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Fair Enough: At Last—Cardinal Tells Gay Priests to Reform or Get Out…Capitol Fax’s Job—Take a Mole-Hill and Build It Up into a Mountainous “Scandal” on the Illinois GOP.

      Feast of Saint Martha* 
                                                Long Overdue.
          Pope Benedict XVI’s vicar for the city of Rome has, at long last, cited the bottom-line threat to the Church--the Lavender Clergy.  It’s a cause that politically correct critics in this country like SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests), anti-Catholic fulminator Carl Marin who carries on a persecution of the Church’s dogma via the hotly Catholic-phobe Chicago Sun-Times and heretical propagandists like The National Catholic [sic] Reporter won’t touch because studies long suppressed have shown that pedophiliacs are mostly gay.  That doesn’t mean all gays are pedophiles but that a huge percentage of pedophiles are gay.  
          Publication of this fact is verboten because the Left needs to shelter its key allies like the gay rights movement for the coming domestic and global Revolution.   
           What no one will describe…most church dignitaries, church investigators, SNAP and Marin is this: The root cause is gay priests who are drawn to the young.     Not a peep about this reality has come from the so-called “objective” investigators of clerical pedophilia.  Attorney Jeff Anderson is rolling in dough as a trial attorney. Somehow through circuitous means dough gets to SNAP to keep it going as a front.   
           Why no identification of the root cause? Because their “crusade” is aimed at destroying the Church and making allegations that (a) a celibate clergy and (b) the all-male priesthood are responsible (and while at it knock out the ancient structure against abortion and grease total acceptance of homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle). Strident feminist and male-hater Marin…treated as a celeb by the paper’s guilt-ridden, intimidated (male) bosses… has long made an argument against “the boys in Rome”—meaning that if only we have a woman pope, women priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals things would change.  Change why?  Because of the ineffable moral and intellectual  superiority of women to men, of course. 
           Marin wants women in higher roles but make no mistake.  She has no time for the women who have arrived who are not part of her ideological lifestyle.  Like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Phyllis Schlafly, leaders of Concerned Women of America etc.  Uh-uh. She thirsts after righteous justice but only for the Left.  She disdains reportage of the authenticist Catholic professor Ken Howell who has been silenced by the University of Illinois because he dare explain church theology on homosexuality.  If Catholic-phobe Marin were a fact-seeking reporter, she’d go after the story.  But finding out the truth about liberal-fascist academe mind-control invalidates her holy war waged on the side of the Left.    
        The next time you see her beaming like a college girl idealistic and apparently open-minded (all an act) on Channel 11 remember that she’s a hard-rock Lefty whose drive is for indoctrination,  Remember too that part of her pay is taken up by the taxpayers…but I dearly hope not by “viewers like you.”  On public TV she was the near teary-eyed ring-bearer for a couple of lesbians, one, Dick Mell’s state Rep. daughter, Mell escalating in her estimation from a machine hack to near-saint when his daughter Deb “came out” with his beaming approval.  
         I’m telling you the story of the Cardinal who brought up gay priests because you won’t read about it in the tabloid Pravda (the Sun-Times) or the snooty North Shore Gazette (the Tribune).  
          The cardinal is Agostino Vallini who was responding to an article in Panorama magazine which disclosed that many priests were patrons of gay bars and night clubs.  Without a doubt that’s true there…and here where some of them shed their clerical garments and don leather suits to frolic away.  For them, belonging to an all-male fraternity equates with the hunting axiom: if you want to shoot ducks, go where the ducks are.  
          “They should never have been priests,” the Cardinal said.  Well, no doubt about that. As in the case of convicted child abuser Dan McCormack of here whose file was somehow…somehow…mislaid at Mundelein—and about whom the former rector—since promoted to auxiliary bishop, full bishop and is Number 2 at the USCCB…told a Sun-Times reporter (who since publication was let go) that he would ordain McCormack again.       
          Now the question is: Who will crack down on the seminaries’ admission practices?  It is rumored that John Paul II didn’t crack down on lavender seminarians and priests because he feared a scarcity of priests.  Let me say that if it boils down to one non-gay priest a diocese, it’d be worth it rather than the scandalous proliferation of Lavenders we have now.   
          By the way, if Marin wants to agonize over anti-woman discrimination why doesn’t she toss her cookies over frequent cases in Muslim Saudi Arabia where women supposedly taken in adultery are buried in the dirt up to their necks and then everybody tosses rocks at their heads until they are dead? 
         Not a peep.  Why not?  Two reasons.  The 2nd first.  We’re wooing the Muslims now ala B. Hussein Obama and the media’s liberal mission is to facilitate it.  Jews are the heavies although with Catholics.  Not Muslims. Not Palestinians.  
       Now the 1st reason.  Were she to write about that and call down the wrath of the civilized about the inhumane procedure, everybody would be under the desks waiting for the  Sun-Times building to  go KA—BOOM! You know how tolerant of criticism the Muslims are…B. Hussein has always told us about this. 
        So it’s better to continue waging a tong war against the Catholic Church which rarely fights back than stir up angry Muslims.  Easier on the office buildings, for one thing.  
                              You Start with a Mole Hill and… 
        Just when Republicans have a chance to win, Capitol Fax blog sighed yesterday, hiding its inward grin, this happens!  What is it?  Big scandal…tremendous.  Ranks right up there with Mark Kirk’s 1976 boat accident.  The Cook county Republican party’s executive director resigns!  Great God of mercy!  Can the republic stand this earthquake which shakes the very timbers of western civilization?  
