Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personal Aside: Thoughts While Shaving—That Axelrod-Emanuel Photo…Cash for Clunkers is a Clunker…Dan Cronin for WHAT?....Obama Credits the Stimulus—Hah!


Axelrod & Emanuel, Inc.

This photo that looks like two thieves checking a locked door says it all for the Obama administration where the president has escalated two Chicago machine pols as his top aides. Look at the picture. It comprises more than a thousand words…showing you just what these two thugs are inside.

Cash for Clunkers.

I suppose one way to look at Cash for Clunkers is that it’s stimulating the auto industry…but of course we’re already putting $80 billion into it so why don’t we favor cash for old oatmeal boxes and help the cereal industry (mine was Quaker Oats)? As Charles Krauthammer has said those in Congress cannot “do anything without at least one sacrifice ih the name of the Earth God” which requires in the interest of global warming that all the clunkers be destroyed in two days and converted into scrap. Which means that no one can re-sell your clunker as a used car or utilize its parts…which means for those who are poor who want a second hand car, these will be scarcer, the parts fewer and the prices will be higher. The gain from Cash for Clunkers is micro-small. Not worth the huzza’ing. It’s not as if the cash comes raining down from the heavens; the cash comes from people who pay taxes, taking cash out of the pockets of some and putting it in the pockets of the others—nothing more than a money transfer.

Dan Cronin for…What?

Rep. Mark Kirk is going around beating his chest as a born-again Obama critic—blasting the president’s health care…as if he thinks we’ll forget how he caved and voted for Obama’s Cap and Trade which gave Nancy Pelosi a plus so that she could let Democrat Bill Foster off the hook and vote against it which is better for Foster’s reelection effort. And also as a so-called tough national security guy how he failed to support the Surge. I ask you: what does he offer anyhow except that cute little button nose?

What should really happen is that State Sen. Dan Cronin should run against Kirk for the U. S. Senate instead of seeking the chairmanship of the DuPage county board. Cronin who is an attractive candidate could beat Kirk going away…and be an very strong contender in the general. Why does Cronin want to be chairman of DuPage anyhow? Sort of a dead-end job when the opportunity to do two things for conservatives is ripe: knock Kirk off and end his career and have a very-very good shot at becoming a U. S. Senator.

Obama Credits the Stimulus: Hah!

President Obama credits his massive stimulus package for turning the country around. Hah! The Congressional Budget Office says that only a trickle of money has gotten out this quarter—not enough to stimulate anything. We’re getting a rebound from the massive drop in the first quarter of the year and a bottoming out of housing prices. Where the stimulus will be good from Obama’s standpoint is next year which will help the Democrats. Government spending IS up but for the most part it’s defense spending which escalated 13.3%. Non-Defense spending is up 6% and due very little to the stimulus. The good news is the stock market—usually a leading indicator. Obama didn’t credit that because (a) he’s not sufficiently perceptive on the economy and (b) he hates Wall Street.

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