Thursday, August 6, 2009

Personal Aside: Ignorance is Bliss as “Chicago Tonight” Talks 10th District Republican Chances.


And so, said Carol Marin who though in her 50s somehow looks breathless and idealistically exultant as an eyes-wide-open Vasser schoolgirl…and so, she asked her panel of nodding heads on “Chicago Tonight” which was presumably recruited to discuss Illinois politics…what about the Republican hopes for the 10th district now that Mark Kirk is running for the Senate?

Aw, said Kristin McQueary, I telephoned around today but could find nothing. Nothing came from Mike Dumke the “Reader’s” pundit; only a throat-clearing from Carlos Hernandez-Gomez of CLTV. Nothing at all.

Concerning the Democrat side, of course, all the trained sea-lions, vying for the beach ball to balance on their noses, seals knew much.. Dan Seals might run again but that would be his third time. Let’s see: State Rep. Julie Hamos of Evanston is very interested although she lives outside the district. Marin tried again: what about the Republicans? I called around but found nothing, said McQueary. Everybody on the panel looked doleful.

See, that’s the way it is when a public television station, funded largely with private dollars (not mine) and partially with taxpayer funds (a disgrace) recruits only journalists who agree with the station’s biases—which are Marin. To Marin the world is still in the `70s with the fresh spray of IVI-IPO reformism in her nostrils. There is no Republican party because it is the party of the past. Kristin McQueary who should know better…and sometimes does…works for a sheet that is one-party positioned; Dumke for a publication that should be printed on soft tissue and ripped off from rolls including a column that advertises “Free Sh…” and a raving homoerotic queen.

If the panel was anything journalistic it would have had Russ Stewart on whose astute coverage of the 10th district including the Republican side is featured in today’s Chicago Daily Observer…or Jeff Berkowitz the often uncannily prescient and aggressive interrogator on Public Access because he’s too smart and too independent for Marin and her blindsided bosses to contemplate.

Stewart reports that the Republicans have Dick Green of Kenilworth a wealthy business executive backed by the New Trier organization; Bill Cadigan of Winnetka, an attorney and former staffer to Rep. John Edward Porter (where Kirk matriculated) who has support from the strong Wheeling contingent—and Bill Strong of Lake Forest, a Morgan-Stanley investment banker who as John McCain’s 2008 finance chairman raised $5 million,

Then there’s Hamilton Chang of Wilmette, a Taiwan-born banker; Mark Curran the sheriff of Lake county, who left the Democratic party because it was too liberal and became a Republican. And of course State Rep. Beth Coulson a Hillary Clinton Repblican…along with Brendan Appel who ran against Jeff Schoenberg. Not to forget Lake county clerk Willard Helander of Libertyville who won countywide three times.

See, panel and Marin? If you only were interested in the two parties you would have a better show. McQueary would have heard about these people from earlier phone calls instead of admitting she made a few the day of the telecast. Funny it is but it’s also a strong indictment of McQueary, Marin and Dumke (I placed Gomez in a slightly higher category; maybe he just had a bad day). But when you have numb nuts running the show like the ever-beaming Ken doll Phil Ponce, expectations are not just low but nonexistent.

Inbred bias is so rampant at `TTW since Ponce and Marin took over that they don’t even know they’re lousy. When John Callaway was working with Bruce DuMont he at least had access enough to the other side sufficient to know there is another side. Not so here.

Marin made a subliminal crack last night about Republicans attacking each other in the state which she said…indeed probably hoped…would doom the GOP and foreclose victory. McQueary beamed and appeared to look forward to that eventuality with expectation. Dumke smiled and Gomez looked bored.

Walter Cronkite, bless his adulterated, lefty hide would conclude a broadcast about the failures of Tet (which was in reality a success for our side) and bellow: “And that’s the way it IS!” He knew it was a lie: that’s the way it WASN’T. These folks, from Ken Doll Ponce on down, are so dumb they think there’s nothing at all existent beyond their painfully amateurish non-grasp of politics.

Pathetic. And to think public money is being spent on it. The names Russ Stewart and Jeff Berkowitz aren’t in Marin’s rolodex because, frankly, they’re too good and might give the prematurely orange-haired duenna answers she doesn’t want to hear.

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