Friday, May 8, 2009

Personal Asides: Short Takes: Obama a No-Show for National Day of Prayer…Great News! Specter Makes Big Mistakes, Gets Liberal Dems Mad At Him! Toomey to Run Unchallenged for GOP Nod.


Obama “Prays Alone.”

Not content with being the nation’s most pro-abortion president…a title he snagged from Bill Clinton by going the Arkansan one better--voting to cut off nourishment for live babies born from botched abortions, certifying that they will die in agony with no nutrition or comfort--Barack Obama, who has said the question of when life begins “is above my pay grade,” has decided to be the most secular one as well—having declined to take a role in the National Day of Prayer yesterday. He signed a ghost-written proclamation however and went out in the afternoon for spiritual meditation while playing bucket-ball with Arne Duncan…not lifting a finger to save the Washington, D. C. voucher program which has allowed 1,200 poor children to attend private and parochial schools where there will be some mention of God and religion.
His spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said “I think the president understands, in his own life and in his family’s life, the role that prayer plays…[H]e’ll pray as he does every day.” “We are disappointed,” said Shirley Dobson, the event’s chairwoman. “At this time in our country’s history, we would hope our president would recognize more fully the importance of prayer.”

Listen, lady, figure it out, will you? There are no votes for him in your group.

Making Nice for Specter.

Covering up for his blowhard vice president who promised Arlen Specter wouldn’t lose any seniority because of his switch to the Democrats, Sen. Dickie Durbin who has more jobs than he can handle, passed off an Judiciary subcommittee chairmanship to him…rather like scraping his plate with a knife to push some scraps to Arlen’s plate to shut him up. That’s of small comfort since it’s small potatoes compared to what Specter is used to as chairman of the full committee and chair of Intelligence once upon a time…but it was nice of Dickie to do anyhow.

Specter Rah-Rahs for Coleman, er Franken!

Specter told a rapt liberal pro-Obama zombie questioner with “The New York Times” that Minnesota courts should “do justice and declare [ex-GOP Sen,] Norm Coleman the winner” in his long recount with Dem Al Franken. But later the new Democrat hastily corrected himself and said he meant to he was rooting for Al Franken, adding “I guess I forgot what team I’m on.” Well, it’s rather hard to remember since Specter started off as a Democrat, switched to Republican when the climate seemed more favorable to his election and has switched back to Democrat.

Commenting on it, ultra-lefty Chicago blogger Markos Moulitsas (the Daily Kos) made an excellent point. “Keep it up, Arlen. Your Joe Lieberman impersonation is so spot-on that we can’t wait to take you on in the Democratic primary.” I would dearly love to quote Moulitsas further but he lapses into scatology but let me bleep some of the worst so you get the flavor. “He’s clearly telling us, `I switched to avoid Toomey, not to deal with you -----. And since Obama has clearly promised him support, come hell or high water (no matter how little support or loyalty he delivers in return) he feels like he can ---- on anyone with impunity. Personally I don’t want Specter around in 2011. So I want him to keep on ------- on Dems. And I’ll take a real Democrat in that seat over that unprincipled ---- of a man that is Specter. So Arlen, please keep it up.”

After Specter apologized for saying he wanted Coleman to win and changed his tune, Moulitsas wrote: “What the hell? He’s so devoid of any conviction that one day justice requires Coleman to be the winner and the next day it doesn’t? Specter is an empty, hollow shell of a man. There is just one value that drives him—political self-preservation…I hope Sestak primaries his ---.”

Dem blogger MyDD’s Todd Beeton wrote: “I guess I gotta give Specter credit. With each passing day he keeps making a stronger and stronger case for a primary challenge against him.”
While all this dissent is going on, mainstream anchor zombie Meredith Viera, who usually gets the word very late, has said the Republican party is all the poorer for losing Specter. Ex-Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, a “moderate” Catholic Republican (meaning pro-abort) said he wouldn’t run in the GOP primary, leaving the Republican race to conservative, Catholic pro-lifer Pat Toomey who narrowly lost to Specter in 2004. But bad news for Specter: highly decorated 3-star admiral (ret.) Joe Sestak who’s a congressman is still contemplating a run against Specter in the Democratic primary.
Since he switched parties, Specter reiterated his intent to vote against the hideously misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” but now has hinted he will switch and vote for it…then reaffirmed his opposition to Obama’s nominee for Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel top job, Indiana University’s law professor Dawn Johnson and finally told reporters he regrets voting against Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions when Sessions was up for federal judge. Sessions lost that job and now is an Alabama senator, having moved into Specter’s old role as Republican leader on Judiciary.

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  1. Did'nt the prayer day organizer realize that according to Obama's theology, it is not "God bless America, it's God D#!* America!" For those who thought Obama would be some moral leader, their "chickens, are coming home to roost."