Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: Norwegians Say Obama Disrespected Them. (Good--They Deserve it)…Huckabee’s Defense is Credible but His Future’s Uphill.


“Your President Has Disrespected Us!” Oh Joy!
It is delicious to savor the terribly wounded feelings of the preciously oh-so-liberal Norwegian elites who are incensed that what they see as Barack Obama’s shabby response to their Nobel honor by (a) cutting short his visit after scooping up his Prize., (b) neglecting to take dinner with the Norwegian Nobel committee, (c) skipping an Oslo press conference, (d) dissing a state television interview, (e) turning down a visit to an exhibition dinged up in his honor at the country’s “Peace Centre” and (e) inflicting the worst insult of all…refusing to take lunch with the King of Norway, Harald V.

God, I love it.

Love it, love it, love it. Obama has symbolically jerked an uplifted index finger upward to the five Leftists who picked him. Superb justice.

This is the first and only thing Obama has done that I approve of.
Yes, the thought of flaxen-haired Nordic leftists deprived of fawning over our radical black president for dishing up apologies for his country is absolutely priceless.

Obama’s purposefully rude behavior’ll teach those guilt-ridden white pure-breds so terribly-terribly-terribly concerned for all the p. c. “values”—the environment, world peace, the “responsible” cutting down of the world’s population, the need to understand the terribly misunderstood Palestinians who are justified in hurtling missiles from Gaza on those awful Jews, the sanctification of free-thinking non-religions, the benign tolerance of Muslims, Africans, the terribly-terribly mistreated terrorists who certainly wish us no harm but only wish to dramatize the inequity of world wealth, the woeful condition of the world’s oceans, wildlife, undernourished… Those who gave the go-ahead to the five Leftists on the Nobel committee to confer the Prize as a go-ahead to radicalism—all leading up to the Nordic wish lord it over one of our Chicago blacks with the subliminal hope that he would hug them and embrace their flaxen-haired women for the photogs to show how tolerant they are.

Most of all, the thought that comforts this octogenarian is the deprivation of a presidential low bow before Harald V, king of Norway, admiral of the fleet (which came with his ascension to the throne), second cousin to Elizabeth II of England, 63rd in line to the British kingship, nominal head of the Church of Norway, Grand Master of the Order of St. Olaf, Recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain, Holder of the Knight of the Garter…and—get this—Prince of the Holy Roman Empire (the title still exists and has gone to him due to his old German connection)…a needle-nosed distilled patrician whose bloodline goes back through four centuries of knights, nobles and Aryan-pure knaves… he being stiffed by our insouciant bro chief executive whose own bloodline (that we know of) extends back only a few decades to a promiscuous sperm-donor alcoholic philanderer who has left a scattered seed of progeny including a spawn of half-siblings who probably at this moment are scouring for restaurant leftovers in Indonesia.

Ah yes, the Norskis love to level the world with democratization while keeping their own precious royal blood-stock undefiled. They who preach leveling, democratization in all things…those phonies got the hiccups when Harald married a commoner.

They got what they asked for.

Well done, Obama.

Huckabee Now.

A reader asks that I define my feelings about Mike Huckabee and his future now that his record includes the commutation of one who became not just a cop killer but a killer of four cops. He explains it all pretty well—if you believe that an explanation that necessarily must be horribly complex can be tossed off in a presidential campaign (I don’t). And there are 1,110 more commutations out there. Every time there is a murder somewhere, you better believe his ears perk.

He says religion has nothing to do with it. That’s what most people have feared—that a spongy-soft we-are-all-sinners pseudo evangelicism led to his issuing the commutation. The reasons were pretty straightforward: a unanimous recommendation from the state commutation board…support from the trial judge involved…no objections from officials in the case that involved a 16-year-old sentenced to 108 years in jail, the term shortened to 47 which enabled him to appeal for a parole after serving 10. The reasons go on and on but the thing that will likely kill Huckabee’s chances for the presidency is the contention that he used his religion to interfere with the strict aim of justice no matter how he denies it. As Antonin Scalia says the only system of government that ensures no error through commutation is tyrannous dictatorship.

My guess is that Huckabee is done, gone, finished, kaput. But I also have sat in audiences where as an orator he has thrilled. We’ll see what this Arkansas cracker has in him for the next go-round in 2012. Remember, I didn’t endorse him, haven’t now…just praised his eloquence. Let me know what you think by writing me at

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