Thursday, November 8, 2007

Personal Asides: Frank Nofsinger Deserves His Name in Bold-Face…Was--and is--Jim Thompson Blackmailed by Old George?...Fred Thompson’s Error…National Security will be the Key to the Election.


Frank Nofsinger.

Frank Nofsinger, a man I’ve never met, yet whom I regard as a very good friend—who lives in Connecticut—deserves to have his name emblazoned in bold-face because he answered the trivia question first yesterday morning, identifying the lyrics of a song correctly as “Mockingbird Hill.” Congratulations, Frank!

Jim Thompson.

If Jim Thompson isn’t and hasn’t been held under intellectual duress by Old George, he is the latest reincarnation of Mother Teresa—spending…what?...$20 million from his law firm on “pro-bono” defense…losing its chairmanship as a partial result…with his fellow partners taking cuts in their bonuses—all because of his undying fealty to George Ryan? Anyone who knows Thompson understands that’s not so.

And if you believe that there is no threat hanging over Big Jimbo’s head you are a naïf in Illinois politics, my friend. Either that or a slave to political correctness.

Fred Thompson.

Fred Thompson is all-thumbs where it comes to presidential politics. He’s made an effort to capture social conservatives but comes out strongly against a constitutional amendment banning abortion. All of us pro-lifers know that passage of a constitutional amendment, given the state of the culture these days, is extremely unlikely. But you mean to tell me that a nation which seriously considered—and narrowly defeated—the ERA would regard this propose amendment as outside the ball park? This leaves only two bona fide pro-lifers as serious contenders—Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Ron Paul is against adding a pro-life amendment.

Of the two, I pick Mitt. He’s my first choice anyhow.

National Security.

Far be it from me to suggest the Republicans are a shoo-in to win the presidency again—but I’ll tell you these things which I think are unassailably true:

o The Democrats have just about the weakest selection of candidates they have fielded since William G. McAdoo, Attorney General Mitchell Palmer and James M. Cox fought it out at the convention in 1920 i.e. Woodrow Wilson’s son-in-law who was treasury secretary, his AG who was a Red-baiter and an Ohio newspaper publisher who had been governor. They picked Cox for the nomination. Today’s Democrats have a former First Lady who has intolerably high negatives, running ahead of her Democratic competitors but with a lot of negatives in the general election…a stripling, frosh senator who everybody seems to agree needs seasoning…an ex-senator from North Carolina who is a filthy rich trial attorney but who keeps prattling about two nations rich and poor, playing the age-old class warfare card while living in a mansion and getting $700 haircuts…a New Mexico governor who as UN ambassador tried to find a job for Monica Lewinsky to get her out of Washington…and a space cadet (Kucinich) who actually saw a UFO. The only reason the Drive-By media don’t picture them this way is that they’re hopelessly biased.

o National security is the odds-on favorite to be the central topic of the next election and only Hillary has a reasonable approach to it.

o The far-left Internet bloggers are the kiss of death for the Democrats because the party is forced to skew itself far left to try to appeal to them.

o The funny thing is: the country is ripe for change. It sorely wants a change. It’s fed up with George W. Bush. But the Democrats don’t give them a decent alternative. That’s a tragedy for this country because the Republicans are clearly wearying in governance. But until and unless the Left is driven out of the Democratic party, it appears there is no alternative.


  1. Oh how easy it is to sucker the pro-lifers! You throw them a crumb and they are loyal fools for ever! And the old fools are the worst because they are so naive! When I look through all the neo-conservative material I find only very very tiny shreds of any pro-life positions. In fact I believe that he neo-conservative intellectual elite would like to see the pro-lifers blow away! In the primary there is this big suck up to the social conservatives and the religious right by the candidates as a means to an end. But then look at Karl Rove who sought to replace the social conservatives with the Hispanic vote.

    So you say that Mitt is the candidate eh?

    Well lets just look into the tidy world of the Mormons. Joseph Smith was their prophet. The problem is that Joseph Smith has issues which go to the core of the Morman Church! Come on, can you really tell me that the Native Americans are really the lost tribes of Israel? Was the Garden of Eden really in Missouri? And then there is this seer stone which when placed under a hat allowed Joseph Smith to translate the gold tablets. Then there is the baptism of the dead. Even the Jewish community raised an eyebrow when the Mormon Church was baptizing the Holocaust dead. Then there is that massacre by Mormons of the wagon train from Arkansas. Add to that the polygamy issues. According to history Joseph Smith had eyes on a young lady house helper. WA LA HOCUS POCUS REVELATION and now the Prophet Smith has said that Polygamy is OK. WHOOPEE! He then encouraged Brigham Young to engage in Polygamy. At first Brigham said he would rather be dead! But then he fell into it whole hog and brought home a 16 year old wife to the chagrin of his first wife of many years the end result with many wives was over 50 kids! (religion to jusify sex sex sex!) This Polygamy thing was so upsetting that the US Congress would not let Utah become a state until they got rid of Polygamy and it took years of debate before the first Mormon Senator was allowed to be seated in Congress!
    Of course the Mormons cleaned up their act, got rid of the cult like beards, send off their Choir as public relations, got rid of Polygamy, etc. But when you look hard at their religion, you really have to crinkle your face to the point that what they believe is downright nutty! Just thumb through the Book of Mormon found in every Marriott hotel. Look at it for yourself.

