a spurious issue at the last minute,, misleading voters to believe that an Illinois governor can strip women of their “reproductive freedom”—which means that they should gladly fork over 75%+.
         Q.  Maybe Personal PAC  will like the attention.
         A. No Way.  75% state income tax hike is so unpopular voters are bent on revolution. But the dear over-privileged rich pro-aborts on the North Shore should know whom to thank for the tax increase—Personal PAC which gulled them, using any opportunity to sell its wares, even against state candidates whom aside from being personally pro-life can do nothing to affect abortion.   You can call this hype unjustifiable exaggeration whipped up by pro-abort zealots and sanctified by the  media to elect a fellow liberal  (Quinn) by any means available.
      Q.  What do you think about the charge made by the Tucson, Arizona sheriff that “vitriol we hear inflaming the American people  by people who make a living off of doing that” may have played a part in the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Lee Loughner?
     A.   I think it’s an abjectly political parlay by a liberal Democrat who refused to enforce the Arizona immigration law and who takes cynical advantage of a tragedy to reinforce his credentials with the partisan jingos of his party—making sure his words are snapped up by The New York Times and made national buzzwords by the Left….which makes it sure he’ll be popping up on the Today show this morning,  interviewed by a wide-eyed Matt Lauer and by Good  Morning America’s news anchor Ann Curry.   It’s popcorn “analysis” instead of nutrients, arguing that vitriol comes only from the Right…not Ed Schultz of MSNBC…with the goal to get the  FCC to bring back “equal time” to stunt robust expression on radio and TV. for mind control over the Right which without any basis at all is being blamed for the shooting… despite the fact that the assailant boasted of reading Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler and burning flags.
       One leader in this lynching bee is Yahoo! News which has invented a theorem identical to the one used after the assassination of John Kennedy.  Harvey Oswald was supposed to be a far-right loon when in fact he was a far-left loon, having gone to Moscow and working as a street-corner demonstrator for the  “Fair Play for Cuba” committee.  The Left in this country doesn’t let facts get in the way: it’s the same mindset that wants gun  confiscation and unconstitutional squashing of conservative comment.
           Q. You really believe this?
            Already The Sun-Times editorials have picked it up to be followed by the watery, on-one-hand-then-another Tribunewritten by that bold Bruce Dold  that’ll run something like this. “Well er, ah, nobody wants censorship but…er…ah…maybe we ought to balance “extreme” positions with dishwater opinions.  Er, ah, nobody thinks Sarah Palin encouraged the shooting but,er, ah, you see she had that website that put Giffords in the cross-hairs which may have encouraged the shooter.  Of course er, ah, maybe not. Who knows?”   Then just in time for the 2012 election we’ll see Michael  Moore producing a “documentary” with a coterie of far-right knuckleheads conferring about Giffords’ appearing at the Tucson store.  Followed by Oliver Stone’s 3-hour extravaganza starring Alec Baldwin playing Fox News’ Svengali.


  1. The unintentionally funny Yahoo! News headline is "Obama Responds to Tragic Shooting with Moment of Silence".

    I'd bet that most of us would instictively respond with a prayer for the victims, survivors and their families. This would be true of a Christain, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist. Obama, with his lack of direction and lack of leadership offers only silence at this time.

  2. Glad to see we agree, Tom!

  3. I would thank Pres. Obama for his silence on any number of issues.

  4. JB: I had the same thought but you beat me to it!