Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Personal Asides: The Name is Cassius Lucius Clay…And Who’s the Most Obnoxious Republican Presidential Candidate?

Muhammad Ali

Cassius Lucius Clay

The birth name of the world famed boxer Muhammad Ali is Cassius Lucius Clay, named after a distinguished Kentucky abolitionist politician who in turn was named after a Roman Emperor. Thanks to Frank Nofsinger, the peerless, who wrote the question and to those who got it right: Pat Hickey, D. J. Skaggs and the brilliant, ineffable Patricia Richardson!

The Most Obnoxious.

Who do you pick as the most obnoxious Republican presidential candidate and why? If asked that question in 1968 with the race including Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller and dark-horse Ronald Reagan, I would have said Richard Nixon…hands down. But of all three, I favored him nevertheless (tell you why sometime). And I voted for Nixon, obnoxious or no, that November. Now you tell me who tops the field in obnoxiousness this year…considering those announced, in exploratory committees, hinting their availability and waiting for lightning to strike.


  1. After a wonderful e-mail correspondance with Quiz Whiz Master Frank Nofzinger, I must blot my name from your honor roll Tom. The Champs names is/was Cassius Marcellus Clay -I posted Lucius in error. Sic friatur crustum dulce

  2. Hands down,it's Senator Chuck Hagel From Nebraska -so far-

  3. Tom, you're either with us or against us.

  4. todd bell bears holdout 1985.

  5. Anyone with a name that many people will interpret Julie-Annie and equate to someone who has/does like to dress in drag ain't going to make it to the White House.

  6. Remember all the talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh pushing him..... OH HOW he was going to be MORE conservative than his father! He was RELIGIOUS, he was a "real" conservative! And what happended, ALL THE HYPE turned into just BULL to get the social conservatives to vote for him... a real sucker play!

    He gets into office and becomes the biggest spender in history!!! CONSERVATIVE? He just let the border wide open! Conservative? He supported the biggest handout since Johnson, the medicare drug give away! Conservative?
    He fell in to No Child Left Behind with Teddy Kennedy! Conservative? He passed the personal rights stealing Patriot Act! Conservative? And he pushed us into a politically correct Iraq war... a police action, nation building, etc. exercise which is the biggest flop since Vietnam's politically correct war!

    Conservative? HELL NO! His actions lost the House and the Senate but his Trickier than Dick flatulance in the face of the Conservatives makes him the WORST..... because he will be responsible for the election of Hillary as President and Obama as Vice-President...

    Oh ya, you heard it from his own lips: "Wouldn't it be nice.... Bush Clinton Bush Clinton". Flush the Toilet already and let these lousy Republican RINOS into the Political Septic Tank!