Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Left Rises Above Principle to Cheer Bill Daley’s Ascension to the White House. Reason: Reelection’s All Important…After Which Obama Will Return As Of Old.

       When Bill  Daley was named White House chief-of-staff, I thought: now we’ll see some fireworks from the Left—Barack Obama’s base.
     Why? Because Bill Daley is the antithesis of everything Obama and the Left had been saying about the fat-cat demons. Here’s a former bank president, earning $5 million a year who comes to the White House fresh from supervising the Washington lobbying efforts of the nation’ s second biggest bank—JPMorgan/Chase. 
        He’s a director of Boeing, the giant military contractor which can only do well if we’re waging war or preparing to wage one…ideally fighting two wars at the same time viz Iraq and Afghanistan.   He’s a director of Abbott Laboratories aka Big Pharma which has a major stake in cutting a deal in ObamaCare to kill the tax on medical devices that would save it $20 billion.  He’s been opposing the consumer financial protection program and has been jiggling around trying to influence the appointment of a malleable agency head more sympathetic to banking interests.  He’s been up to his elbows lobbying to influence the payback feature of TARP to make it easier for his bank to pay back the money.  As a special assistant to Bill Clinton he got NAFTA passed. 
      He’s been a well-paid lobbyist for foreign corporations (Nestle and a Canadian oil company).  His appointment by Obama was saluted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal.
       He’s held the jobs and cut the deals that Obama excoriated when as the darling of the Left he ran two years ago. Yet if the Left has raised a stink about Bill Daley taking this job I haven’t seen it. Sunday I had as my guest on the radio Bob Creamer whose progressive credentials for the last forty years are beyond question.  I read off the above list of Bill Daley’s jobs, directorships and the high regard in which he’s held by the pinstriped people on Wall and LaSalle streets.   All Bob said was…well, Daley’s an excellent manager and will perform superbly in the White House.
        Yesterday Don Rose whose liberal and left-wing pedigree is impeccable.  He wrote a column in The Chicago Daily Observer praising the Daley appointment.
        If a Republican president had named Daley to the post The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Nation, The Sun-Times, broadcast media: ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, public radio… and those on the staff of The Chicago Reader. Those that is who unlike contributor Dan Savage aren’t single-mindedly  joyous giving their children sex toys to turn them into perverts…everyone else would be screaming the fix is in with Big Business, Big Banks.
       Why not the fix is in with Barack Obama via Bill Daley, corporate plutocracy’s lapdog? 
     Because, dear friends, the fix is only temporary.  The deal is jiggled to make it look like the Center has taken over—but it hasn’t. The game is this:  Obama’s in such dire shape that his friends on the Left understand he needs to take a sabbatical from the everyday struggle in behalf of progressivism and do a little right-wing dance…until election day 2012. The following four years in Term 2 he’ll revert to the old 3rd world faculty lounge dreamer, inept, flaky, visionary…and bids Bill Daley goodbye .  You’re supposed to fall for it.
        The same-old same-old Lefty Obama is scheduled to last to 2016.
       If that is we still have a country in 2016.

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