Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: Guess Why Obama Skipped the Boy Scouts’ 100th?...Stop the Presses! Kirk’s 1976 Boat Accident Filled with Misrepresentations!

 Feast of Saints Nazarius and Celsus* 
                                           B. S. Plenty.
       Obama can be on “The View” any time he wants, right? But he’s chosen to be on the liberal feminist TV show as an excuse to miss honoring The Boy Scouts on their 100th birthday.  Why? 
       It’s endemic for this alien in the White House (“alien” the word Peggy Noonan memorably used to describe him)…who has waffled on the issue of whether the U. S. is exceptional (saying yes but Greece is exceptional to the Greeks and Britain to the Brits)…to arrange to avoid a personal appearance at the Boy Scouts (he’ll do a video instead).  His strong gay rights base is still fretting over the fact that the organization has blocked admission to avowed gays and that the courts have defended the right of this private organization to determine its membership.  
        Everything Obama has done…save Afghanistan… heretofore is to court his left-wing base…from the appointing of gays to key posts (like the School Safety Czar Kenneth Jennings who devised the “Day of Silence” in order to propagandize students to regard toleration of homosexuality as a valid lifestyle) to pandering to eco-nuts for a moratorium on deep water drilling even despite being shown the damage it would do to Gulf states’ economy.   
         Again: he can be on The View anytime he wants. He has chosen the same day as the Scouts anniversary to further placate his Lefty, Daily Kos, pro-homosexual rights base. If it were the Girl Scouts celebrating their 100th, he would be there. They accept gay recruits and gay scout-mistresses.  You’d better believe he’d be at any celebration they hold with bells on.  
          Interesting that the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell, has criticized him for choosing to go on the hen gabfest. Of course it’s to shore up his numbers with liberal women.  There’s only one conservative regular on the panel.   This decision shows Axelrod at his most panicky.   
          I repeat again…and this is not a condemnatory judgment but an historic one:  
        He is the worst president in U. S. history…starting and ending with the incontrovertible fact that he is not a patriot…as per his purposeful fudging  on Exceptionality—and his patronizing low bows he gives to chiefs of state of color, such as the Emperor of Japan.  How did this refugee get through the vetting net?  Because the mainstream media stands for exactly what he does: the minimization of the United States.       
      A 3rd Worlder by breeding and instinct (forget the birth certificate issue), a radical faculty-lounge creature by conviction, he has been allowed to escape normal scrutinizing by a fawning media represented by the whores writing in Journo-List.   A president of the Harvard Law Review by affirmative action with no writing of articles. No writing extant.   His college papers all sealed. Billy Ayres boasting to Ann Leary that he…Ayres…ghosted Obama’s two books.  After he’s out of office and the real story is told about this Mystery Man, news consumers will come after the “mainstream media” at night with lanterns.   The spectacle: Lynn Sweet the stenographer for him and The Squid.  The condescending embarrassment of the Tribune editorial board, gulping down his endorsement ala Bruce Dold obediently following the business office and marketing diktat.  
                               OMG!  Stop the Presses! 
         Hold everything. Here’s an issue that is bound to be a game-changer! The Tribune slapped on its front page July 23 the breathless revelation that Mark Kirk stretched the truth about his 1976 boat accident which he says convinced him to enter public service.  Now that’s one hell of a story. I congratulate theTribune…the once great newspaper that broke FDR’s war plan in 1941…who had Stanley Johnson reporting from the Lexington as it was going down…who had foreign correspondent/ cartoonist John T. McCutcheon standing on the deck of the USS Olympia side by side with Admiral George Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay…Floyd Gibbons writing what it was like to fly with Amelia Earhart… 
          …this self-same Tribune slaps on its front page the devastating news that Mark Kirk exaggerated his experiences on that boat accident!   
          Enough irony. What a sucker story!  All this negative press is being dredged up by Giannoulias’ muck factory run indirectly…I mean steered…by the man-and-wife team of Bob Creamer and Jan Schakowsky.  She pledged to do it in public…pledged to turn the election around to save Giannoulias…and this beatific couple…testament to the adage that the couple that preys together stays together…the executioners… sold quite a sucker story to the Tribune. 
         Creamer is a decent enough guy. Oh he went to federal stir for kiting checks but he’s not all bad. Schakowsky is the one I savor.  My congresswoman, believe it or not. She ran the first time, saying to Mike Barone that one can’t be too far left for the district she chose.  One look at her and you know what she’s capable of.  In a re-do of The Wizard of Oz she could easily carry off the Margaret Hamilton role as The Wicked Witch of the West without makeup.   Just a cocked 3-cornered black hat will do.  Give her a broom, turn on the special effects, light the fuse and she’ll muster up an authentic cackle as she zooms up to make a silhouette against the harvest moon.  
          But I don’t blame either of the couple for concocting this sucker story.  It’s the august Tribune which stands for…nothing, zilch, principlessness that I despise. At least with the Sun-Times you get vitriolic leftwing bias and anti-Catholicism undiluted with Hitchens mocking God and Steinberg equating babies kicking in the womb them with gall bladders.   With the Tribune you get blah, pap, Dawn Trice telling us what it’s like to be black.  And we get this sucker story about Kirk’s 1976 boating mishap masquerading as political news on the front page, below the fold. 
     *: Saints Nazarius and Celsius.  Nazarius’ father was a heathen, an officer in the Roman army; his mother a zealous Catholic.  He was instructed by none other than Simon Peter.  Out of zeal for the salvation of others Nazarius left Rome, his native city, and preached the faith in many places with fervor, becoming a disciple of the Apostles.  In Milan he was apprehended and beheaded, together with Celsus a youth he had taken with him as a kind of intern. These martyrs were victims of Nero’s first persecution.  Their bodies were buried in a garden outside the city where they were discovered and identified by Saint Ambrose soon in 395. Ambrose took the bodies of the two martyrs into the church of the Apostles which he had just built. 

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