Friday, March 26, 2010

Personal Aside: Obama Says Joe’s Obscene Explective was “the Best Thing In the Signing Ceremony.” More.

   Feast of the 7 Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary*
                                     Obama Wants a “T” Shirt.  
           Joe Biden, the Catholic pro-abort and silly ass who’s vice president of the United States, guffawed as he told a Democratic fund-raiser yesterday that President Obama pronounced Biden’s obscene explective “the best thing that happened” in the signing ceremony. As he gave Obama a man-hug, Biden said…while the microphone was on live… that “this is a big [obscene explective] deal.   Joe likes throwing around the “f” word.  It makes him seem manly and a tough guy.  
          Knowing Biden’s proclivity for invention on the spot, the Obama quote is probably apocryphal.  Biden chortled in his simulated Big Man macho style to say that Obama would like to have a “t” shirt printed with the obscenity but that there wasn’t time enough.  Hahahahaha!  
            Laugh now but they just may take babbling Joe to the rubber room one of these days.  He shows signs of delirium every week now.  Media think he’s a scream, dismissing the fact that he suffered two aneurisms of the brain within months of each other—one in February, 1988 and the second in May of that year.  Can those things affect intellectual stability?   Yes, surgeons say but Capitol old timers dismiss it, maintaining that he always was a horse’s rear end, jerk and clownish showboat even before the illness hit.  
                             Repeal Not Likely?  Don’t Believe It. 
             The Rasputin of the Left whose diabolical influence extends all the way to the presidential court,  ex-con who served 5 months in Terre Haute federal penitentiary (kiting checks, not paying employees’ withholding)  Bob Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, says never fear, once the goodies of the health care bill become known, there will be no chance of repeal.   
             Creamer has personal reason to know this isn’t true.  Reason: he helped organize the senior citizens’ taxpayer revolt that stormed Dan Rostenkowski, leading an old lady to climb on the hood of Rosty’s limo which got nationwide media attention leading to major repeal of a Medicare expansion act. . 
             The story is this: In 1988, Ways and Means chairman Rostenkowski teamed up with the addle-pated George H. W. Bush health and human services secretary Dr. Otis Bowen, a liberal, to pass a Medicare expansion bill.  It greatly enlarged coverage of medicines, nursing home and hospice care.  But some of the better-off senior beneficiaries were expected to pay for the benefits.  The upper 40% of recipients would be taxed up to $800 per person starting in 1989 and after. 
             The expansion was hated by conservative seniors but Rasputin Creamer added to that group an army of hard-core Lefties who wanted the feds to pay all the costs.  On August 17, 1988 Rosty went to Chicago’s Copernicus Center on Milwaukee avenue, a center of the Polish community thinking he was proclaiming good news to the oldsters.  But when he arrived and was ready to start his speech, he found that they were furious about the extra cost they would incur. 
             They made so much of a racket that Rosty couldn’t speak so he quit the place and got in his chauffeur-driven limo.  That’s when several dozen of them including Creamer’s Finest struck the car with placards while the TV stations, alerted by Creamer, recorded the scene which was shown nationally.    
               A 69-year-old woman jumped on the hood of the car as it started up—to prevent it from leaving.  Wisely deciding not to order his limo to pull out with the old lady as a hood ornament, Rosty jumped out and hot-footed it down Milwaukee avenue…the crowd following in hot pursuit with the TV cameras whirring.   Creamer orchestrated it from start to finish. 
              The demonstration triggered a national movement to repeal it and sure enough, on Nov. 23, 1989, scarcely more than a year after the demonstration, it was repealed.   
              By arguing repeal of goodies will not be popular and will never be done, Creamer argues against a grassroots action that he himself helped build.   
              Of course you won’t read or hear about the demonstration against Rosty in Chicago’s supine media which with few exceptions operates as an armature of The Squid.  
    *: The 7 Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This feast originated in 1688 by the Servites and was extended to the entire Church. The 7 Sorrows are: 1.  The Prophecy of Simeon “Your soul a sword shall pierce”…2. The Flight Into Egypt3. Losing the Holy Child at Jerusalem4. Meeting Jesus on His Way to Calvary...5. Standing at the Foot of the Cross6. The Descent from the Cross where the Body of Christ is placed in her arms...7. The Burial of Christ.

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  1. "Canada has government regulations that can be stretched to penalize a Christian minister from excoriating homosexuality even if he only uses the quotations from the Apostle Paul. "

    Or crucifying a nightclub comedian for making a nasty crack about two lesbian hecklers.

    Comedian Guy Earle has had to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending himself before the British Columbia Human Rights Commission after he referred to two drunken women in the audience as "ugly lesbians".