Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: Did the Salahi’s Have an Earlier Connection with Obama? Just Asking…The Coming Deluge for the Illinois Democratic Party…The Hard Left Tone that Passes for “Analysis” on `TTW.


Interesting Thought.

I know enough about e-mail rumors not to accept them at face value. But as I write this, I am looking at a photo of Sen. Barack Obama with a group of people who attended the so-called “Rock the Vote” held purportedly on June 9, 2005, six months after he was sworn in. Front and center are Tareq and Michaele Salahi. So they just happened to pop into an earlier picture with Obama: so what? But the photo appeared on the website of the American Task Force on Palestine, a radical front group which has ties in Chicago and whose tentacles extend to Saudi Wahhabists. Insiders tell me it’s the U.S. wing of Hamas. Maybe, maybe not but yesterday the Salahi’s disappeared from the website: scrubbed.

But I was looking at a shot with Obama where Tareq is on his left in what we used to call a Panama linen suit and at the right end of the photo is Michaele, bare shouldered and glitzy. The American Task Force on Palestine’s co-founder is Rashid Khalidi who purportedly helped finance Obama’s Harvard tuition, the same guy who was instrumental in getting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia. Earlier he was a PLO spokesman, the same guy of whom Obama has said that Khalidi is someone who challenges “my own biases.”
Hmmm. Before the mainstream media dismiss this as just another rumor, remember that they did the same thing with ACORN and the global warming statistics which were altered by crooked scientists who wanted to push a liberal agenda rather than follow the facts.
The Coming Dem Deluge.

A good thing for the Illinois Democratic party that the mainstream media has a long history of obscuring details unfavorable to liberaldom, else the real truth about the political situation would be disseminated. But to anyone with a realistic sense of politics, the truth is getting out anyhow. The standoff between Gov. Quinn and Dan Hynes will be won by Quinn who is the weaker of the two candidates. If Hynes were to win the nomination, he at least would be a somewhat newer face. Not so Quinn who has in a relatively short time proved himself to be a queasy, uncertain, quirky executive of whom it is said that if you don’t like his decision, just wait a minute because the change will be announced any time now.

The same old hard-nosed Mike Madigan who couldn’t get along with Blagojevich (well, he had a good reason there because Blago was and is a nut) can’t get along with Quinn either. Warring temperaments and inability to unify are the hallmarks of coming disaster. Then you have Bobblehead Durbin who were he to have ever entertained a liberal thought would suffer a cerebral hemorrhage.

Illinois is a microcosm of the nation’s Democratic party. Never in my 81-year-old lifetime have I seen a party resolutely pushing itself to disaster by force-feeding two massively unpopular programs on an electorate that doesn’t want them. They are ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. Every successful liberal enactment to date in my memory has been supported by popular demand nationally i.e. civil rights. I was in Washington for the great breakthroughs on civil rights in the 1960s. There the heavy wish of the nation was to pass the legislation and only the recalcitrant South fought it.

Now all you have to do is look at the polls and you discover that the American people don’t want ObamaCare, don’t want the higher taxes that the goofy Al Gore-instilled Cap and Trade will instill. Still the obstinate doctrinaire radic-lib Obama is forcing the nation to swallow this medicine. And the Illinois Democratic leadership, far from dissociating itself from the Obama force-feed is going right along with it.

It’s bound to cause the nation to regurgitate and when it does the Illinois Democratic party will be massively repudiated.

Lefty Bias on `TTW.

What passes for “analysis” is the weak tea stuff that Thom Serafin…an ex-Democratic operative…uses on the local Fox TV station—which is light years away from the Fox News Network. Serafin doesn’t make the vaguest pretense of analysis…just reports everything as an inconclusive horserace and the know-nothing local Fox anchors just nod away.

`TTW’s Jolly Lefty Crew.

Then of course WTTW-TV constitutionally unable to stomach any conservative conclusion has Nurse Ratched playing her usual game which goes like this:

If a rare conservative guest says he/she wants to bring up something from the right, Nurse Ratched will say “hold on to that thought; we’ll be back to that in a minute.” Then after nursing outdated cherished liberal beliefs, she turns to the conservative and says “aside from the issue you brought up earlier, what do you think—blah blah blah?” The whole thing is orchestrated by Mary Fields, of course, who is so Left-Liberal she squeaks.

I would suggest that someone start building a campaign to withhold contributions to `TTW on the basis of its convulsively liberal bias. You can wretch over Ratched, Marin and Ponce if you wish but the real impetus for the Left is the lady who’s never on camera—“Chicago Tonight’s” strong leftward grip on its news rudder, Mary Fields. When she reads this her eyes will widen and she’ll say “who, me? Little me?” Yes, Little You, Fields. You pick the lefty guests and guide Nurse Ratched through her paces. Let’s start a consumer boycott against `TTW which will last until and unless they go reasonably objective. Which means they get rid of Ms. Fields to start off with. Then Ponce and if they have to dig up Callaway okay. A dead Callaway is better than a live Ponce, live Ratched and live Marin any day. Moreover it’s about time the station ditches Laughing Boy Weisman with the prematurely orange hair for “Chicago Week in Review.”

No, I’m not writing this because I want to be on. No more TV for me. I’m fat, homely, not pretty and worn out. I held down the conservative chair for more than a decade during the golden Callaway years and that’s enough. At my age I have this blog, The Chicago Daily Observer and a radio gig that more than keeps me busy. Besides I’m writing a book of reminiscences.

What bothers me about `TTW more than other stations is that it exists partially at the sufferance of the taxpayers for which we see our own money churned back to us via the Lefty bias of prim, smug, ultra-self-assured Ms. Fields in whose delicate manicured hands manager Dan Schmidt is silly putty. So if you think my suggestion that there be a consumer boycott at pledge time, write me at

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