Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: The Lucky Sperm Club…Why Doesn’t Carol Marin Run?...Incredible—Networks Ignore Climate-Gate Story!...Desiree Rogers Skewered by Dowd


Lucky Sperm Club.

Help me to build a list of members of The Lucky Sperm Club—politicians who wouldn’t be in office or even considered as candidates if they hadn’t been conceived by the right male forebears. Any number can play—just write me at and follow the daily tally. We can start with Illinoisans but will also consider national candidates. Let’s start with Illinoisans first.

Note: I’m not knocking all members of The Lucky Sperm Club. The Adams’ family had for the most part superior political performers: John, his son John Quincy, his grandson Charles who was Lincoln’s ambassador to Great Britain and his son Henry Adams, author of the inestimable “The Education of Henry Adams” and a magnificent history of the United States.

Indeed, my first favored presidential candidate was Sen. Robert A. Taft, son of President William Howard Taft. So I hold no grudges against The Lucky Sperm Club. Well, almost none as you might suppose.

Democrats: Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago, son of the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. Dan Hynes, Illinois state comptroller, son of Thomas Hynes, former president, Illinois state Senate, former assessor of Cook county…Sen. John Cullerton, president of the Illinois state Senate, descendent of five generations of Cullertons prominent in the Democratic party of Cook county…Todd Stroger, president of the Cook county Board of Commissioners, son of the late John Stroger, president of the Board of Commissioners. (Help me add more Democrats).

Republicans: Andrew McKenna, Jr. who has the chutzpa to say he is “an outsider running for governor of Illinois”—who got boosted to the Republican state chairmanship where he did virtually nothing through his father’s indulgence. His father, Andrew, Sr., age 79 has been CEO and chairman of Schwartz Paper Company, is non-executive chairman of McDonald’s since 2004, member of its executive committee and member of its finance committee…was director of The First National Bank of Chicago; is lead independent director, member of the nominating and governance committee and member of the compensation committee of Skyline Corp.; lead director, chairman of the governance committee, member of the executive committee and member of the organization and compensation committee of the AON corporation…

[continuing]…trustee of the Museum of Science and Industry; chairman of the executive advisory board of CTPartners Board consultants; director of Toyota; director of Costco Whole Corp.; director of J. Willard Marriott Corp.; former executive committee member of Tribune Company; board member of Notre Dame University; director, Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago; director, the Lyric Opera; founding chairman of Chicago Metropolis 2020; director, Big Shoulders Fund of the archdiocese of Chicago; director, the Ireland Economic Advisory Board; director, the Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc.; former chairman, Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago; hefty past contributor to the Daleys and multifarious Democrats as well as Republicans up and down the ballot.

Nationally: George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States, son of George H. W. Bush, 41st president of the United States; grandson of Prescott Bush, U. S. Senator from Connecticut; former officer of Brown Brothers Harriman.

More later. You are invited to contribute to the list.

Sunday world-class feminist and angry liberal aggrieved, dissenting, anti-bishop, non-traditional Catholic white woman Carol Marin who deeply…and I mean deeply…resents what men are doing to female-kind… complained in her Sun-Times column that all too few females are running for office. By which she means liberal Democratic women, of course. Well, I thought (while scraping my chin), why doesn’t she run for something? Perhaps she hasn’t because public office doesn’t pay as much as she gets…being a one-woman monopoly with gigs at NBC-TV, WTTW-TV (meaning part of her salary is paid by the taxpayers) and the Sun-Times…but she’s surely stashed enough away by now being that she’s 58 and has had a near lifetime of good paying media jobs.

Let’s see: what could she run for in 2012 since filing due date has passed for 2010? Jan Schakowsky shows no sign of giving up her congressional post but there must be other slots. Besides, she would prefer I’m sure to run against a man whom she would probably term an exploitative white male. I have it: she could run for mayor of Chicago in 2011. What would her slogan possibly be?


Ignoring newsbreaks that don’t coincide with liberal group-think didn’t end with dinosaur media ignoring for many weeks the Acorn controversy. Now The New York Times and the Washington Post have reported…scantily, it is true, but sufficiently…the Climate-Gate story on the global warming hoax—but it is a fact that big network broadcasts won’t touch the story: which means Katie Couric (CBS), Brian Williams (NBC) and whoever is the anchor at ABC this week. This is really like Pravda—studied non-mention of news embarrassing to Barack Obama and to all liberaldom.


As part of my penance for being an ex-liberal, I have sentenced myself to read The New York Times daily…and find certain sections I really enjoy: the Obits especially and the Arts Briefly section. I grit my teeth and read Maureen Dowd—well I don’t grind my teeth as I do when I read Marin because Dowd is far more sophisticated and even funny (intentionally and unintentionally). Last morning was a treat to read Dowd because she took after one of the great Beautiful People of Chicago-dom…Desiree Rogers.

Dowd levels blame on Rogers, social secretary of the White House, for nodding while the Mystery Couple snuck in…and goes on to say that Rogers has a hauteur that is outrageous. She actually pressured to get her picture in the press in her evening gown for the event! Well since Rogers is in charge of future guest lists, Mme. Dowd must understand that she has got her last invite to state dinners at the Obama’s.

But there are long lists of fawning reporters…particularly from Chicago who would be salivating at the chance to dine with the Obamas—starting with the Number One Fawner of all, Mike Flannery who is certainly giving Chris Matthews a run for his money (now that Matthews seems to be off the boat) for experiencing tingles up the leg when the Messiah comes into view.

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