Monday, November 8, 2010

“Emanuel—Before It’s Too Late!” That’s The Squid’s Game Plan Against Moseley Braun or Davis. (They’ve Got Something There!).

                           BUT FIRST—BREAKING NEWS.
            Capitolfax is back at its old game—lobbying for Illinois Republicans to ditch pro-life—using as decoy in a Sunday fax a Topmost unnamed authority in the Brady campaign who says PersonalPAC was responsible for Brady getting only 41% of the suburban Cook vote instead of the 43% goal the campaign had set for itself.
           Know what?  It’s probably true.  PersonalPAC is an extraordinarily well-financed PAC and its success is a challenge for social conservatives to match it through the highly acclaimed FamilyPAC and other sources.   But that’s not the bone of contention.      
           It originally started with a statement in Sneed on Nov. 4 from a high Republican Brady source that what brought Brady down was a machine gun decimation based on pro-choice “in the suburbs.”   The words from Sneed are these:
      “Sneed is told GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill Brady got machine-gunned by suburban women voters deluged by direct mailings last week highlighting his `socially-right-wing-not-exactly-pro-female agenda’ according to a GOP source.”
        This item coincides with a longtime Judy Baar Topinka view that  social conservatism is a death knell for the Republican party.   In countering this claim I cited a string of pro-life victories in the suburbs including the apparent defeat of Melissa Bean by an underfunded Republican Joe Walsh notwithstanding that Bean’s entire TV assault on Walsh centered on his being a pro-lifer.   Yesterday CapitolFax sent out a special fax to its subscribers hailing the work of  PersonalPAC and alleging that my defense “isn’t based on facts” and cited pro-Bean majorities in most of the 8th’s  Cook county townships.
        Hey, guys you’re comparing apples and oranges.  Sneed’s  report didn’t specify Cook townships but suburban women voters.  I refuted the “suburban” generalization.  The ones who did sloppy work on this issue are the CapitolFax folks.   My answer was based on Sneed’s story that Brady was “machine-gunned” by suburban women…not Cook county suburban township women.
     Now if I were as thin-skinned and litigious-threatening as CapitolFax I’d demand the publication publicly apologize to me for threatening  my livelihood and reputation by stating my response wasn’t “based on facts.”   But I’ll let it pass understanding that the publication is such a cheerleader for abortion among other things (the Democratic party being foremost)  that it got carried away.
       It’ll be a campaign fight to the finish between Rahm Emanuel and Carol Moseley Braun—or Emanuel vs. Danny Davis …where The Squid will feature a choice between  tough-minded management and chaotic incompetence that—it hopes—will elect Emanuel.  Thus the whispered (not bill-boarded) slogan will be Emanuel—before it’s Too Late!   Reminiscent of the infamous GOP slogan devised by liberal (!) ad consultant John Deardourff  that almost toppled Harold Washington in 1983: “Epton—Before It’s  Too Late!” which made the general election a nail-biter, Washington winning by 3.7%.  
     The Squid will make a telling point—although assuredly our spavin-spined weak-kneed liberal media will interpret it as racism.  It is not: it just singularly pertains to Moseley Braun or Davis. There is a healthy selection of managerial and philosophical competence in the black community.  Terry Peterson for example…who ran Daley’s last campaign, the Chicago Housing Authority and the CTA among others…and Frank Clark, CEO of ComEd.  The problem:  Peterson and similarly good public administrators in the black community aren’t running for mayor. And among those running—Moseley Braun and Davis (a chronic electoral wannabe mayor) are electoral adventurers without a smidgeon of executive talent.
           Mosley Braun—charismatic, a phrasemaker and a liberal media favorite—nevertheless possesses all the qualities that made her an object of ridicule and a one-term senator: 
       Bad judgment, an inconsiderable time away from the desk… masterly inattention to detail …demagoguery…cronyism…chaotic mismanagement…proclivity to pushing incompetent political favorites to high governmental posts)…insensitivity to corruption.    Putting her in command of Chicago would be like handing a machine gun to a 6-year-old loaded with a clip of  live bullets and saying, “Here—try this!”
       Davis is almost as bad.   He’s never run anything either and his age and leisurely down-home southern style…not vigorous up-and-att`em attention to detail will warrant the same media assaults. But Moseley Braun is exceptionally incompetent.  Her chaotic background in the Senate should make the media campaign against her self-generative.  
        The unspoken but heavily implied  issue will be—but dominant nevertheless…baldly stated….that she could well start the slide turning Chicago into another Detroit reminiscent of Coleman Young under whose tenure his city became the arson and murder capital of the nation from which it’s never recovered.    Those who know the lady from past campaigns—particularly the Senate ones tell me she could outdo Young and complete the job in one term.
        Moseley Braun has two white adroit Squid-trained managers pulling her strings.  They  prepared her charge against Emanuel last week that he bailed out on Barack Obama,   sold out precious abortion rights  in the big health bill to please Blue Dogs and mismanaged the White House making his boss unpopular, was ingenious; tailored to stir up the Leftist rabble in  the city, it was a brilliant attention-getter.
         Why are two Squid veterans with her when it is so apparent that the organism wants Emanuel to win?  Dough and a cynical strategy outlined below.
