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Personal Asides: Pulido’s Candidacy…The Sun-Times Gives the GOP Advice on Limbaugh (Huh?)…Shaun Gayle—Model of Manhood for Young African-American Males…Another Lenten Lesson from Old Saint John’s.


Council of Trent Meeting for Pulido.

With disgust building in Illinois against flagrant liberal Democratic incompetence for …tolerating an arrested potential bribe-solicitor in the governorship who overspent the state to insolvency…blocking the people’s right to vote for a U.S. Senator…cave in to allow Roland Burris, a repudiated alleged perjurer to stay in the Senate…opposing, along with Barack Obama a citizen’s right to use a hand-gun for self-defense after an intruder breaks into a house…endorsing ” the killing of a live baby born after a botched abortion…supporting same-sex marriage…winking at illegal immigration and issuance of drivers’ licenses to the unqualified…giving the go-ahead to Todd Stroger and his crew that has mismanaged Cook county to near bankruptcy…

…Chicagoland now has its first opportunity since last November to send a message to Washington and the liberal news media…which is--

The special congressional election in the Illinois 5th district this April 7.

That’s less than a month away. You should know that although she’s the Republican nominee…and espouses solid conservative values…she has not heard a word from either the RNC or Andy McKenna, the Republican State Chairman. Nada; zilch. That’s why her friends…me included…are mobilizing to help her now.

You don’t have to live in the district to help send the message by turning out a powerful protest vote for the Republican nominee, Rosanna Pulido.

If you represent a group, no matter how small, join us--.

A special “Council of Trent” meeting of movement leaders will be held this Saturday March 14 at noon.

Here are the details: Council of Trent.

Noon, Saturday March 14

Skyline Club

307 N. Michigan

Go to 23rd Floor

Then walk one flight up.

For the un-initiated, a “Council of Trent” is a conclave of conservative movement leaders…anti-tax, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment etc. …to mobilize to send a message. We did with Peter Fitzgerald; we defeated the GOP organization’s favored candidate with Al Salvi. And it can happen again. We are looking for pro-lifers, 2nd amendment people, home schoolers, pro-voucher people, pro-legal immigration people, anti-taxers, pro-capital formation people…anybody who fits into what used to be called the Reagan coalition.

If you represent such a group…more than just yourself…indicate on this email whether or not you want to attend. Make reservations by writing to Tell what group you will be representing at the Council of Trent. If you stay home this Saturday, don’t go crying later on that the Congress has become indentured automatons of the socialist state.

Dems’ Siren Call.

The Obama White House’s siren urging to the GOP to ditch Russ Limbaugh as the face of the Republican party fooled no one but Michael Steele who by biting on the hook irremediably botched his tenure as GOP chairman…to whom good riddance. Establishment media focus on two major assaults on Rush Limbaugh.

First they insist it is an outrage that Limbaugh has said he hopes Obama fails. For my part, I know for a certainty that Obama will fail given that he is recycling Roosevelt Redux. I earnestly want the public to understand the magnitude of the failure to come…and not fall into the media trap of maintaining a foolish worshipful séance about another faux hero ala FDR and JFK.

Secondly, establishment media criticize Rush because he said Ted Kennedy’s death will be used in a campaign to pass socialized medicine. That, they say is cynical. The definition of cynical involves publicitors aka “journalists” from the “Boston Globe” (owned by the failing “New York Times”) on the Kennedy death watch, rip-and-read ghouls who have timed their effort to coincide with his imminent death… which, they hope, will hype their sales and make them and their newspaper big bucks.

In truth, Kennedy’s slow death is in a Catholic sense, a blessing, a boon. It has given him the chance to reflect and conduct a serious several hours-long confession fitting for a lifelong skirt-chaser, wife abandoner and boozer who left a live woman gasping for breath in an overturned car in a pond…she pushing forward to gulp the last breaths of air while he abandoned her because he was too concerned about losing his reputation to tell authorities about the accident and that she was dying in his car.

His blessing of a slow death gives him an opportunity to beg for absolution for decades of betrayal of his Church’s principles as he served the cause of abortion. Unfortunately, his trotting around picking up trinkets of adulation…honorary knighthood et al…indicate he’s going to go down without remorse. “Last Lion” indeed.

Sun-Times Gives Us Advice.

Last week it was instructive to note similar advice from an editorial in the “Sun-Times.” Beware Limbaugh, it says, or the GOP will lose what’s left of its acceptance. This from a page that relies on the great ballast of balanced judgment received from Neil Steinberg who while never ceasing to remind us he is Jewish, is also an untiring Catholic baiter…Mary Mitchell who so regularly and with dispassion finds whitey the cause of racial hatred…Richard Roeper whose mid-40s triumph over viscerally stunted adolescence provides so much maturity to exposition of ideas… Mark Brown who towers over all as a gifted prose stylist… and Carol Marin, monopolist purveyor of lofty lefty opinion on NBC-TV and WTTW-TV whose undisputed command of history and analytical sagacity has given her such recognized stature over her late S-T predecessor, columnist and historian Steve Neal.

Fr. Emeric’s Pre-Vatican II Theology. A Lenten Lesson.

It is coming near to the Christmas vacation period, December, 1946, December 15 to be exact, the first semester following victory of World War II. Saint John’s students are packed and ready to go to the Greyhound buses which will take them to the railroad stations (very few fly since the airlines have not yet fully returned to peacetime schedules). Fr. Emeric Lawrence, OSB, begins his lecture thus…as always…with a question.

