Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Personal Aside: WTTW Should Call It “Chicago Democratic Week in Review”…Lake County’s Sheriff Casts Light on Daley and His Dems

The Land of Nod.

The other day Joel Weisman, who runs “Chicago Week in Review” aka the “Chicago Democratic Party Week in Review,” as a kind of hobby from his full-time job as entertainment lawyer, said off-handedly on his WTTW show Sunday that “the only economic difference between Barack Obama’s tax program and John McCain’s is that Obama wants to lower taxes on the middle class.” As the so-called “panel” of media are trained seals. So all nodded obediently… allowing his sloppy frequently grimacing Democratic lefty to get away with blatant misrepresentation …including David Greising of the “Tribune.”
Since he covers business and economics, Greising should be expected to correct this most officious moderator since John McLaughlin, but he didn’t. Or wouldn’t. But then Greising, also a lefty, probably enjoyed the sensation of hearing McCain zinged no matter how unjustly. Too, perhaps Greising has learned as have most of Weisman’s regular participants that it is not smart to contradict the Moderator if you want to be invited back on the show. Face-time on the show is a good prestige-builder and convinces one’s managerial boss that you’re really in the big leagues if you’re asked. Weisman has the same old hacks on his show and doesn’t even pretend to add balance on the right because this would upset his sensitive leftwing tummy.

The Internet is superseding the old style news agencies but there hasn’t been a glimmer of recognition of this fact by the prematurely orange-haired Joel. Because he doesn’t tolerate disagreements on the show he is free to ignore stories that do not fit his ideology. Example: Media favorite and Democratic party hack Anita Alvarez, the party’s nominee for Cook county states’ attorney has refused to give back a contribution from Bill Singer who has been fingered as a person of interest by the U. S. Attorney in a corruption probe.
Because the story’s airing would help Republican Tony Peraica, unsurprisingly, Impresario Joel did not include it on his agenda. Weisman will continue to run the show because WTTW’s mindless management under Dan Schmidt, an adroit, smooth p.r. man who acts like a masseur of a prominent men’s club, who doesn’t follow the news sufficiently to know…or care…how ideologically left the content is. And they wonder why more people don’t give to WTTW. Why should anyone who cherishes fair and balanced when Democratic party schlocks like Weisman who prettify their status by calling themselves “journalists” are running things.

Lake County Sheriff With Guts.

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was far from a perfect man…or mayor for that matter…but his reputation in New York is imperishable. Why? Because he decided early to stand by his police department and disregarded the ACLU as well as the editorial board of “The New York Times” which were blistering him on prisoners’ rights. Giuliani felt that the blistering he got from the left would be more than compensated by the view of ordinary citizens who appreciated the cleanup on Broadway and 42nd and the crack down on murders. Do you think the average guy cares whether a child rapist has been roughed up in a holding room? Not if you’re a father. Ergo, Giuliani could still be mayor if there weren’t term limits. And he may very well be elected in the future as governor of New York.
All the while, Richie Daley understands Giuliani’s feat but simply doesn’t have the gonads to face up to the test of challenging the so-called “human rights” hustlers…as his father was…let it be added. He has caved to the pro-aborts, to the gays with their museum and even has blown a kiss to those who want to start a segregated gay high school. Fearful of losing even a miniscule vote to the left, he has gone the route of replacing Phil Kline as superintendent with a bull-necked body-builder $400,000 mastiff who never walked a beat, Jody Weis. Weis may never have walked a beat for a day but he is walking a lot in processions organized by community activists to protest the rising tide of murders while TV cameras whirr. That’s what’s Weis is good at—just as was Orlando Wilson—playing to the media. No tough action for Richie Daley. The cops don’t respect Weis for they know he’s a prop to the ACLU and they don’t respect Daley either. Why should they when this mayor cowers in all respects to the left?

A man I interviewed on the radio last Sunday…the sheriff of Lake county, Mark Curran…who has applied for permission to deport illegal aliens who are crowding his jail and who are purportedly responsible for a lion’s share of violent crimes…is a case in point. Curran is the only sheriff in the state to apply for such power; Chicago and Cook county are “sanctuary areas” which certify that for all practical purpose illegals can come and go. “Sanctuary” is just one more emblem of Daley’s political cowardice to electoral realities. He would rather not alienate Hispanics and allow the murder rate to continue unchallenged. When the book is written on Daley as mayor it will be that he amassed a great deal of power, mobilized his office in behalf of his own aggrandizement and caved from the task of being a great mayor by shirking a power that is within his grasp to cut the murder rate. Overall with all the bluster and reddened jowled shouting, he has been a pillar of Jello.

A city run by a mayor this weak should not get the Olympics.

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