                 Among the mayoral candidates, The Squid favors Rahm Emanuel.  He’s been spawned from its belly after all beginning when he volunteered to raise what he called “Jewish money”—always a lush banquet—for it.  Then Rahm turned on his heel and raised all kinds of money for the organism proving he was not a one-trick pony.  He proved to be a sagacious counselor to Dems and a brilliant strategist for the party—witness his role as chairman of the DCCC where he  led the Dems to capture the House in 2006. 
          His sagacity involves some moderation—not just going for broke ala David Axelrod who with stars in his eyes clicked his heels and saluted when Obama turned down Rahm’s suggestion after Scott Brown won in Massachusetts that they should indefinitely postpone health care and concentrate on job-building.  The Squid recognizes that.
         It recognizes that Emanuel is best suited to the tough job of mayor—but that Moseley Braun and Davis are spellbinding movement people who specialize in rhetoric and no action—not unlike Obama. 
       Moseley Braun is a will-of-the-wisp who, as she did with her ill-fated presidential campaign, can pull up stakes and disappear overnight.  Davis is someone more substantial although he could easily become our Coleman  Young as mayor.  The Black Caucus picked him the other day as its candidate.  Since then Davis has been intoning to the press in his rolling  Paul Robeson bass-baritone that sounds like the voice of God as played by Rex Ingram in Marc Connelly’s The Green Pastures.  .
         To be charitable, The Squid believes the times are not right for sonorous Song of the South black rhetoric like Davis’. The 69-year-old Davis is pretty old and painfully deliberate for this excursion…and odd for Chicago, is his slow, Baptist preacher speaking style comes from his southern heritage   giving the impression that here is just another pol who loves the sound  of his mellifluous voice.
        Also his slow rumbling  rhetoric evokes not just leisurely contemplation that takes seemingly forever to come to conclusion with needlessly long-winded and interminably pronounced rhetoric brimming with the outdated flowery language evocative of the South…tied to his habit of ignoring “ing” endings.. .producing words like “thinkin’” “talkin’” “movin.’” The slow pronounced rhetoric is substitute for managerial precision.  In sum, -Davis has not shown more than what he has demonstrated in Congress- a beautifully timbered voice that rings only with banal platitudes.  
        The third major black candidate scared The Squid silly at first because he looked like he was eager to foment a  revolution on religious and moral issues.  He is a combination oratorical heavily perspiring Baptist pastor who riles his congregation up on their prospects for being sinners in the hands of an angry God.   He has 20,000 rapt South Side congregants and is a state senator as well.  The Rev.-Senator James  Meeks led a battle for school vouchers and is a declared pro-lifer and is against “gay” rights.  Well, back-to-God sells well on Sundays punctuated by a swaying choir but Meeks knows full well he’ll have to change his tune if he expects to get any Squid support.
          So he trucked right down to the gay-lesbian-trangenders’ leadership and asked what it will take for them to understand he means no harm in his sermonizing. Thereupon he lost much credibility—with his congregants and with the “gays” and their many allies in the media. People don’t particularly trust their pastors as politicians and wonder how they can do both jobs and remain true to both.  Being a  pastor and a part-time state senator is one thing but mayor and Baptist preacher?
       At first Meeks said that giving up his pastorate to be mayor is non-negotiable.  Blacks didn’t like that. So then he reconsidered and said well on second thought it is too negotiable and  if elected I’ll quit as pastor. That eradicated the last shred of believability for his congregants: their pastor is too hungry to run a hunk of the kingdom that is of this world rather than concentrating on the kingdom of the next.  Also telling the “gays” and pro-aborts he is personally opposed—but… strikes his thousands of amen-sayers that the reverend-senator is  too much a part  of the political world of compromise: and they’re right.  The Squid believes this guy is no threat.
        What’s likely to happen? Conceivably with a fractured black field…Davis, Meeks et al, Emanuel might run first but still not avoid a runoff.  He will face either Moseley Braun or Davis. .
       The Squid reasons that Emanuel vs. either Moseley Braun or Davis should win.  Either African American should be strapped for cash for a runoff.  Emanuel has already raised $3.7 million in the past two weeks, expects possibly $2 million from a Hollywood soireer run by his wealthy actors’ agent brother Arie…and has access to $1.2 million lying fallow in his old congressional campaign fund.  He will have maybe $7 million for the campaign to decimate Moseley Braun.
              Thus looking at the field and especially Moseley Braun and Davis, The Squid is repeating to itself the words “Mayor Rahm Emanuel.” He knows which levers to push.   He won election to the U. S. House in the 2002 5th congressional district primary after Daley dispatched an army of water department payrollers to work the precincts….headed by one Donald Tomczak of the department who was convicted of election corruption and who is now in jail—saying nothing.
            The argument will be: mean-spirited, scatological, vicious, duplicitous, tough—Emanuel can keep this town from becoming another Detroit….so vote for him before “it’s too late.”
        Stay tuned: It should be exciting.

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