Thursday, February 8, 2007

Personal Asides: The Most Obnoxious GOP Presidential Candidate is--…This Just in: Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (not Lucius, Sorry)…Your Views on Jill Stanek…Congratulations to the Roesers—Jack and Thomas J.


The Envelope, Please.

In my estimation, the winner of the most obnoxious Republican presidential candidate is…and I was waiting for somebody to make it… Jim Leahy’s suggestion: Chuck Hagel, the newest candidate for the John B. Anderson “God’s Angry Man” award to be conferred together with statuette of Anderson in flowing robe as Old Testament patriarch. Anderson started as Hagel did, as a conservative Republican, then, discovering it’s important to Stand Tall in Georgetown, moved leftward…leftward…leftward…to Common Cause awardee…and beyond that to full-fledged liberal-lefty Democrat after which he was totally forgotten. Hagel, a flame-throwing reverse-partisan who exceeds Democrats in anti-Bush vitriol, should be paired with the Democratic winner of obnoxiousness, Joe Biden—plagiarist, cribber from someone else’s resume, unsurpassed boob who evidently thinks Obama is the first African-American presidential candidate who takes showers.

Muhammad Ali’s Name-Sake Origin.

Pat Hickey, gentleman that he is, declined the crown because in a weak moment he listed Muhammad Ali’s namesake origin as Cassius Lucius Clay and in a weaker moment I printed it. It is Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. My apologies.

Jill Stanek.

I have admired Jill Stanek ever since she came to public attention, discovering as an Ob nurse a tiny, breathing infant, product of a botched abortion, and touched the public conscience with the news that she was forbidden to minister to the child at the woefully-misnamed Christ Hospital. I say she touched the public conscience for many of us, if not the highly-touted purported one of then state senator Barack Hussein Obama. The Messiah who touts hope-this and hope-that…which boils down to the hope he gets elected whereupon he will then figure out what he believes…just didn’t feel he could support the “Born Alive” bill and his wife, also a lawyer, wrote a letter attacking it. Jill’s fight against this lean, tall, cool, Hollywood-funded fraudulent taste-of-the-month who has the audacity to propagate meaningless “hope” with no substance, has won my deepest admiration.

Now before I weigh in on Jill’s latest controversy, I ask your opinion. As you know, state Senate majority leader Debbie Halvorson has introduced a bill that makes mandatory school girls’ receiving the HPV vaccine regimen. It happens that Senator Halvorson has acknowledged she had HPV and uses it as a kind of sales pitch to argue the necessity for the vaccine. Stanek responds by saying it “would be most helpful” if Halvorson would discuss “the health consequences of pre- or extra-marital sex.” Stanek lists the following items of information that would be educative. Says Stanek Halvorson could

  • Discuss the number of sex partners she has had throughout her lifetime and how each one increased the likelihood of contracting HPV.

  • Disclose that even if she had only one sex partner aside from her husband, how “one can contract HPV from a single encounter.”

  • Share information concerning whether she realized at the time that her sex partner carried HPV.

  • Inform the public if I was her husband who passed the HPV on to her after sleeping with other women, to demonstrate another reason for “chaste behavior outside the marriage bedroom.”

    “But no,” writes Stanek, “Halvorson does not advocate avoiding a risky behavior that leads not only to HPV but to 20+ other STDs and their strains, along with unplanned pregnancy. Halvorson merely advocates trying to avoid the consequences of risky behavior. Shame on her.”

    Stanek’s admonition to Halvorson, frankly, made my hair stand on end when I first heard of it. Now? Well, it’s blunt, non-diplomatic—almost brutal. But does she have a point? What’s your view? I know what mine is. First share your views on this topic.

    Congratulations to the Roesers—Especially Tom.

    Everybody knows that Jack Roeser is unrelated to me or mine, notwithstanding that we tend agree on certain fundamentals of public policy. He’s been praised and criticized somewhat but I have long appreciated that he has the courage and temerity to put his money where his mouth is on public issues. We’ve agreed and agreed to disagree on some issues in the past. But what few people realize, however, is that he has supported a good many charities without seeking the slightest attention.