I once again turn to the often hard-to-understand personage of Jesus Christ. And I begin with this question which I shall direct to…let’s see…Mr. Eugene Sheehy. Mr. Sheehy, let me ask a very simple question: What did He come to this world for? You say—what? Very good. You say “He came to this world to save us from our sins” and that His forerunner, John the Baptizer, gave a hint of what was to follow when John said he would be the Lamb of God: “This is He who takes away the sin of the world.” Foreshadowing His sacrifice. Excellent answer.

But—Mr. Sheehy—as good as your answer is, I am puzzled and I wonder if you could help me de-code the puzzle [laughter]. That laughter comes, Mr. Sheehy, from your wary colleagues who note that since this class began last September I am forever puzzled by answers I get here and persist in following-up with detailed examinations your answers.

I am puzzled, Mr. Sheehy, because if what you say as His purpose is correct, I cannot understand what He meant when He said…as He did in Matthew 10:34 “Do not imagine that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have come to bring a sword, not peace. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man’s foes will be those of his own household.” What in the world is this, sir?

Now I have always understood that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace…that in this feast day we shall observe we are told He will bring “peace to men of good will.” You will note that I use the correct translation. Those who have corrupted it to say “peace, good will to men” have mis-led us. You cannot have peace until and unless you are of good will—quite different. But I digress.

How do you as a potential biblical scholar [laughter] interpret that one, Mr. Sheehy? You say…what? You say it is a paradox. Of course that’s what it is, but how do you interpret it? Enough, Mr. Sheehy, I have put you through enough. Now I am looking for volunteers. Mr. Harry Arth. What say you? You say…what? That He has used this metaphor of a sword to mean that He will combat evil. Not bad, Mr. Arth. Not as good as say Frank Sheed or Msgr. Knox put it—but not bad.

Mr. Vetter, no idea. Mr. Hall, I am not surprised: no idea. Mr. Roeser, the truth is often a very-very dangerous position to hold if we are to stand by it. Think of how unpopular you can be if you were to defend the articles of your faith or the canons of morality at every turn. If you’re like a lot of people…when you’re in a mixed group and there is ridicule and laughter about morality or your faith—as there is wont to be in this often debased world—you decide you’d just better shut up about it, that “now is not the time” to use a popular phrase. But rarely is that a right course of action. I have found literally that “now IS the time.” Mr. Roeser nods in agreement. Easy to do, Mr. Roeser when the professor suggests the answer [laughter].

Fr. Ernest has expostulated gentlemen in philosophy that there is absolute truth…Aristotle and Aquinas have testified to it. Then our job is to testify to that truth. To the Roman Governor Pilate Christ said in John 18.37 “What I was born for, what I came into the world for, is to bear witness to the truth.” And in our own way, that is what we must do, gentlemen. He came to give His life as ransom for many. He came to save a world that was lost, a race in danger of perishing from sin. The least we can do…the least…is to pipe up when our philosophy, our beliefs are challenged—which means tell the truth.

Is it tough? Of course it’s tough. I want to tell you this story. Some years ago a student I had was inflamed with the idea of standing up for the truth as Christ tells us to. It so happened he had a sister…his favorite sister…who left the Church and married a divorced man who belonged to another church. The sister asked my former student to be Best Man. He wanted to go to her wedding: he loved her dearly. She asked their father to “give her away” as it’s referred to…walking her down the aisle in a traditional way. Well the father weakened…in response to the entreaties of his wife who said “you have to do it! Your absence will humiliate her and humiliate us all!’ So he did it.

My old student, I am glad to report turned down his favorite sister and declined being Best Man. I suppose you don’t think he caught the very devil from his mother and the entire family (they were all Catholics). He felt like a dog and the repercussions are with him yet…his sister is cool to him, his mother won’t forget it, his father thinks my ex-student is a religious fanatic. He told me not long ago it was a baptism of fire. As Christ meant it should be. For him to have done what the rest of this…I remind you “Catholic” family did…would have been to agree tacitly that whatever suits the convenient need is what should be done. A baptism of fire is right.

That is why Christ likens truth to fire. He says “It is fire that I have come to spread over the earth”—meaning TRUTH—“and what better wish can I have than it should be kindled” [Luke 12-49].

You are gathering up your books for that long Christmas vacation but the bell has not rung yet. And I have another question. In John 9.39 Christ says, “I have come into this world so that a sentence may fall upon it—that those who are blind should see and those who see should become blind.” Those who see should become blind? I thought He was here to make all of us see…let’s see…Mr. George Borgerding. How do you interpret this. As you know, Frank Sheed has interpreted it. Let’s see how well you do. Mr. Borgerding, you say what? Absolutely correct. Christ had just healed the blind man and caused him to see. The Pharisees were the blind ones, questioning Him. By describing “those who see” He meant the Pharisees learned in the law of Moses. But the persistent obstinacy of the Pharisees deprived them of seeing the truth.

When He pronounced this on the Pharisees, how did they respond, Mr. Borgerding? Right you are! They asked Him “Are we also blind?” And His answer rings through the ages: “Now that you say `we see,’ your guilt remains.” There’s the bell! Have a Holy Christmas.

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