      After weeks of trying to sell the story, a newsletter formed to promote the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton finally hit pay-dirt when The Huffington Post a left-wing blog run by political switch-hitter  Arrianna Huffington.   
       The terrible scandal?  The county GOP  exec director walked a girl to his apartment and got frisky with her.  Nothing happened.  Maybe that’s the scandal because some of the young braves around the county party and YRs aren’t entirely brimming with testosterone.  But she alleges he tried to keep her in his apartment by…get this…sitting on her!  That’s it! Finally a cab came and she got out of there. 
       That’s the story that’s going to sink the GOP. Day by day one blogger with an axe to grind pumped it across the Internet writing in lurid tones filled with innuendo…inventing titles for the players. For instance there’s a guy called The Prophet.  He comes and goes in the story.  It brings into focus a prominent rich woman who has contributed much money to the party.  No, no scandal about her either but someone…was…trying…to…dump…her…from…her…party…title!   
      Finally as the story started to bore everyone, The Huffington Post a lefty blog pulled out a bicycle pump and laboriously dinged it up to major proportions. At this point the Capitol Fax which thoroughly covers Springfield and Illinois politics but acts as a megaphone for the Dems and particularly the Madigans sought to breathe more life in the story…oh’ing and ah’ing that just when things look good for the Republicans, THIS had to happen.  Now the Capitol Fax has not to date written a word about Al Gore meeting prosecutors because an Irish female masseuse wouldn’t give him a hand…and that other masseuses have arisen with the same complaint.  
         But this Illinois GOP scandal is really something. What’s really something is the female soldier of fortune, Arianna Huffington. Born in Greece with the catchy name of Arianna Stassinopoulus she moved to England at 16 and attended Cambridge where she became the third woman president of the Cambridge Union. After graduation with a BA in economics she plumped into bed with the journalist and broadcaster Bernard Levin after the two met as panelists on a TV show.  When Levin refused to marry her, she took off and came to the U. S. where she lived in California and became a Democrat strongly interested in Gov. Jerry Brown. 
         That didn’t take so she met a mega-multimillionaire conservative Republican named Michael Huffington at a party hosted by Ann Getty (the oil heiress) in San Francisco.  Getty wanted Ann to get married so she arranged the wedding and paid for it. They lived in Santa Barbara and Michael ran for Congress from there. He won going away.  Arrianna campaigned for him, courting religious conservatives and the duo prepared for Michael to run for the Senate.  Once again Arianna became the duenna of right-wing religious conservatives.  
        Then came a hitch. Michael Huffington lost to Diane Feinstein and he told Arianna that he was…gasp…bisexual.  They split.  The settlement made Arianna a rich, rich lady. She continued as the duenna of conservatives and became very chummy as an acolyte for Newt Gingrich. 
         That got boring and Arriana went back to her first love—the political Left. After a series of mutations she finally started her leftwing blog and is a big player with liberal Democrats.  The blog is really pretty good, designed  by…of all people…Andrew Breitbart. It’s attractive, well-put together…and in style is a forerunner to Breitbart’s own blog.   
        To show you how centrist the Huffington Post  is, a columnist for it is Bob Creamer, husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.     
        Arianna who isn’t getting any younger is a frequent guest on left-wing television…MSNBC etc….but her heavily Greek accent combines the shrillness of Laura Ingraham’s tone with a deadly accent, the total effect being an audio approximation of Ma Kettle as played by a rasping, hoarse Marjorie Main with a head-cold.    
        Anyhow, don’t wait for the scandal to erupt and drive the Gulf of Mexico oil spill off the front pages.  It’s a contrivance propagated courtesy of a Hillary for President blog, a few disgruntled Republicans, Capitol Fax and Huffington.  Nothing to worry about.              
       *: Saint Martha.  Martha is the sister of Mary (usually thought of as Magdalen but that’s not firm) and Lazarus who lived in Bethany, a small town down the road a piece from Jerusalem, not far from Mount Olivet.  The famous story is that she was working to prepare a repast for Our Lord while her sister Mary tenderly washed his feet, applied expensive oil to them, washed the feet with her tears and dried them off with her long hair.  Martha then complained to the Lord and asked him to direct Mary to help her with the preparations.  His immortal response: “Martha, Martha you are troubled about many things but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the best part.”  The one thing necessary that He referred to was eternal life. But as you can see, Martha made saint as did her sister.  So all is well.

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  1. Yes Tom, kudos to Cdl. Vallini…but why did it take a secular exposé to get him to act (or at least speak – he hasn’t acted as yet, that I know of)?

    The reaction of another Vatican cleric who was quoted was more typical: “There are hundreds of foreign priests studying or working in Rome…” (an Ergo…is understood here). Sound familiar…? This was the same reaction in some Vatican circles some years ago when the abuse scandal first broke – “that doesn’t happen here…only elsewhere”. In the Panorama exposé two of the priests were Italian, one was French.

    Which is reminiscent of the dismissive attitude of Ab. Rembert Weakland to abuse here in the Milwaukee Archdiocese awhile back. Of course, +Rembert had some skeletons in his own closet at the time. Which leads into the answer to your question as to why there is no crackdown on the Lavendar Mafia still. Too many skeletons in a lot of episcopal closets – which is why the USCCB voted down overwhelmingly a proposal to address homosexuality in the clergy some years back. Or why the ‘Dallas Charter’ only addressed priest-abusers - not episcopal ones. There’s still a lot of clean-up to be done!