Thursday, November 8, 2007

Personal Asides: Good Question—How Long did Jackie Keep on Living in the White House?...Also Another Trivial Song Test (Turn Off Your Search Engines).


How Long?

Mike Miner of “The Reader,” brings up a good point that you will see in Reader’s Comments to “Flashback” two days ago… viz how long did Jackie Kennedy stay in the White House after the assassination of JFK? That’s not really my priority interest since I am writing about LBJ and Hubert but it’s still very interesting and I don’t have the time to research it. I have faith that blogger readers know all the answers—and this would be visible proof. Of course LBJ worked in the Oval Office but didn’t move into the living quarters for quite some time. Someone in the reading public out there may either know it or have bumped in to the fact.

In answer to some of your questions on this phase of Flashback (Hubert and Gene) here’s how I write it. They are drawn from

o My own memories and conversations over the years with those who were there—interviews with Hubert and Gene, with staffers who were part of their entourage.

o Which memories and yarns I check with books on Hubert and LBJ but most notably “Almost to the Presidency” by my old friend Albert Eisele (a former St. John’s grad who became press secretary to Walter Mondale and later editor of “The Hill” newspaper which covers the Capitol.

Trivial Lyrics.

I’m going to follow my old friend Frank Nofsinger’s advice and take a bit of a break from history stuff for a few days and do some inconsequential blogging. As per this. For the old people like me, here is a song that was first recorded by Burl Ives in 1951 but made very popular by Les Paul and Mary Ford (Les Paul is still alive today at age 92 and playing guitar in a Manhattan saloon). See if you can fill in these lyrics from memory. Plus the title. First one in with the answer gets his/her name recorded in bold type.

When the sun in the morning/

Peeps over the hill/

And kisses the roses/

Round my ____________

Then my heart fills with gladness/

When I hear the trill/

Of the birds in the treetops/

On __________________.

Tra la la, ______________/

It gives me a thrill/

To wake up in the morning.

To the ______________ /

Tra la la_______________

There’s peace and good _____/

You’re welcome as the _____/

On ___________________.


  1. 1. windowsill
    2. Mockingbird Hill
    3. tridle tee dee dee
    4. mockingbird's trill
    5. (Same as 3)
    6. morning
    7. Mockingbird Hill

    Title - Mockingbird Hill

  2. Jackie Kennedy stayed two weeks. During this time Johnson taped telephone conversations with her with a taping system he had installed in the Oval Office upon taking office.

  3. The dollar is shriveling up.

    Gold is at an all time high.

    The current accounts deficit is at an all time high.

    Good wage manufacturing, computer, engineering and other jobs are marching away from America at a fast pace.

    The Republicans loss of Congress because of the "piece of cake" Iraq war.

    The Southern border remains open despite a Patriot Act and a new office of Homeland Security.

    A mammoth mortgage fiasco that threatens the banking system and economy of the United State.

    Record price of Oil.

    A elite game set in play to elect Hillary President.

    A former Governor of Illinois sent to the Oxford Club Fed while the state politically crumbles thanks to Blago.

    The business tax base in Cook County declines while assessments and real estate taxes are up.

    What a nice time to crank the arm down and sit back in the lazy boy chair and wallow in political past memories while "twiddle a dee deeing" to the tune of Mockingbird Hill!!!!

    Kinda reminds me of Nero "fiddling" while Rome burned.....

    But then such extreme naivete is pervasive these these days!