    And fewer people understand that his son Tom—Thomas J.—the CEO of Otto Engineering, has a deep and abiding public spirited sense that is edifying. For that reason, I’m calling attention to an article that appeared yesterday in the “Tribune” which outlines the generosity that has supplied private funds which, when intermingled with state and federal grants, has enabled Carpentersville to rehab 13 buildings along Highway 68 which were once eyesores but which now are sparkling additions to the community, offering excellent housing for lower-income people, many of whom work at Otto Engineering.

    Tom bought seventeen of the town houses and is rehabbing them so they can be rented or sold to Otto employees. He bought the units for an average of $95,000 each, the rehabbing costing about $45,000 for each home. He rents the rehabbed units for $600 a month.. Eleven employees are in the complex. At some public meetings, Tom was criticized, the paper says, proof that no good deed goes unpunished. Village president Bill Sarto says at first he was skeptical of the project but now “the guy is philanthropic and doing what he thinks is good for the community.” Tom says “I’m doing this because I think it’s the right thing to do for the village.” Again, don’t get us confused. I’m Thomas F., the poor Roeser. He’s Thomas J. with the big heart and he deserves the highest praise a community can extend.

    1. If Stanek feels she needs that information before becoming involved in a more intimate relationship, she should seek it privately.

    2. Hagel going to the left.... hmnnnn he must be taking his cues from President Bush!

      But then GW BUSH to get money for his failed war he has to swing further and further to the left and support Dem causes with $$$$ so that he can get money to support his intellectually flawed war in Iraq. Oh I know that most of you have been brainwashed into supporting this war but just consider the asinine politically correct police action type rules of engagement that have to be followed if you are a soldier "over there".... If you select wrong you are charged with MURDER if you are not blown up by an IED first!

      Isn't a PC war nice Tom? It leads to so many thing that fly into the face of conservative values.

    3. John Thomas Mc GeeanFebruary 8, 2007 at 2:55 PM

      She is a very courageous women who speaks the TRUTH. Her whole point is if the cause is eradicated, the effect will go by the board automatically.

    4. Jill Stanek may be speaking the truth, but it bothers me for the way in which she's doing it by using Halvorson as a punching bag.

    5. Paul, Just This Guy, You Know?February 10, 2007 at 2:49 PM

      Jill Stanek tells it like it is. There are plenty of people out there, too many of them Catholic bishops, who make their pro-life points in a carefully-phrased, impersonal, highly courteous, and totally inoffensive manner.

      And they are totally ineffective. Jill lays it on the line, and such honesty demands both respect and attention.

    6. all the rhetoric from the black leaders at election time to thier "loyal" constituents about supporting the democratic party and the only party for them. well the chicago black leaders may not speak truth, but thier actions surely show they do not care about the poor and displaced who are of thier same color. all the black leaders want development now in thier own wards and areas, but what exactly is"development". everywhere i look in the city development means high priced property and white skin with expensive areas and fleeing black people. these black leaders have finally shown thier true colors. they rather push the poor and displaced out of the city rather than have to deal with them. jessie jackson jr.(whom i supported for his failed mayoral run) wants peotone airport for the "development" and jobs it would bring to the southside. but to truly help his own kind like he claims to always do, wheres the talk from his concerned lips about programs and grass roots networks to bring about real change. these leaders have grown lazy and complacent. bill wilson, the founder of AA has been dead since 1971 , but look at all the millions he has helped while he lays quiet in his grave. if a so called black leader really concentrated 100% on doing for thier people, these problems would most certainly get resolved. the job is not hard to do, these leaders are just lazy and content with support that keeps them in office even as they do nothing. thats why martin luther king was the first and quite possibly the last to really do whats needed , and truly care about what he was doing .

    7. Margaret McKinleyApril 16, 2009 at 5:47 PM

      So what is ND going to have to cover up - "Touchdown Jesus". Is there some way to put more pressure on ND after Georgetown covered up the IHS for Obama's speech?