Friday, December 3, 2010

Springfield’s Bishop Paprocki Corrects Old Watery Eyes.

     Cardinal George, Bob Gilligan’s Courageous Fight Outstanding.
          The column I did yesterday about usage of the “Fundamental Option” dodge…the heresy that one can go ahead and do whatever he/she wants on moral questions and escape guilt if the sinner does not abjure God…is illustrated vividly today by Catholic Gov. Pat Quinn.   He said on passage of civil unions “my religious faith animates me to support this bill.” Indeed?  He also supports abortion in its many forms to equate with the current decadent tastes of liberal, rudderless politicians who do everything possible to be elected.
         Therefore it was heartening to see Quinn’s Springfield bishop, Thomas Paprocki, counter with this statement: “If the governor wishes to pursue a secular agenda for political purposes, that is his prerogative for which he is accountable to the voters.  But if  he wishes to speak as a Catholic, then he is accountable to Catholic authority and the Catholic Church does not support civil unions or other measures that are contrary to the natural moral law.”
         Regarding Quinn’s declaration that “religious faith animates me to support this bill,” Bishop Paprocki said wryly, “he did not say what religious faith that would be—but it is certainly not the Catholic faith.” 
         The battle over civil unions which passed House and Senate and awaits Quinn’s signature which he has said he would supply—earning him standing applause from the Democratic-controlled legislature—has been one of the finest hours not just for Francis Cardinal George but for an unsung hero of the fight—the Illinois Catholic Conference’s Robert Gilligan.   I was a lobbyist himself—27 years in Washington for The Quaker Oats company—and I have never, ever,  seen a staffer with better acumen on strategy combined with an eloquence of statement to the media.  Consistently Bob Gilligan has been foremost in public as well as private advocacy, pointing out in testimony and to the media that the legislation threatens to substantially alter the legal definition of what constitutes a family, predicting that future generations might have to learn harsh lessons about the unintended consequences of social engineering.
        He has pointed out that while individuals may enjoy this lifestyle and maintain that it is a  “right,” a culture cannot sustain itself by approximating homosexual or heterosexual  shacking-up with marriage—the consequences leading to a European model of living and ultimate diminution of lifetime commitment, leading to chaotic coupling that provide a shrinking population and family breakdown.
       Gilligan’s fine work has been duplicated by other pro-family lobbyists such as Paul Caprio, Ralph Rivera and the Rev. Robert Vandenbosch—but for the purpose of  this website which concentrates on Catholic advocacy,  Bob Gilligan’s attainments are noble and eloquent. 
      It is instructive to see how sectors of the relativistic Left in the
Church have responded to Paprocki-George-Gilligan in emails to websites.  I’ll show a few to demonstrate how Catholic training in theological verities have declined:
       “If the majority of Catholics support this belief [passage of civil unions], which they do, then it is a Catholic belief. The beliefs of a few old men carry no more weight than any similar number of other Catholics and certainly these pseudo celibate old men cannot claim to speak for God.” Meaning that moral law is what a majority say it should be.
       “Sounds like the Bishop is a right-wing Republican.  Maybe such unions are natural.   If they are, the law would seem to accord with the  Natural Law.”   In essence both comments proclaim that  whatever you do that seems natural is the Natural Law. 
         That whirring you hear is Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine and the entirety of philosophers of the Judeo-Christian Westspinning in their graves.


  1. Just as our government and society take a turn for the worse, the leadership of the Church appears to be moving steadily in the right direction. As we struggle to keep our nation from going to Hell in a handbasket, we at least have reason to hope that the successors of the Apostles will not sound an uncertain trumpet (c.f., 1 Corinthians 14:8).

  2. Until the faithful Bishop's voices are heard from the pulpit, through their priests, there will be no change in the beliefs of those catholics who believe in the supremacy of their subjective conscience. There will be little attempt for these cafeteria catholics to delve into the mysteries and truths of their Catholic Faith.

    We ALMOST had a pro life Govenor, but no voices were heard to lead the confused. Confusion has reigned for over fifty years. When will all the Bishops and priests shout out with loud voices?

  3. Wow, its amazing how certain catholics are so tied into the real beliefs of Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine and the entirety of Judeo-Christians philosophers. I used to think it was our "faith" but you have shown me its some kind of church law that I must believe regardless of my conscience or common sense. Jeeze, I certainly don't want to turn into some sort of anti-family European.
    Obviously some of us catholics just don't know the law. However, I believe you will be increasingly successful in having a church in lock step with your truths. It will be a much smaller church (except maybe in the poorer and less educated cultures) but certainly more aligned with the priorities of the cardinals and evangelic christians.
    Now get out there and continue to condemn those Catholics who think they can believe differently than you or the Cardinal. You'll show em.