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Personal Asides: Wha? Bill Daley, Sr. Was Hired Because of His Technical Expertise in Business…Biden Proves What We Have Suspected—a Likeable Blow Hard e.g. Jerque…Mark Brown to Whom Homosexuality is a Human Right.


Bill Daley.

In a TV ad, John McCain listed Bill Daley as a lobbyist which has drawn a shout of anger and resentment from Daley since he has never been registered as a lobbyist. The shout he gave off was that of a wounded animal, unjustly shot at, in a forest.
Dear me, as one who went to Washington weekly as a lobbyist for Quaker Oats for 27 years and would frequently see Bill Daley on the early morning UAL or American Airlines 7:30 a.m. Red Eye, I am utterly aghast that all the while, big firms were sending Bill Daley to D. C. because of his expertise on the technical end of Big Business…and not because his name was Daley, that he was the mayor’s son and mayor’s brother but because he was so expert in business economics. All the time I thought it was because he was an expert at plying his trade with Democratic power brokers who would recall his surname with fondness.
That is amazing to me and I apologize fully to Mr. Daley since I…with my cynical Chicago upbringing…figured that a top son of the old Mayor might be hired by SBC and the others for his savvy with Democratic pols.
All the times I saw him chomping steaks with Democratic power lords at Morton’s of Chicago on the edge of Georgetown and tippling drinks at Hill fund-raisers he was sharing his great knowledge of the economy and his scientific expertise with the telecommunications industry without any political connection…and was not seeking favor with the power people which is what a lobbyist is supposed to do. How I misjudged Daley all these years! Indeed, John McCain should be ashamed of himself for saying that Daley was lobbyist.
Ergo: Daley was NOT a lobbyist or applied pressure or gratification to lawmakers in return for favors because Daley never registered as a lobbyist! It means that all the times I saw him when we were both in Washington he was there as either as an economic expert or because he wished to suck in the grandeur of the beautiful marble buildings…see each time the original parchment of the Declaration in Archives…thrill at the grandeur of the paintings on the walls of the National Gallery bestowed on the nation by Mr. Mellon. I had thought otherwise: so sorry. It is indeed gratifying to see his anger at being singled out as having been hired as a lobbyist when he didn’t fill out the lobbying forms and hence could not be a lobbyist. That proves McCain is a liar, right? Well that’s what the Chicago press thinks…and you know the Chicago press fully trusts that a Daley assigned to Washington is not a lobbyist and isn’t muscling for his clients because, after all, he didn’t file a lobbyist’s registration fee. That is straight out of Joel Weisman.
Not to do that would be to misrepresent his calling…to be something he is not… and a Daley wouldn’t do that would he? I know Lynn Sweet believes that because she has written that Daley was not a lobbyist. But I wonder after she wrote the piece, how long it took until her paroxyms of hilarity subsided.

Biden the Likeable Blowhard.

First impressions are often wrong but my first taste of Joe Biden, at a business conference in 1980, was that he is so enamored of an audience that he cannot wait to make an impression. Then he was just getting used to hair-plugs. Now after an extensive teeth-whitening process and longish, statesmanlike hair, he is oracular but still the guy Ed Wynn used to play in the films when he was billed as “The Perfect Fool.”

How do you explain a man of 65, supposedly sophisticated, former chairman of Senate Judiciary, current chairman of Senate Foreign Relations, an accused plagiarist who appropriated another’s biography as well as words, who midway in an oration compares George Bush to the majesty of Franklin Roosevelt…saying that when he first heard of the Crash of `29, Roosevelt took to the television and steadied the jittery nerves of the nation? Why on earth do people worry about Sarah Palen being a heartbeat away from the presidency when on the Democratic side, her opposite number is one has overruled the increased use of coal in energy, notwithstanding that all of us know there is a greater role for it coming someday? But this FDR thing is incredible. You mean that this senior senator didn’t know that Roosevelt was not president when the `29 crash occurred and that television was only in a highly experimental stage? I am waiting to see what the man who drags his under-slung jaw onto the theatre stage at NBC will say of this…but on second thought, he will mock it. It may be the first time since he has eschewed making fun of rich peoples’ patriotic obligation to pay higher taxes, Biden’s theft of pedigree on his resumes, his lying about his grades in school et al.

Biden is fair game because with a few weeks to go in the campaign he is someone the Obama people will have to watch carefully. For he is a “Jerque” s the French say.

But Under-slung Jaw will still be reverent to Barack Obama who is spared ridicule because the black guitarist, slumped in front of the orchestra, would be offended if Leno became an equal opportunity satirist.
Mark Brown.

No writer in the badly decomposing “Sun-Times” is more pagan in the literal sense of the word than is Mark Brown. No, I am not insulting him by saying he has no god. He does. His gods are scattered throughout secular liberalism which when carried too far is akin to a mental disorder. Take an article he wrote recently “A school where gay students could feel safe.” Most of those in the rapidly declining post-Judeo-Christian age retain a glimmer of belief traceable to two thousand years ago that homosexuality is vaguely outside the will of God. But to the hyper-innocent Mark Brown, it is akin to social justice. Oh there is a lingering sense of guilt in Brown when he opens his “Windy City Times”…a glimmer from some far-off teaching he may have heard in his youth…that homosexuality is wrong. But manfully he makes up for this vestige of past guilt.
With typical secular liberal justification he concludes his piece by feeling sad—“the one thing I know for sure is that it’s sad to realize there could be a need for a school like this.”
Mark Brown is hopeless…a central columnist of a newspaper that used to be great and is becoming hopeless.

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