Monday, February 25, 2008

Personal Asides: 3rd Annual Speaking Tour Starts…Pick McCain’s Ideal Running Mate…Ditto with Obama…Sandi Jackson & John Powers a Hit on WLS-AM Last Night.


3rd Annual Tour.

My third annual for-profit speaking tour will start soon (mainly in the Chicago area and Illinois but occasionally outside this area when fees warrant). Each year I speak to (a) civic groups, (b) political gatherings, (c) church sodalities, (d) bar mitzvahs, (e) old Minnesota gatherings, (h) old Illinois gatherings, (i) baptisms, (j) funerals, (k) university classes, (l) you name it. The purpose is to speak for FEES which I tuck aside for mad money to supplement other income. For more details write to me at

Ideal McCain Running Mate.

I have suggested that the idea running mate for John McCain would be Mitt Romney because of his strong economic and social views plus his managerial talents. Others might be Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi because of his strong geographical and conservative connection with the South…North Carolina’s governor Mark Sanford. I would suggest that Fred Thompson, age 64 and an arrested cancer victim would be inappropriate running with John McCain, age 71 and an arrested cancer victim. Make your suggestions and give us reasons why.

Ditto with Obama.

For Republicans, play the game straight: put on your political strategist hat and pretend you are David Axelrod the top adviser to Barack Obama. Who would be ideal as a running mate? Granted, pro-forma, the first invitation would be given to Hillary Clinton who undoubtedly would reject it—but the invitation should be made protocol-wise anyhow. After she turns it down, who?

Gen. Wesley Clark, the 4-star retired general, to make up for Obama’s non-military record? Wouldn’t Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, an Hispanic make the ticket too exotic? What about a white moderate like former Virginia governor Mark Warner? Or, an even better idea perhaps, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, a decorated hero of Vietnam, novelist and Ronald Reagan’s navy secretary? He’d be my first choice were I Obama. Make your choice and give the reasons why.

Jackson & Powers.

My WLS-AM radio show last night featured two excellent protagonists of different philosophies—Alderman Sandi Jackson [7th] who is also Democratic committeeman for the ward…wife of U. S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. …and John Powers, co-inventor of PayPal and president of the “Chicago Daily Observer.” Both were superbly knowledgeable about Chicago’s politics and economic needs and presented their views concisely, with verve and wit. I will say about Sandi Jackson whom I met for the first time last night that she strikes me as infinitely superior…in depth, sophistication and street-smarts…to Michelle Obama. John Powers, of course, has no equal.


  1. Draft Haley Barbour CampaignFebruary 25, 2008 at 4:40 AM

    The Draft Haley Campaign has made the news again. See what the media are saying about Haley now.

    And visit to sign the petition to Draft Haley now!

  2. elizabeth alexanderFebruary 25, 2008 at 7:35 AM

    Why compare Sandi Jackson with Michelle Obama? Why not Sandi Jackson and Mrs. McCain? Because Jackson and Obama are both black?

  3. I rather think that Mrs. McCain has experienced pride in America on more than one occasion in her life (along with probably 95% of all legal citizens).

    If not, at least she is bright enough not to say so.

  4. Lovie's LeatherFebruary 25, 2008 at 6:15 PM

    Just a quick tidbit, Mark Sanford is the governor of South Carolina. Second, he is a wishy-washy Republican moderate... like the guy who is already the GOP nominee.

    Mitt Romney would be an excellent choice for the reasons you stated, Tom. He would be like the Bush selection for Reagan but in reverse. It would be a sign of party unity, unlike the Sanford choice.

    You make a good point about Haley Barbour and the south, but I don't really know as much about him as I would like.

    As popular as Florida Governor Charlie Crist is, he would be the same type of candidate that McCain is. Once again, there would be a lack of party unity.

    Honestly, right now I would say that Bobby Jindal is my #1 choice. He is probably a huge longshot to be named the VP nominee, but I like him. He is conservative (Rush Limbaugh called him the next Ronald Reagan), well versed, youthful, from the south, and a party unifier.

    Obama could pick almost any democrat he wants at this point. I think Clark would be a party unifier with his support of Clinton. Richardson would assure the Hispanic vote and provide a candidate with likability. Mark Warner, meh, boring yet popular white guy who Obama would pick to make sure he is never overshadowed. Honestly, if I were him, I would probably take Phil Bredesen (D-Tenn); a highly acomplished governor who brings in more moderates and people who care about issues that won't jump on the Obama bandwagon because he is a good speaker... and also he is a boring white guy who won't overshadow Obama.

    Ditto about Sandi Jackson. She is the smartest, most deep-thinking liberal you have ever had on the show.

  5. I am afraid that choosing a veep from South Carolina is only going to result in another faux controversy about the Confederate flag. Need to look elsewhere for a candidate who adds something to the ticket rather than creating a distraction.

  6. TR,

    I have been referring to myself as a "sore-armed crafty veteran" if you need a descriptive stub to assign.

    Thanks for hosting a good show.

  7. My suggestion for Obama's running mate: Sen. Joe Biden, whose foreign policy experience (and 36 years in DC) offset Obama's weak spots. Wesley Clark and the Tennessee governor would also be good picks, but forget Mark Warner, he's running for the US Senate in Virginia this year. Jim Webb would be great, except that he has even less Senate experience than Obama.