Monday, December 6, 2010

MARIN OUT OF CONTROL! How Dare Quinn’s Bishop Correct Him! How Dare Vatican Guard Its Theology From Being Free Lanced!

            Feminism Spurs  Political Reporter to Catholic Bashing.             
       Passage of Civil Unions in Springfield has been greeted…as expected…by media with a veritable ticker-tape parade.   I say “as expected” because what we have here is, with some notable exceptions, a largely irreligious journalism craft.  It’s adopted liberalism as its civil religion.  It rejects natural law and moral dogma (indeed its education is so deficient it does not know what natural law is).  
      For example, major portions here salutes abortion as a “right” but passionately supported getting rid of Chief Illinwek—the fictitious symbol of the University of  Illinois-Champaign-Urbana since 1926. Why?   Because it was an alleged offense to native Americans aka Indians.   It’s this faux “morality” lite that was adopted as an absolute after Judeo-Christian ethics were dumped. Proving if mankind dispenses with God it has to invent its own  theology…which in this case is relativist materialism.
       We are living in an era of political correctness gone riot.  People who aren’t the least concerned with the killing of unborn babies yet bleed for homosexuals’ rights to live together with all the benefits accrued to the married….and to marry.
       Which brings us to Carol Marin.
       Yesterday in her Sun-Times newspaper column she chastised Gov. Quinn’s bishop…Thomas Paprocki originally from Chicago who was Cardinal Bernardin’s chancellor and Cardinal George’s auxiliary… for   intruding on Quinn’s prerogatives as an elected civil servant…not mentioning that Quinn brought it on himself by declaring his support for Civil Unions because “my religious faith [Catholicism] animates me to support this bill.”  I’m not going to append Marin’s column here else I spread her Catholic insults  for her but you can read it by going to and scrolling down to her column for Sunday, Dec. 5.
         It was only after Quinn identified Civil Unions with Catholicism that Springfield Bishop  Paprocki entered the fray, reminding Quinn that Catholicism “animates” nothing of the sort.  To which Marin countered that Paprocki has no right to invade  secular precincts of the governorship because Quinn holds a civil office.
       But this begs the question outrageously. It was Quinn, not Paprocki, who  opened the door by stating Catholicism supports his views.   And it is Paprocki’s duty to correct this misapprehension.
      One more time:  It  was Quinn who brought Catholicism into the matter maintaining his religion—Catholicism—animates Quinn’s support for Civil Unions.
        Then Marin sounded off on some bishops’ failings to protect children from pedophiliac priests—hugely regrettable occurrences that are the worst scandals in modern church history but which Paprocki had nothing to do with.  It’s clear Marin wants to use them as a cudgel to silence and intimidate prelates from opposing Leftish moves Marin cherishes including the next drive…already advocated by her…for same-sex marriage. 
          Continuing, she attested  with exuberant ego that the admitted failing of the bishops demolish any credibility for a bishop to admonish a member of his congregation.   This is a stunning and an unwarranted intrusion by a political commentator into a theological area in which she has no competence nor right to use her byline to assault a church.  (But of course it is not her intrusion alone; her colleague Neil Steinberg has brayed his own variant of Catholic bashing for years with hearty editorial page guffaws). 
          Finally Marin denies the right of the Vatican consistory composed of bishops appointed by the Church’s pontiff to determine whether certain nuns—consecrated for the purpose of supporting Catholic theology—are in fact actually advocating authentic doctrine!  Bishops have no right to do this wrote Marin: a stunning formulation.
          Here it can be assumed that Marin’s feminist ideology takes over because she has said and written often that there should be women priests. Popes have maintained they cannot change it because they insist that the  Church’s founder, Jesus Christ, set the pace by ordaining twelve apostles—all men—to institute the sacraments.   This displeases Ms. Marin highly.
        The point is that her rebuke to Bishop Paprocki was unjustified and has gone far-far afield.   Moreover it has taken her media vehicles…the Chicago Sun-Times…NBC-TV Channel 5 Chicago…and WTTW-TV public television…with her into a theological dispute with the Catholic Church and the exclusively male nature of Holy Orders which she has no theological qualifications to debate given that the Church insists they follow the design of Christ.  
      Marin’s excursion into Catholic bashing and bigotry is a personal ego trip.  It remains to be seen if her employers want to be dragged with her into a controversy that includes a wide variance of insults and recrimination that comes close to religious hatred and wanton interference by a media person into the governance of the Church…including the right of duly ordained bishop to correct false interpretations of its doctrine such as Quinn’s false statement  Catholicism “animated” his support of Civil Unions…added to which is Marin’s denunciation of the Vatican’s right to determine how its theology is to be expressed by nuns or anyone else.
      Attendant to this is the utter ridiculousness of a political commentator becoming a critic of Church theology, a subject in which she is ill-equipped to promulgate.   What will we have next…Rick Telander of the sports pages slamming the Church on maintenance of clerical celibacy?...Wanda the TV Weather Bunny assailing the Church on the need for GeneralAbsolution?...Sneed leading a drive to make Sister Joan Chittister OSB the first woman priest?  
       It is high time that readers of this website write to The Chicago Sun-Times  insisting that enough is enough and that mischievous and extreme feminist excursions into anti-Catholic bigotry involving insults hurled at an authenticist Catholic bishop be ended….else your subscription to the paper will.  And get others to do the same.


