Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: The Democrats’ Dilemma. If Expensive Health Care Bill Passes, They’ll be Defeated. If it Doesn’t, They’ll be Defeated.


I don’t know what the tension is about whether or not a super-liberal health care bill will pass the Senate, be quickly tailored to fit the House, then pass the Conference committee and go to the president who will sign it. The president has indicated he will sign anything with “health care” on it that’s approved by the Democrats. So what’s the tension? The fact is that with the terribly low level of public support ObamaCare (and whatever passes will be called ObamaCare) the Democrats will get it in the neck. And if nothing passes, the Democrats will get it in the neck. But it’s very likely…very likely…that ObamaCare will pass.

Either way the Democrats are killing themselves. The public temper is ugly concerning them. I’ve been around the block a couple of decades and it’s worse than anything I’ve seen since the low-level days of Jimmy Carter. None other than Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said it best the other day to the Democrats: “The people are out to get you!” And why wouldn’t they? Thanks to Obama and the liberals they will control a sixth of the economy. They are going to control the insurance industry with a mandate so individuals will have to…will be compelled to…purchase insurance. They try to weasel around it by saying it’s no different than owning a car: there you have to buy insurance. But there is no law you have to own a car! There will be in this case.

Why then am I sanguine? Because the Democrats are busily engaged in writing their own death warrant. What they have passed can be undone later. It’s not irrevocable. They will have to answer for a lot of additional taxation. They finally perceived that Medicare cuts were disastrous for if the cuts they had originally specified would happen they will take the blame for cuts in service for the physicians who will leave their practice, for hospitals that will go under.
So at the last minute they decided not to go over the cliff. Big deal. Whatever way they go, they’re doomed in 2010. They can thank that courageous numb-nuts idealist Obama for their disaster. He will be remembered as the Herbert Hoover of the Democratic party. Unfortunately for race relations, it will be a certifiable aeon before they will ever be able to nominate another black for president…and the sucking sound of retribution will provide a spitty kiss of death to most black candidates running statewide in any state except the heavily blue ones: including Illinois.
If they had elected a Colin Powell (not that I would vote for him since I disagree with him on social issues but find him acceptable on most everything else)…but if they had elected a Colin Powell—reasonable, centrist on most thing and solid on national security—they could have survived this thing. But no, they had to listen to their most extreme faction…the Daily Kos-like people…and elected one who eschews commonsense economics and who disses Christianity and exceptionalism to-boot. What a disaster. It looks like the Democrats will be just about as popular as the party that nominated James M. Cox.
Looking at the TV news the other day, there was Jello-like Pat Quinn standing there extolling the jobs for Thomson and Sen. Bobble-head Durbin nodding-nodding-nodding in the background. All the Bobble-head had to offer was that George W. Bush supported closing down Gitmo as well. As if anything Bush said is acceptable to Bobblehead who had to crawl on his belly on the floor of the Senate chamber and cry his eyes out for having earlier compared GIs guarding prisoners at Guantanamo to Nazis. The best he can say is that George Bush wanted to close Gitmo. George Bush was my guy for a lot of reasons but not because he was omniscient about everything. Bobblehead had crucified him so often that Bush weakened about Gitmo. The fact is that it’s a perfectly good place to house terrorists—and Bobblehead knows it. We’re doing this so Obama can keep at least one campaign promise.
What Bobblehead doesn’t say is this: The secretary of Homeland Security says these terrorists are not going to acquire residency but what assurance is there that one of those liberal federal judges…appointed by Clinton or Carter…will uphold this that that some of them won’t be released into our streets? The ACLU is already gunning for that possibility. Look at what their director has said: “The creation of a Gitmo North in Illinois is hardly a step forward. Shutting down Guantanamo will be nothing more than a symbolic gesture if we continue the lawless policies onshore.”

There, what do you think of that? And where is the supine Tribune editorial board on that? What does it think about that? Paging Mr. Dold: call your office. Ask the business office if they will let you write about this, Mr. Dold!
Quinn is going down, a Republican U. S. senator will likely be elected (likely without my help). I have hopes that Ms. Melissa Bean will be shunted back to Illinois and limpid eyes Halvorson as well. Ah the joy, the savoryness of it!

I just hope I live to 2014 when…let’s see, how old will I be?...

eighty-seven —well that’s not impossible…when Bobblehead is up for reelection. I think I’ll get on the Nordic Trak now and work out so I’ll be around. By then Illinois will have been fully sated with this hypocritical sellout. Already they’ve forgotten about Sanctimonious Paul Simon. Bobblehead is wearing very thin. I tell you: things are going to be all right, starting in 2010.

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