Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Personal Aside: Shaun Gayle—Jock Model for African American Youth. Scattering Seed Where He Will. His Teammates


He is disconsolate at being deprived of his unborn child…shot and killed with the baby’s mother, who lived with Gayle in a Deerfield condo…the mother and baby (or, to be politically correct—“fetus”) shot by another woman who was jealous of her for taking Gayle away from her. Of course Gayle had had no sexual involvement with the alleged killer: um-um, nope. The assailant was motivated by, Lake county authorities say, “a jealous rage.” But they hadn’t had any relationship Gayle says—um-um, nope.

In the past, police said Gayle had complained that yet another former girlfriend of his had harassed his current girlfriend…I mean the mother of his unborn child. Lots and lots of girlfriends for an unmarried 47 year old whose life has been spent in these coupling arrangements…like a puppy dog…and as faithful. The papers say Gayle was tearful and that his old teammates stand by him in his hour of need. How touching. Just another story of an embittered girl—who didn’t have any sexual relationship with Gayle, understands…who just went bonkers. Yes, that’s all her fault. And she’ll pay for it while he goes his way. Scattering seed.

All her fault. No summary statement by a newspaper analyst or editorial writer…because nobody has the guts to tell the truth. In this debased culture as in its politics, the truth is in denial. The truth: “The crucial process of civilization is the subordination of male sexual impulses and biology to the long-term horizons of female sexuality.” The truth: “The overall sexual behavior of women in the modern world differs relatively little from the sexual life of women in primitive societies. It is MALE behavior that must be changed to maintain civilized order.” The truth: “In creating civilization, women transform male lust into love. They link men to specific children; rear children into citizens; change hunters into fathers; divert male will to power into a drive to create. Women conceive the future that men tend to flee.”

The truth: “Without marital stability, men lust but lose track of the goal. They fight and compete but they forget the prize. They spread seed but spurn the seasons of growth. They chase power but miss the meaning of life.” The truth: “Once a man marries, he can change. He has to change for his wife will not long have him if he remains in spirit a single man.

The Final Truth: “As a social institution, marriage transcends all individuals. The health of a society, its collective validity, ultimately resides in its concern for the future, its sense of connection with generations to come.”

Of course no one in journalism dare say these things…because they are though timeless, to us they are unpopular, politically incorrect. Instead we all mourn for Shaun Gayle and his baby he will never know. We don’t much care about the slain woman. Why didn’t they marry? Because, obviously, Shaun has other conquests to make.

We have some interest in the accused slayer. But it is Shaun Gayle we are most interested in. Why? WHY? Because, hell, man, he is a former football cornerback/safety in the NFL, playing twelve seasons, eleven for the Chicago Bears, a member of the Bears squad that won Super Bowl XX, a member of the “shuffling crew.” A man women adore...like we all want to be.

He’s a jerk. A coward. One who is concentrating on spending his life in search of further affirmation of his masculinity.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, eh, moderns?

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