Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: The McKenna Money Vacuum Cleaner…The Smart Money’s On Mark Kirk to Win the Nomination but Lose the Final to Giannoulias…Great Moments in Obama History.


McKenna Pere Sucks Up All the Money for His Kid.

This from a veteran GOP ex-campaign manager I respect: No one…and I mean no one…worries about Andy McKenna, Jr. as a formidable threat. He just isn’t. A bland, follower-kind-of-guy with a placid demeanor. What they fear is the old man, Andrew, Sr. who has run his vacuum cleaner through the A-List so that nobody can get a dime for their candidacies. That old man is never interviewed by the media. He should be. For those who know him and knew Old Joe Kennedy, there’s a great similarity. Unfettered by any personal conviction on issues, he wants his kid to be governor if he has to buy it. And with his contacts he is making a good try. Not that I think he’ll elect this kid who has all the personality of a gerbil. But it’s inconvenient to have all the money sucked up at a time when Republicans have a good chance of winning the governorship.

Bad News and Good for the Kirks.

Smart Money says that Rep. Mark Kirk will win the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate…that he will handily defeat under-financed Patrick Hughes—but that Kirk will not be able to defeat State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias. “You may think Giannoulias has baggage,” said Smart Money, “but he’s done a superb job of dealing with it—his fore-square accounting of his assets and sharing it with the voters. His personal charm is phenomenal and his first TV commercial is awesome.”
That may be but his charm has eluded me.

Well, losing Mark Kirk is no big deal for me as I long ago said I wouldn’t vote for him. I’ll vote for Hughes and if Kirk wins I’ll take a pass. Still I would have liked to see a Republican senator for Illinois. But Smart Money added:

“Dry your eyes, sweetheart. You guys will win the governorship with Kirk Dillard. He’ll face Pat Quinn and defeat him. The public is totally fed up with the mess in Springfield.”

Winning a governorship is better than winning a senate seat any day.

Your views?
Great Moments in Obama History.

Can you supply me with good comment on this irony? In his inaugural address, Barack Obama said “…and we will restore science to its rightful place!” Put your pungent ironisms to me at

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