Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Arrant Squid Nonsense: Illinois State “Paperwork” to Delay Kirk’s Swearing in Until Dec. 3—Keeping Unelected Dem Burris in the Senate!.

          Yep, it’s the same old Squid. This time twisting its tentacles about the supposed “bipartisan” Illinois State Board of Elections which announced that newly-elected Republican Senator Mark Kirk won’t be sworn in until Dec. 3.  That means the Lame Duck session which starts Nov. 15 will feature unelected Blago-appointee Dem lackey Roland Burris…5 foot 6-inches of Lefty bluster… casting votes on our behalf on key measures. It also denies seniority to the duly elected senator from Illinois while Tombstone Burris who has no electoral mandate continues to vote.  
          Ha-ha-ho-ho…how very coincidental.   This is the Dems’ way of ratifying the new Obama-proclaimed era of cooperation.  And the spineless media will find oodles of justification for this Squid-manufactured atrocity. 
           The showcase reason: the Demo officials here and with their still controlled Senate in Washington need all this time to “complete their paperwork.”  Ah but Delaware’s new Dem senator Chris Coons and West Virginia’s  Democrat Joe Manchin of  West Virginia will be both sworn in immediately when the Senate convenes on the 15th.
        A bureaucrat for the Illinois State Board of Elections named Kenneth Menzel told the media this:  “The special election is being conducted pursuant to a federal court order that said the election had to happen to begin with.    What you’re getting from the Board is what was in accordance with the federal court decision. When a federal court issues an order you say, `Sir, yes sir.’”
         That’s about as non-substantive an answer as is possible to contrive: meaning we’re taking the time because that’s the way it is—we’re taking the time. It’s murky language is worthy of the Right Honorable Danny Davis,  the walkin’, talkin’, workin’, thinkin, movin’  Squid creature doin’ the people’s business.
         This is par for one of the most crooked one-party states since the Long brothers ran Louisiana.  The scenario: Blago tries to auction off the seat.   Then the feds arrest him at 6 in the morning which prevented the sell-off.    The Dem-controlled legislature buckles at holding a special election for the seat—which was the way to go.
          Blago names Burris who’s on tape begging for the appointment and talking roundabout of how he’ll make good on it.  Burris lies under oath about whether he dickered for it.  He goes to Washington, knocks on the Senate door and isn’t let in. He finally is, is sworn in and the state decides it’ll hold two Senate elections—one for the Lame Duck and one for the regular. 
      Burris says he’ll run for the Lame Duck but is spurned.  Now he’ll serve anyhow because The Squid has determined “the paperwork” will take too long to process to send the duly elected Senator to Washington to vote on legislation the voters elected him for.
       A show of hands. If Giannoulias had won, would the paperwork be finished in time for him to be sworn in with the others on  Nov.15?


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  2. Interesting, the federal court issues an order requiring that the counts include all of the military absentee votes (so as not disenfranchise the military personnel), which makes the counting go until no earlier than Nov 16. Another court then extends the time to November 19 in some counties that erred in sending out military absentees.

    And you think this is evidence of willful delay on the election officials' parts?

    No matter who won, there would be no way to seat the new winner on November 15 without being in direct violation of the federal court order (that order being the one that will prevent Mr. Burris from remaining in office until early January).