    Now Tom, Romney takes this to heart as the core of his being-HIS RELIGION. I am very surprised Tom that you as a staunch Catholic could even support a man whose core religious views are so ..... WIERD and INCORRECT from a pure Catholic point of view!

    But then you as a former traditional conservative have thrown in with the neo-cons. The neo-cons at best have just thrown crumbs at the anti-abortion perspective you cherish.

    Well then I guess we can call you a:

    Come,Come, Tom...... YOU can do better.

  2. Unfortunately, there are only fifty-two playing cards in a deck, if one omits to count the jokers, and, sometimes, we are forced to try to make a winning hand out of the cards that we are dealt.

    Of course, if we were free to the leave the USA or the Planet Earth, we might find a candidate to Lawrence's liking, but that seems to be an impossibility for 2008.

    Maybe Lawrence can write in his own name on the ballot. Otherwise there will never be a perfect candidate.

  3. Obviously you like to get into personal attacks, Dan. I will be happy to take you on you on since you can't deal with the substance presented! Go on keep showing your ignorance Danny boy.

  4. I have looked at the Mormon book. The Mormon religion is a gross perversion of conventional Christianity which encourages participants to become Gods. Frontline did a expose recently on the Mormon Church that raises a lot of concerns. The question becomes if Romney believes the Mormon teachings without question then can he be talked into other things that equally defy common sense? It is an important question.

    Regarding neoconservatives, I believe that they are more interested in their own agenda to the exclusion of every one else. Rupert Murdoch a neoconservative, has even supported Mrs. Clinton. His Fox stations hardly ever have programs in support of those who are against abortion. The radio station WIND is full of neoconservative talk show hosts who likewise ignore the abortion issue. These people want our support but where is their support for us?

    Without doubt Dr. Ron Paul supports more of my positions than any one else. If you are concerned about his support for the anti-abortion movement, just look at the thousands of babies he has delivered. And look at his marriage of many years.

  5. My family & I lived among the LDS for nine years. There were crazos and intellegents, drunks (jack mormons)and puritans. They do indeed believe in many weird precepts, but in this time I am confident that many pagans can't fathom the RC Faith.
    Romney, and his father before him have proved to be sound patriots, communicators, business men and administrators.
    That is most of the job of the President. With all respect to Dr. Paul, I do not see the same level of competence, (i.e. dealing with Putin, China, ragheads, etc.)-

  6. An LDS person can be the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker or a flag waving patriot BUT that still does not remove the issue of the core of their religion, the book of Mormon, that is downright POPPYCOCK! Maybe Frank you should take some time to study what they believe then you will know what I mean.

    What they believe is so far fetched. For example the Mormon Church has spent millions and millions trying to prove the Native American/Jewish tribe connection mentioned in the book of Mormon. The seer stone translator under the hat is stuff of a patent medicine salesmen or a carny side show.

    Frank the problem is that this stuff goes to the core of their religion. Then there was that big temple with the spirits flying in and out of the windows! Talk about mass hysteria!

    Frank in their formative years, they were welcomed in many places from New York state, to Ohio, to Illinois, etc. From the outside they looked like good decent people BUT then something always went wrong and they had to move on until they got to Utah. Frank, the "something " has to do with the very core of their religion. Ok so let them live down the street or run a hotel chain. But be the President? If they believe the John Smith stuff, what else would they believe that was wrong?

    I am not talking about Catholic vs Protestant differences here. I am talking about such a radical departure that it borders on believing in Roswell, Big Foot, Shadow People, or little green men from Mars!

    I have a bad enough time trying to understand some of the speaking in tongues pentacostal fundamentalists who are eager to bring about an early Armageddon by picking at all the scabs in the Middle East at once!

    I guess I do not want the wierd parts of these religions influencing the Presidential decisions in an apocalytic
    way. We have enough of that silliness dealing with the weird/wacko side of the Muslim Religion.