  1. I think there's a confusion about the Church, both from Catholics and non-Catholics. Many people think that the Church is a democracy, and that Church belief should be influenced by "the people".

    Congregant "voting" happens is most religions I can think of besides Catholicism.

    Catholics who disagree with the rest of the Church tend to think the Church should conform to their beliefs rather than the congegrant confirming (her) beliefs to be with the Church's.

    I want a strong, healthy Church, but I wouldn't mind losing certain "Catholic" politicians and media activists who don't want to agree.

  2. Mike, I'm sure your wants for a strong and healthy Church are being and will be achieved. Just be patient. More are leaving all the time. Both in and out of the media. You haven't noticed? And, members like Tom will certainly help the cause. That's sad for many of us but the intolerance and judgmental declarations of its leaders make support for the Church and its many loving charitable causes very difficult.

  3. my note to

    Dear Editor,
    In regards to Ms. Marin’s column “Sorry, bishop: Gov serves the citizens”, I have a few concerns. First, Ms. Marin fails to state that Gov. Quinn initiated this response from the bishop of Springfield when Quinn stated that his “faith” inspires him to advocate for civil unions. To be consistent with her logic, why is she not taking Quinn to task for using the office of Governor to advance his “faith”? Where is the demand for separation of faith and civil office by Ms. Marin? Where is the demand for his resignation, atonement, apology, or mere contrition?
    If Quinn is sincere, his statement seriously calls into question his understanding of Catholic faith and morality. If Quinn is not sincere, then why doesn’t Marin call into question the integrity of the Governor? Has she no concern for the character of Illinois’ officials? Perhaps her ideology trumps any concerns about integrity?

    P Murphy

  4. Well Ms. Marin’s article is typical ‘liberalspeak’ – and unfortunately today – too often it is also ‘Catholic liberalspeak’. She is at pains to adduce support for her views from Catholics in public life. Such luminaries of Catholic orthodoxy as JFK and Mario Cuomo (what? – she forgot Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi , Fr. Richard McBrien, et al…?).

    My mother always warned: “You’re known by the company you keep”. The above people, I’m sure, were or are ‘good company’ – just not good orthodox Catholic company. Right and wrong are not determined by polls or number of adherents and the Ten Commandments were not just a ‘modest proposal’ subject to ratification.

    “Who put you there – me or the Pope?” she quotes Mayor Daley to Rep. Pucinski. Back at you Ms. Marin. “Who put you here - ultimately?” And yes, there will be a test.

  5. Dear Editor,

    Thank you for having Carol Marin's prospective on Chicago area stories featured in you paper. Her recent story on the Springfield Bishop's reaction to Gov. Quinn's support for legalizing civil unions is the latest example of her exposing the authoritarian intolerance of the local Catholic hierarchy that saddens so many of us.
    Seeing the character of the reaction from Tom Roeser and other ultra conservative catholics in the media is enough to show you how on point she was.
    Thanks again for all the fine columnists you carry.

  6. No one cries "separation of Church and state" if the governor misquotes the Church.